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To Aru Majutsu No Index: New Testament Vol 13 news!

Release date: July 10, 2015

Summary review:
Touma sprint through Academy City on an Acro Bike, Mikoto holds on to him in the back seat for dear life.

The boy himself probably could not explain what was hidden there.


She asked a pure question.

She was answered by an ominous cracking sound. It came from the body of the boy who was right next to her yet seemed impossibly far away.

—It honestly doesn’t matter to me who the hero is.
After everything that had happened, it was only now that Mikoto truly felt fear.

—As long as everything’s been resolved, I couldn’t ask for anything more.
She felt fear rising from the pit of her stomach.

—So… So Misaka, this didn’t need a hero.
All the while, she heard the intermittent sound of cracks running through something.

—It ended without losing anyone and that’s all that matters.
Specifically, it came from the boy’s right arm.