nt privilege

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let me know when aspecs are legally arrested and tortured for being aspec. i'll wait. meanwhile that's currently happening today, even in countries that my university has study abroad programs at! imagine that! one of the top 50 schools in the US, known for being "liberal and inclusive," and i could be arrested and tortured for studying at some of their campuses. facing problems for being aspec isnt systematic oppression. left handed people used to get shit but theyre not Oppressed

Okay first of all I am a lefthanded so like if ur not lefty dont talk abt lefthandedness as tho righthanded privilege does nt exist okay bro. /sarcasm

Second of all I have no idea why i have to prove that ace ppl are arrested at colleges jst for being ace, i’m not sure what this has to do with accepting ppl into a community that helps them. Can u explain to me what the problem is here with letting a heteroromantic ace person get acceptance for being ace so she doesn’t feel broken, like. Okay so shes not at risk of getting arrested but neither am i. And im a fuckin lesbian. I mean idk let people get validation? Just let em get help. Thats all this is about. Letting people get help.

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NT privilege is just being able to get annoyed at your friend while they're struggling with hallucinations and saying "stop it, it's not real " like I know that u cumquat

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NT privilege is being able to mention that you feel anxious or nervous without everyone around you thinking "oh no, she's about to freak out again" and immediately shutting you down and telling you not to be anxious or to "stop panicking"

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What is NT privilege?

NT stands for “neurotypical” and basically means people who have “normal” brains - anyone who doesn’t have a mental disorder is neurotypical.

Privilege, in this context, is something that you automatically have and probably don’t even realize it exists. It isn’t something you need to think about, because it’s good things that you have in your life as a result of different things about you over which you have no control.

So NT privilege is all that good stuff that people get when they don’t have a mental disorder. It’s not bad to have NT privilege, and people who have it are not bad people just because they have it, it just means that there are probably things that non-NT people have to struggle with that they never even think about. Unrecognized NT privilege usually leads to really ableist statements, like “just focus on that assignment,” or “you aren’t trying hard enough,” or “you’re just lazy,” or even “you’re smarter than I am and I could do it, so why can’t you do it?”

Most people aren’t aware of their privilege, like I said. When I realize that someone I’m talking to may not know that they’re saying ableist things, I try to explain to them politely that other people have trouble with those things and it would be nice if they could stop. Sometimes polite doesn’t work, and blunt is necessary. If blunt doesn’t work either, then I might get rude. :P But I always start from the assumption that this is something they’ve never thought about before, so I’m trying to teach them about it. Not that it’s really my job to teach other people how not to be ableist, but I do try when I can.

But can we talk about Neurotypical privilege though?

And I don’t just mean people who aren’t autistic or don’t have a mental disorder, I mean people who aren’t gifted or talented either. Because it may come as a shock to you, but we don’t just set up places like Mensa to feel superior and all genius-like, sometimes it’s the only place we can be openly gifted and not be harassed. Yes, people harass people for being smart (not to mention the other baggage, good and bad, that being gifted comes with…). Surprise.

Also, I’m tired of being told to look people in the eye and smile. I’m tired of being expected not to freak out when you or someone else fricking triggers a meltdown, especially when I leave and try to make it more comfortable for YOU because I don’t want YOU to have to experience my meltdown with me. The fact that I have the ability to do anything about it at all, or control it in a way that leaves me shaken but functional, is a freaking blessing for both of us.