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BING/WIL FUSION TIME (just for u, Merry Crisis): His name is Arcade, and he's the biggest 90s loser to ever exist. A fashion disaster, wears pink/orange muscle tanks + backwards baseball caps. Wears heelies 100% of the time. Has no indoor voice. His eyes are a warm amber color & his sunglasses have pink frames & the tips of his hair are pink. References nsync + backstreet boys, says shit like chillax. Can actually sorta skateboard. Instead of shooting people, he's just always ready to deck you.


EXCLUSIVE: Fan Review of “Opening Night”

A loyal reader by the name of RS was able to attend yesterday’s showing of Opening Night at the Los Angeles Film Festival. They were kind enough to put together this nice, spoiler-free, review of the film. With a focus on JC, of course.

This reader was kind enough to share this me. Therefore I ask that you PLEASE do not repost without linking back to this blog.

JC sings plenty throughout the film. The film is about the antics and drama that occurs backstage at a Broadway show, so what’s unfolding backstage is the main focus but they do show snippets and bits of what is happening on stage.

Since he is the star of the show, he is almost always singing or acting out a scene whenever they cut to the stage. The show is entirely all about one hit wonder songs - I just about died because, ya know, he performs some classic hits and sounded amazing!

I think the only time you get to hear him sing an entire song from start to finish is the end credits. As far as dancing goes, he does a little bit of ‘leading showman singing show tunes’ grooving but that’s about it. There is a number he performs backstage that is an upbeat dance song but it’s mostly the female chorus girls doing the dancing while he swings them around and acts as a prop for them to move provocatively around. I have no doubt he enjoyed filming that day.

The film’s tone is light, pretty corny at times and filled with a bit of raunchy conversations but there is one scene that involves him having a… heart to heart conversation, I suppose you could say, that he did SO well in. Maybe I was just so thrilled and slightly emotional at seeing him finally on the big screen but I almost teared up during his dialogue haha.

His character does have douchey moments, but he does it so naturally that it’s almost subtle, if that makes sense.

Other random highlights:

  • One of the characters makes a comment or two that refers to JC’s well endowed manhood.
  • His right nipple does make a brief appearance (sadly, his shirt is just open in the front and not entirely off of his body).
  • The lead actress in the film was there and talked for a few minutes at the end and said “everyone cried on JC’s last day (of filming).”
  • Everyone in the theater cracked up whenever there was an NSYNC reference (and there are quite a few but they weren’t cringe worthy, just cheesy).
  • The showing was about 65% full, which was decent for being at 3:45pm on a Monday afternoon.

 In my opinion, he killed it. His acting was GREAT, he sounded PHENOMENAL and looked so fucking handsome. I really hope this film will be available for everyone to enjoy soon!

HUGE thanks for RS for the review. Fingers crossed the film gets picked up for distribution following the festival.


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