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"10 years down the line" i mean... i don't think anyone is gonna care if they wait that long. especially when they all lied about how it would only be two years.

I’ll care. Take your bitterness elsewhere



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can you make a list of songs that jonghyun has covered?

yes, of course! i’ll be honest: i may end up missing a few because he did a lot of covers during shinee’s earlier years (especially between 2008 - 2010), but! hopefully i get most of them!

× 080605: because of you - with onew (ne-yo cover)
× 080609: incomplete (sisqo cover)
× 080625: so sick - with onew (ne-yo cover)
× 080717: clean up (chungso cover)
× 080729: did we really love? - with onew (brown eyed soul cover)
× 081005: 나비야 (butterfly) (ha dong kyun cover)
× 080926: 잊을래 (i’ll forget) - with onew (soulstar cover)
× 081015: a year gone by (wheesung cover)
× 081030: like a man - with onew (fly to the sky cover)
× 081109: holding onto the end of the night (solid cover)
× 081109: one more time even if you hate me (vibe cover)
× 081211: hug (tvxq cover)
× 090605: tragedy - with onew (soulstar cover)
× 090609: you’re my lady (jungyeop cover) [note: he covered this again in july of 2009.]
× 090610: baby baby (4men cover)
× 090611: first time (jungyeop cover)
× 090611: baby baby (4men cover) [note: he also covered this briefly in november of the same year, and again in november of 2011.]
× 090629: sexy love - with jessica jung (ne-yo cover)
× 090719: honey (jyp cover)
× 091026: seven years of love (yoo yong suk cover)
× 091110: come back to me (se7en cover)
× 091122: 귀로 (one’s way back) (naul cover)
× 091230: beat it - with kim tae woo (michael jackson cover)
× 091231: gone (*nsync cover) + 거짓말 (g.o.d. cover) [note: the first is solo. the second is with 2pm’s minjun, k.will and kim tae woo.]
× 100126: tears
× 100227: snow flower (park hyo shin cover)
× 100708: you’re cool (kim mi hee cover)
× 100728: 왜 벌써가 (be my brownie) (dynamic duo cover)
× 100818: 잊지말기로 해 (let’s not forget) (kim hyun chil / jang pil soon cover)
× 100821: sea of love (fly to the sky cover)
× 100826: i’m in love (r.ad cover)
× 100826: stand by (boa cover)
× 100826: pabo (brown eyed soul cover)
× 100826: it’s over (jungyeop cover)
× 101005: with me - with wheesung (wheesung cover lol)
× 101020: i am waiting (brown eyed soul cover) [note: he also covered this two months earlier in august.]
× 101020: 죽일놈 (guilty) - with minho and taemin (dynamic duo cover)
× 101226: girls (wheesung cover)
× 110827: 첫인상 (first impression) (lee ki chan cover)
× 111124: 僕は君に戀をする (boku wa kimi ni koi wo suru) (ken hirai cover)
× 120509: driver’s high (l'arc~en~ceil cover)
× 120818: internet war - with taemin (seo taiji cover)
× 130313: 씨스루 (see through) (primary / zion.t cover)
× 130313: 오늘은 가지마 (don’t go today) (im se jun cover)
× 130328: as long as you love me (justin bieber cover)
130328: fine thank you and you? (10cm cover)
× 140405: gloomy letter (verbal jint cover) [note: he also covered this back in december of 2010.]
× 150127: black or white (michael jackson cover)
× 150127: 우울시계 (a gloomy clock) (iu cover)
× 150305: this woman’s work (maxwell cover) [note: this was actually the second time that he covered this. the first time was in september of 2011.]
× 150906: sugar (maroon 5 cover)
× 151117: 사랑해, 이 말 밖엔… (rich cover)

× he’s covered brown eyed souls’ jungyeop’s “nothing better” many, many, many times. his first performance of it was here. after this, he performed it on: 091111, 091212, 100818, 101005 (with the original singer, wheesung and taemin), 101020, and during shinee’s london showcase in november of 2011.
× he’s also covered wheesung’s “insomnia” a few times. the first time he performed it on 1000 song challenge in july of 2009. he then performed it on: 090716, 100826 and with wheesung on 101005.

along with all of these, there’s also the songs that he covered on immortal song 2! lonely night (boohwal cover). 백만송이 장미 (a million roses) (shim soo bong cover), 귀로 (one’s way back) (naul cover), and 왼손잡이 (left-handed) (panic cover).

annnnnnd, lastly: as a lot of us are aware already, he covered all of the songs that he composed / wrote and gave to other artists last year both for his solo concerts and the busking concerts just before those. these included: red candle (son dam bi cover), playboy (exo cover), no more (lim kim cover) and 우울시계 (a gloomy clock) (iu cover). he also allowed his guests during the first run of his concerts to request songs for him to sing which ended up including (and we didn’t get all of the audio uploadings for each, this is just a few that we were lucky enough to): the tadpole song, the three little bears song (lol), the sailor moon theme, a new cover of incomplete (sisqo), just (crush / zion.t cover), 바람이분다 (the wind blows) (lee so ra cover), 괴도 (danger) (taemin cover), 도도해 (dodo) (zion.t cover), nothing better (jungyeop cover), 넌 감동이었어 (you touched my heart) (sung si kyung cover) and heart attack (aoa cover). i’d also suggest that you check out any episode of 1000 song challenge that jonghyun participated because i probably missed a few covers from those!

I’ve just got to get a message to you, hold on, hold on. (Bee Gees - I’ve got get a message to you

I’ll be your strength,

I’ll give you hope, 

Keeping your faith when it’s gone (NSYNC - This a promise you

Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off (Taylor Swift - Shake it off)

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Stand a little taller (Kelly Clarkson - Stronger)

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  1. yayouhwei - dynamic duo ft zico 
  2. gone - *nsync
  3. maze - epik high ft dumfoundead, myk 
  4. dimple - bts
  5. right here - sylo nozra
  6. glow like that - rich chigga
  7. rockstar - post malone ft 21 savage 
  8. loyalty - kendrick lamar ft rhianna 
  9. sad for you - njomza
  10. 90210 - blackbear ft g-eazy 

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1. Never Say Never - The Fray
2. Turtleneck & Chain - The Lonely Island
3. Moving Too Fast - The Last Five Years (Movie Soundtrack)
4. Bad Blood - Taylor Swift
5. Barcelona - Company
6. Alone Together - Fall Out Boy
7. Why Haven’t I Heard From You - Reba McEntire
8. Gone - NSYNC
9. Just Another One - A Rocket to the Moon
10. For Forever - Dear Evan Hansen

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Duyar duymaz “ANNAAAAAAAAAM” dedirten, yüz güldüren ama içten içe de “yaşlandık lan” hüznü yaşatan efsane şarkılar Top 10:

1. Emilia - Big Big World
2. Travis - Sing
3. Rosey - Love
4. Maria Mena - Just Hold Me
5. NSYNC - Gone
6. Benefit - Sex Sells
7. Darren Hayes - Insatiable
8. Jewel - Intuition
9. Jem - It’s Amazing
10. Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten 

Bonustrrek: A1 - Caught in the Middle

Edit: Jewel, Jem ve Natasha’nın söylediği sözlere odaklanın bi. O zamanlar 16 - 25 yaş aralığına denk gelen kitlelerine devamlı cesaret aşılamaya çalışmışlar. Videolarda göt, bacak, meme kombosu yahut sevişken çift falan da yok, izletiyorlardı kendilerini ama bi’ şekilde. Bekleniyorlardı o MTV ekranı karşısında heyecanla yani. Hele Jewel’ın çektiği klip direkt günümüzün eleştirisi. Keşke tüm bu kadınların o mükemmel duruşları popcult denen şeyin arasında eriyip yitmeseydi yıllar evvel..

One of the very first kpop songs I listened to was SHINee’s REPLAY because my friend whom I miss dearly couldnt stop shoving the MVs (including FT Island’s Love Sick and DBSK’S Doushite Kimi no Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou) to my face every time I came to hang out with her.

And one of the first Korean variety shows I watched was SHINee’s Hello Baby. I watched it with my friend who was a shawol plus she adored baby.

Even though I am not a shawol, but no one can deny how talented Jonghyun was. He was one of the best vocal back then. He also sounded so good singing English songs. The most memorable English song performed by him was Nsync’s Gone (SBS Gayo Daejun 2009, a collaboration stage with Kim Tae Woo, K.Will, and 2PM Jun.K)

It’s not really my place to say this because I am not shawol, but I am saddened by such a devastating news. I hope he’s in better place than he was before.


nsync- gone

its probably the only time youll see this group on my blog, but then again, i dont discriminate, good music is good music, and i dont see anything wrong wit this song honestly