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Another thing being a 90s kid taught me: In ten years, no one will care if you were an EXO-L or a VIP or an ELF or a Shawol. What will really matter is the great music you loved and the memories you made while listening to your favorite bands. Even the bands you rooted against will be part of your memories, and I bet you’ll love them for it.

How do I know this? Well, it’s been thirteen years since N’Sync disbanded and Backstreet is much quieter than they were in the past. But, when a BSB or N’Sync song comes on, I jam like it’s 1995 all over again. It doesn’t matter that I liked N’Sync better and actively decried BSB on the playground. The fanwars we used to have just…don’t matter - not anymore. What matters is that those groups are pivotal parts of some of the best years of my life. What matters is that we had music we loved. 

What Does the Future Hold for One Direction?
Now that we’ve had time to process the news that One Direction is taking a break, let’s consider what each lad might do next.
By Richard Lawson

Thirteen years later we are still waiting for NSYNC to get back together. Will that be the case with onedirection?

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I don’t remember the Backstreet Boys and NSync’s fan bases fantasizing about them fucking each other. One Direction’s fan girls such as yourself have taken obsession to a new kind of crazy. When you grow out of this stage your in, and it is stage, and move on as an adult, you will feel like a complete idiot for wasting so many of your young teen years confusing fantasy with reality. I say that not just to you but all the twisted minds that this fantasy has brainwashed thru social media. Maybe social media would have made fans think Nick Carter was fucking Howie or that Lance was fucking Justin, I’m just glad it wasn’t around in their day if that’s what happens to boyband fandoms today when they get absolutely bored and brainwashed over a fan fiction dream. Zayn was smart to get out while he could. It’s not a stunt. That is just another lie social media has brainwashed into certain fans who can’t accept reality for what it is. Life can suck. Some of our heroes may not want that role. Zayn will live. You all will live. The sun will set at night and rise in the morning. Get over it already! All of it! 

Honestly, why are you so pressed? How about you go back to live your “adult life” or whatever instead of harassing people on the internet? Just so you know, there are many amazing adult people who are a part of this fandom who contribute great insight into everything that is going on and I admire all of them very much. I’m also lucky enough to call many of them friends. Just because whatever is going on here doesn’t fit into your pretentious 90′s boyband fantasy, doesn’t give you the right to come onto my blog and tell me that “social media has brainwashed me”. Wtf? 

It doesn’t take more than common sense to realize there is something going on here. So don’t come here and tell me I’m delusional because I take pride in the stuff I’ve learned while being a part of this fandom. I kindly ask you to fuck off.

Have a wonderful day!