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Kara and Lena have dance parties to NSYNC in Kara’s apartment when they both have bad days. Dance parties were never really something Kara did on her own. But after coming home in a bad mood to be met with Lena also in a bad mood, it only took one or two fights before Kara grabbed a CD off her shelf and aggressively shoved it into the stereo saying she knew what would make them feel better. Because really who can keep yelling each other when NSYNC’s Its Gonna Be Me is playing at full volume in the background. 

It takes almost the full song of Kara jumping around and singing before Lena can feel herself start to crack. It is when Kara puts on Bye Bye Bye and points to herself in beat with the chorus that Lena starts to laugh and allows Kara to spin them around the living room. Neither of them able to hear the pounding on the door. 

Maggie leans on the wall next to the door, her boot against the wall next to her knee, having finally given up telling Alex that they are busy and can’t hear them. But Alex is worried after the day Kara had so Maggie waits patiently as Alex digs around for the spare key to the apartment and unlocks the door grumbling about what the hell they could be listening to so loud they can’t hear the door.

It’s not the song the shocks Alex, she remembers it well after listening to it on repeat for so many years through the walls of her parent’s house. It is Lena jumping up and down, and banging her head, hair loose, in time to the lyrics  that stops Alex a few steps into the apartment. Kara and Lena both stop dancing, faces flushed, their argument long forgotten, and stare back at a wide eyed Alex and a grinning Maggie. 
“We’ve been knocking for five minutes and this is what you are doing?!?!” Alex yells as the next song starts. “And NSYNC! Really?! I expect this from you Kara. But you Lena!” Alex points accusingly. “I really expected better!” 

Lena’s face flushes brighter as she and Kara exchange looks and burst out laughing. “Oh come on Alex!” Kara yells back as she starts dancing closer to her sister. 

“Don’t you dare! KARA!” Alex yells taking a step back. Kara’s attention turning to Maggie her eyes widening. “YOU! You are tapping your toes!” It comes out more as a sequel as she points at Maggie’s foot. Alex’s mouth falling open as she looks to Maggie her eyes narrow. “You wouldn’t.” Maggie shrugs, her face guilty as Kara pulls Maggie into her and Lena and turns the stereo up even louder. “Traitor!!” Alex hollers trying not to smile as she crosses her arm watching the three girls jump around in a crazy mess occasionally freezing in unison to sing a line into the invisible mics in their hands. 


I LIVE for this video…I love Nsync

Chris knows the moves, and the lyrics hahahaha <3 I LOVE THIS

now think: Kara was a NSYNC Fan (she said in an episode)…Chris is a fan of Nsync….PLEASE PUT KARA AND MON EL SINGING NSYNC TOGETHER ON A KARAOKE BAR….SG producers, make that happen *_*

Another thing being a 90s kid taught me: In ten years, no one will care if you were an EXO-L or a VIP or an ELF or a Shawol. What will really matter is the great music you loved and the memories you made while listening to your favorite bands. Even the bands you rooted against will be part of your memories, and I bet you’ll love them for it.

How do I know this? Well, it’s been thirteen years since N’Sync disbanded and Backstreet is much quieter than they were in the past. But, when a BSB or N’Sync song comes on, I jam like it’s 1995 all over again. It doesn’t matter that I liked N’Sync better and actively decried BSB on the playground. The fanwars we used to have just…don’t matter - not anymore. What matters is that those groups are pivotal parts of some of the best years of my life. What matters is that we had music we loved. 


ok, I fangirled over N'SYNC hard in the ‘90’s. How did I not know they did a cover of 'That Thing You Do’?! 

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JC is why I'm glad Liam & Niall went to UMG. JC had to do his solo album w/ Jive bec nsync's contract wasn't done yet, and Jive vastly favored JT (you know, the pre-ordained golden boy) over him. No radio deal, not much promo, only a club tour in a few cities, 2nd album shelved. Plus he was caught in the backlash of JT & Janet Jackson's nipplegate fiasco. It's too bad because he has a lovely strong voice and is a great dancer too.

Hi anon! OK, hold up–since I’m not an NSYNC fan, I need some fans to explain to me how a different member of the band would get stuck in nipplegate?

This is fascinating…

This is a Rap I made inspired by THE LAST NARUTO MOVIE. (I have not seen the movie yet, so this is a recollection of the spoilers and what I think happens in the movie lol)
The lyrics are by ME.
But the music and track is from the song “Girlfriend” by Nsync. 
I do not own this music but again, I REPEAT, only the lyrics.
(also the art cover for this soundtrack is mine :) enjoy!)

What’s that? You want lyrics??? NO PROB!

NARUTO: ”Makeeeee way! For the 6th Hokage! 

No longer hides an eye, it’s Kakashi Hatake! “

SAKURA:“Nowhere will you ever find someone that attacks him!”


KAKASHI: “Hold up, we have, a problem in our hands.

How come the sky is falling and the moon is at its end!?

Naruto, we need you for the leaf you should protect

but first save your girlfriend and then help your friends!”

CHORUS:“ Heeyyyyhoo this is the last!

The last adventure we share as comrades!

Thank you for always having a blast!

The moment’s now passing but you’ve crossed our path!

GAARA: "Another villain finds his way to our land…”

TEMARI: ” You seem to be lost, should we kick his ass???”

SHIKAMARU: “Don’t drag this fight mannnn-“

CHOJI: -Shikamaru, RELAAAAXXXXX, Naruto’s got you like I got my snacks!”

INO: ” Don’t even get started on who’s got your stacks!”

ALL THREE: ” Ino-shika-Cho! Ain’t holding back!

ROCK LEE: “Let’s do it!”

TEN TEN: “Get to it!”

SHINO: “Watch us BUG OUT”

KIBA: “Shino, no one gets your reference….but here he comes now!”

HINATA: “WOAH! who are you!?

Let go of my sister!

You think I’m a little girl? 

couldn’t be more wrong mister!

I don’t want to fight you ,

it’s just not my style

but 64 punches say you’re going down!”

TONERI(a.k.a bad guy): “I really could careless

what the lot of you would say,

I already have my plans

and I always get my way.

You think you met a god?

Well you should think again

From the flick of my hands

The sky falls to it’s end!?”

CHORUS:” Heeyyyyhoo this is the last!

The last adventure we share as comrades!

Thank you for always having a blast!

The moment’s now passing but you’ve crossed our path!

NARUTO: “Dammit Sasuke! Where are you Now!?

You’re nowhere to be seen until the time has run out!

You see the stars are falling in Konoha somehow!

You’re near! you’re here!

You sure kept your vow!”

SASUKE: “Shut up. You Idiot. I’m still on my way.

I may have one arm, But I still got two legs.

Don’t underestimate, the power of Uchiha

While you are still yaking, I’m coming with ideas

on how to beat your boss

save your girl and mine-

I suggest you step up and get off cloud nine!”

This is a fanmade song. So it is for fans from fans.  Feel free to sing :), comment and share. Just don’t be a poo-poo head. Don’t take credit for what is not yours. ENJOY and thank you for listening! :) -JolliesJaded

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