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Kara and Lena have dance parties to NSYNC in Kara’s apartment when they both have bad days. Dance parties were never really something Kara did on her own. But after coming home in a bad mood to be met with Lena also in a bad mood, it only took one or two fights before Kara grabbed a CD off her shelf and aggressively shoved it into the stereo saying she knew what would make them feel better. Because really who can keep yelling each other when NSYNC’s Its Gonna Be Me is playing at full volume in the background. 

It takes almost the full song of Kara jumping around and singing before Lena can feel herself start to crack. It is when Kara puts on Bye Bye Bye and points to herself in beat with the chorus that Lena starts to laugh and allows Kara to spin them around the living room. Neither of them able to hear the pounding on the door. 

Maggie leans on the wall next to the door, her boot against the wall next to her knee, having finally given up telling Alex that they are busy and can’t hear them. But Alex is worried after the day Kara had so Maggie waits patiently as Alex digs around for the spare key to the apartment and unlocks the door grumbling about what the hell they could be listening to so loud they can’t hear the door.

It’s not the song the shocks Alex, she remembers it well after listening to it on repeat for so many years through the walls of her parent’s house. It is Lena jumping up and down, and banging her head, hair loose, in time to the lyrics  that stops Alex a few steps into the apartment. Kara and Lena both stop dancing, faces flushed, their argument long forgotten, and stare back at a wide eyed Alex and a grinning Maggie. 
“We’ve been knocking for five minutes and this is what you are doing?!?!” Alex yells as the next song starts. “And NSYNC! Really?! I expect this from you Kara. But you Lena!” Alex points accusingly. “I really expected better!” 

Lena’s face flushes brighter as she and Kara exchange looks and burst out laughing. “Oh come on Alex!” Kara yells back as she starts dancing closer to her sister. 

“Don’t you dare! KARA!” Alex yells taking a step back. Kara’s attention turning to Maggie her eyes widening. “YOU! You are tapping your toes!” It comes out more as a sequel as she points at Maggie’s foot. Alex’s mouth falling open as she looks to Maggie her eyes narrow. “You wouldn’t.” Maggie shrugs, her face guilty as Kara pulls Maggie into her and Lena and turns the stereo up even louder. “Traitor!!” Alex hollers trying not to smile as she crosses her arm watching the three girls jump around in a crazy mess occasionally freezing in unison to sing a line into the invisible mics in their hands. 


I LIVE for this video…I love Nsync

Chris knows the moves, and the lyrics hahahaha <3 I LOVE THIS

now think: Kara was a NSYNC Fan (she said in an episode)…Chris is a fan of Nsync….PLEASE PUT KARA AND MON EL SINGING NSYNC TOGETHER ON A KARAOKE BAR….SG producers, make that happen *_*

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JC is why I'm glad Liam & Niall went to UMG. JC had to do his solo album w/ Jive bec nsync's contract wasn't done yet, and Jive vastly favored JT (you know, the pre-ordained golden boy) over him. No radio deal, not much promo, only a club tour in a few cities, 2nd album shelved. Plus he was caught in the backlash of JT & Janet Jackson's nipplegate fiasco. It's too bad because he has a lovely strong voice and is a great dancer too.

Hi anon! OK, hold up–since I’m not an NSYNC fan, I need some fans to explain to me how a different member of the band would get stuck in nipplegate?

This is fascinating…


ok, I fangirled over N'SYNC hard in the ‘90’s. How did I not know they did a cover of 'That Thing You Do’?! 

tagging lokiwholockfactory because of reasons :P

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I manage a retail store and I play 90's jams all day, everyday and not one of my employees is over the age of 20 so they don't understand that "Mmmbop" is a classic. I remember the days when fan fiction started becoming a thing, there was some great NSYNC fan fic out there, but hard to read because I had to get offline everytime my mom needed to use the phone...damn dial-up.

My nephew is ten and when I played “Bye Bye Bye” he didn’t fucking know what it was.  I have never been more disappointed in him.  Kid lives on the internet and doesn’t even know about NSYNC and YET HE USES THE “It’s gonna be may” MEME EVERY FUCKING YEAR.  You know what he said when I showed him the video for “It’s Gonna Be Me”?  “Oh, that’s the it’s gonna be may guy”.  Child.  Where the fuck did you think that meme came from?  Learn your history.  Respect baby JT or you don’t deserve him as grown man, hot dad JT.  What a disgrace to the family.  We should disown him tbh.

Lance head canon #3

((So Lance is a 90’s boy band fan. When Lance was growing up his sisters used to fight over which was better: *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. Since it was played around the house a lot, he ended up liking both.

Bonus: He broke up with his ‘girlfriend’ when he was 10 by singing her Bye Bye Bye on the playground. She didn’t take it well.

Bonus bonus: He sings both *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys to Keith as a not so subtle way of saying he likes him. Keith doesn’t get it at first but once he realizes it, it makes him blush and nervous laugh. He’ll never admit it to Lance but he’s a closet *NSYNC fan. ))

Thoughts about "Chad Future" and his "special" on Mnet

Oh dear god. Why is he saying he’s doing something brand new and “bridging the gap”? It’s already been done. American pop is huge in South Korea. Britney Spears is so popular in South Korea. So, wouldn’t she have been the person to bridge the gap? All Chad Future does is sing in damn fucking English. Kpop is Korean pop music. Pop music sung in the Korean language. Doesn’t this guy know that?

And wouldn’t oh I don’t know the Korean-American artist’s who are already in Korea already do this? What about Eric of Shinhwa who has been around for SIXTEEN YEARS? Taecyeon of 2pm? Jay Park? Ailee? Eric Nam? Jessica and Tiffany of SNSD? Krystal and Amber of F(x)? Or does it only count cause Chad is white?

Kpop since Seo Taiji and the boys has always taken influence from Western pop. Taiji and the Boys did it and became a success. The “critics” said they would fail but they became a hit with their song “I Know” in 1992. The next yr they were promoting in Japan. People were paying attention to this in South Korea and in 1995 Lee SooMan built SM Entertainment because he wanted in on what Taiji was doing. In the later 90’s we got YG Entertainment and JYPE among others. They all went by the same formula that Seo Taiji and the Boys first became successful with. Western pop music for Korean audiences.

If Chad Future is such a Kpop fan why doesn’t he know this or try to find out? Why does he think he’s the first?

I’ve seen different ages for “Chad.” One article I read on him said he was 30. Another, from Soompi I believe it was, said he was 23. Now he’s saying he’s 26. Honestly speaking he dresses and acts like he’s 19.

Lol so his music history is amusing. He claims to love rap and be impressionable and love Eminem and Kid Rock. Yet he right in the next breath says he loves pop music and loved all the typical boybands. This guy is such a bandwagoner and I feel sorry for him with that because it seems like he just isn’t finding his thing. What makes him. He seems to go with the flow of what is popular. I was a pop music fan too in the 90’s in high school. And uh the only thing cool with the music video’s were to teen girls from what I remember. And they were cheesy as all get out. Hanson and “MMMBop” and “I Want it That Way” from Backstreet Boys and “I Want You Back” from NSYnc.

Lmao at the “fan girls” following him. It looks like only a couple people are following him and everyone else in the stands are like “what the fuck?” They really manipulated this to make him seem popular. But if he was so popular why is he just now getting somewhere and using another country’s pop culture as a gimmick?

Of course you found your style in Kpop. Kpop is based off US pop culture in the 90’s! If you knew anything at all about Kpop you would know this. But you’re just a Koreaboo and interested in Korean pop culture in a superficial way. You want to be a star and nothing else worked out and now something else is coming along and you’re getting on this bandwagon. If you were into pop music in the 90’s of course you’d find “your style” in the 90’s. So once again he’s jumping onto something that is becoming popular. First it was Eminem and Kid Rock, than boybands in the 90’s, and now Kpop.

Everything about this guy is a bandwagon. What is original about him? He takes what Korean pop artist’s do and completely changes it. He changed the lyrics and meaning in “Wolf” and he changed the mv’s of other people like BAP songs.

Oh my god. This guy must truly be the most ignorant person ever on Kpop I freaking swear. He says “we created the idea and we said we have to try it and see what works. There’s no path for a white American Kpop star. There’s never been a path for it. We have to create our own.”

Let me give you a history Chad Future. Kpop started in 1992 with Seo Taiji and the Boys. Their first single was in 1992 called “I Know” and became a huge hit. All the critics said they would fail but the public enjoyed it and in 1993 went to Japan and became a hit there. They created Kpop. Seo Taiji is always credited in Korea as being the president of pop culture. Do you even know about him?

Kpop is Korean pop music and has followed Seo Taiji’s formula since it came to be. What was the formula? Western Pop music with lyrics in the Korean language. Everyone in South Korea was looking to cash in on this new thing going on that the public, and especially the youth, were enjoying. Thus in 1995 we got SM Entertainment with Lee SooMan. In the later 90’s we got YGE and JYPE and others. Kpop started growing with SM Entertainment. The boyband HOT and the girl group SES were the first groups and became successful. After their success Lee created Shinhwa who have now been around for 16 yrs.

Now the youth of South Korea were starting to have music and artists they could relate to. Something they could say was a part of their culture. Pop music has always existed in Korea even back in the 1800s and has always had influence from the West.

So for you to say YOU’RE the one who is bringing Western influence to Kpop because you’re white is ignorant as all get out and just another example of colonialism. Pop culture is pop culture and the only thing different is the language barrier. Korea already has its share if idols who speak English and other languages. They don’t need you to bridge the gap or show them the way. They don’t need to be white-washed.

Lmao once again MNet is manipulating that “all those people” were there for “Chad Future.” It was KCon they were there for. You just happened to be there because for whatever reason MNet is pushing you.

I just am so annoyed that he’s using other people’s culture, such as the martial artists and Kpop itself, to get himself famous.

I really wish these idols would see what is going on here. That MNet is trying to white-wash them and trying to pump this guy up to make Kpop acceptable with a white face. I’m not surprised Amber is friendly with him as she’s a nice person to everyone and I don’t think could ever be mean to anyone.

But you just watch and see. He’s going to get credit for anything that happens in the US with Kpop (if anything does) and not these idols who have been working hard for years. That’s white-washing.

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kara, *nsync fan of my heart, is DEFINITELY a crj stan,


Another thing being a 90s kid taught me: In ten years, no one will care if you were an EXO-L or a VIP or an ELF or a Shawol. What will really matter is the great music you loved and the memories you made while listening to your favorite bands. Even the bands you rooted against will be part of your memories, and I bet you’ll love them for it.

How do I know this? Well, it’s been thirteen years since N’Sync disbanded and Backstreet is much quieter than they were in the past. But, when a BSB or N’Sync song comes on, I jam like it’s 1995 all over again. It doesn’t matter that I liked N’Sync better and actively decried BSB on the playground. The fanwars we used to have just…don’t matter - not anymore. What matters is that those groups are pivotal parts of some of the best years of my life. What matters is that we had music we loved.