nswf johnlock

It’s… so… it’s actually heartbreaking thinking about Holmes and Watson having sex, knowing they have to be utterly careful and quiet  and… they’re so so in love and in that moment it shows the most cause… well, they can’t show their love at any other time but there in Holmes’ room, behind the closed curtains and locked doors, in the middle of night, that’s when they can, that’s the only time they can kiss and confess their love and touch each other and make love, slowly, desperately, passionately and when Watson leans to whisper “I love you, Sherlock“ into Holmes’ ear, tears well up in Holmes’ eyes and a small, tender “John“ escapes his throat as he pulls Watson even closer, holding him tight and he can feel Watson’s hands reaching to cup his cheeks and Watson’s soft, gentle lips searching for his in the darkness and they kiss through the tears, promising to love each other and stay together forever and perhaps, in another time, they’ll be able to love each other openly without having to hide it

Daily johnlock headcanon

Imagine John and Sherlock coming home from a case and John sprained a muscle in his bad shoulder and Sherlock offers to give him a massage and one thing leads to another and they rip and Sherlock’s hands go lower and lower and it’s John’s turn to say “I don’t mind” and Sherlock starts slowly fucking him with his fingers and John begs for more and rips their clothes off (literally rips Sherlock’s shirt off) and then he crawls into Sherlock’s lap and fucks himself on Sherlock’s cock until both of them are trembling and they come at the same time screaming each other’s name and then they fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms

(Sorry I lose my ability to punctuate when thinking about nswf johnlock)

Playing a Dangerous Game.

*Scrolls down dash*
*Family member walks behind me*
* Nervously scrolls down*
(;>_<;)Please no nsfw. Please no nsfw.
*Family member gone.*
(ーдー) Whew!
*Continues to scroll down*
*Minutes later another family member walks behind me*
(;>_<;)Please no gay post. Please no gay post.
*Family member gone*
(^_^;)maybe I should stop. Wait until I’m alone.
Hmmm( ・-・)mmmaybe ONE more scroll.
*Minutes later family member walks behind me*