Giant. Purple. Space Cats. AU - Sketch dump

Ok so… I’ve been swamping my blog with AUs, lately. And here’s yet another one: How about a GalraAU, where the whole Galra-Altean conflict is in reverse? Like all Galra characters from the series are Altean and all non-Galra characters are Galra in this AU (for example Zarkon is Altean and Allura is the Galra Empress)? And the Galra Empire is ‘the good guys’ while the Altean Kingdom kinda started the war? Plus, Voltron was created by the Galra Empire and fights on their behalf, so all the Altean blue parts of the Paladins’ armors are now Galra pink. :D

Also: Headcanon time!!

  1. Toe beans. Since I like to believe that most Galra are huge, fluffy space cats, they have TOE BEANS in this AU.
  2. Omegaverse. I wanted to draw some Omegaverse related stuff for quite some time now. So, there. Have some Alpha!Shiro marking an Omega!Keith as his. Might be a bit more nswf than normal, but oh well.
  3. Shiro. Gets. Fluffy. When he’s looking at Keith… Because Shiro loves his baby. °3°
  4. Allura looks like a female version of Lotor in this AU. Because damn.

I’ll add some more… galranized(?!!)… characters as soon as I’m done with finals!

The way Bangtan would have sex (M)

d i s c l a i m e r || this is just my opinion based on the general idea of their character I have formed through out the years. Of course you could have a totally different opinion than mine (since we’re all different people, we also perceive things differently) and of course I have no way of knowing if I even came close to the reality so take it as it is: an opinion of a fellow ARMY. Thank you :)

w a r n i n g || the contents of this post are only for a mature audience to see - that’s why it’s under the cut - and it’s heavily N S F W because it doesn’t contain only words but also gif depictions of love making.


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