My little rant

Being a little makes me happy.💖
Daddy makes me happy.💖
Collars make me happy. 💖
Stuffies make me happy.💖

You know what doesn’t make me happy? The fact that we littles, daddies, Mommies, caregivers are happy in our relationships/ space that the rest of the world thinks it’s just some kind of kink and disgusting and will do anything for us to feel bad.
That’s what doesn’t make me happy.

Haikyuu!! ships + sexy time headcanons

KageHina: Kags is a bit shy and awkward about human connection, especially this kind, so Hinata usually has to push him a little. Once it’s on, they probably go out of their way to make it a competition. Whoever loses uses it as an excuse to ask for a second round.

DaiSuga: Suga is a VERY kinky powerbottom, and he loves giving blowjobs to his boyfriend. Bondage and light bdsm are on, but it’s also very much loving and sweet.

TsukkiYama: They’re all adorable and giggly the whole time. Tsukki sometimes wears his volleyball glasses during, because he likes seeing Yams’ face but is afraid the regular ones would fall off.

AsaNoya: Asahi is super anxious about hurting Noya, so it takes a whole lot of convincing to make him actually do stuff. They always cuddle afterwards (Asahi is the little spoon)

Iwaoi: Oiks is suprisingly submissive in bed, he really likes Iwaizumi bossing him around. Despite that, he’s usually the one to initiate, and since Iwa-chan is unable to resist, they often end up having sex at weird places. Also, he never shut’s up during and it drives his boyfriend crazy.

KuroKen: Kenma bites and scraches a lot, so Kuroo always looks like some wild animal tried to murder him for a couple of days after. Kuroo fails at being cool and kinky, he just wants to have sex the old traditional way and cuddle after.

YakuLev: Lev is like an excited puppy, and tries his best even though is isn’t very skillful yet. Once they get into it and he sees his boyfriend enjoying himself, he probably gets overly confident, and attempts to be dirty. Yaku is not impressed.

BokuAka: Bokuto is really nervous about giving Akaashi his best, so he starts off very slowly and gently. Akaashi has to praise and reassure him to make him a little more confident. Eventually he ends up losing control and being a little rough, for which he apologizes a lot afterwards. Akaashi doesn’t mind at all.

+ Bonus

KiyoYachi: Yachi is a sweet, innocent child, she doesn’t really know how lesbian sex works, so Kiyoko has to teach her. It takes her a long time to stop being anxious about being naked though. She absolutely worships Kiyoko’s beautiful body, and loves to kiss it all over.