Storm building behind Gulaga / Mt Dromeday … section of 5K RED IR footage
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More Infrared motion at (at Central Tilba, New South Wales)


US Navy SEALs | “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”

Submission – Unofficial Historical Map: Sydney Suburban Rail, 1950 by VoomMaps

Submitted by VoomMaps, who says:

Inspired by this schematic map of the Sydney Suburban Network from 1969 (June 2012, 2 stars), I decided to create a retro-looking map of the rail network in 1950 in a similar style.

Transit Maps says:

I think you’ve nailed the look and feel of this piece quite well, although – like me with my digital recreation of a 1939 map of the Sydney network – you’ve discovered that modern computer-designed artwork can look way too clean to pass for something made over half a century ago, despite the weathered paper texture you’ve added.

The system still looks very recognisable – there’s a few more branch lines than today and the City Circle is still incomplete – but this map shows the majority of the Sydney Trains network we still use today.

One minor note: 1950 is way too early for measurements to be given in metres, as you’ve done with your altitudes for each station. Metrication in Australia didn’t really start until the decimalisation of currency in 1966, and other measurements didn’t totally go metric until 1970-1971. Engineering and scientific professions started to switch a little earlier, which is why the original 1969 map that you’re drawing upon used metric measurements in conjunction with Imperial (feet and inches).

Source: VoomMaps website