Go West This is a ghastly use of Arial; in fact, one of the worst we have seen. The top two lines are at the incorrect widths (both have been electronically manipulated). Unlike Helvetica Monospace, which is a properly designed version of Helvetica with the same width for each glyph, whomever crafted the individual letters for Arial never bothered with such trivialities as design. Instead, they knew the width they wanted and forced every character to fit, meaning the L is heavier than the W, for instance. In fact, each character appears at a different weight to the one next to it. Via Facebook.


“On time, on target”

Video: Act of Valor (2012)
Music: Into the Sea - As Cities Burn


Cockatoo Island 2014. by Albion Harrison-Naish
Via Flickr:
Something a little different to put a full stop behind that recent run of street shots. It’s been a while since I posted a series and I think after this, that’s what I will do. This here shot was taken during a wonderful afternoon spent with Wazza and his lovely wife at Cockatoo Island a couple of years back now. website | a Sydney thumb opera | twitter | facebook | instagram (@albionsamson)