I’m a gay, transgender male, (pre-everything)

Currently living in an area on the central coast called Kanwal, that being said I’m more then willing to drive around the central coast to pick someone up from somewhere close by (from where I live down to Sydney is a pretty decent distance, anywhere around that same distance or an inkling further is okay too!) or you can train it toward my area if you need. 

My house is pretty decently big. I live with my two parents who are 100% okay with taking someone in if they need it. In fact they think it’d be pretty good for me because I don’t have any transgender friends. We have a spare guest room that’s completely unused, bar a work bench but my moms the only one who uses it, and she only uses it about 20 minutes a day so. Rent and all bills is 100% free for anyone who needs it, though if you are a heavy eater it’d be nice if you could offer some money for food. Guest room comes complete with a bed as well as an electric blanket, and if you really need spare clothes and you can fit into my own I don’t mind lending them.

Me and my parents will pretty much never bother you if you don’t want us too. My boyfriend also comes around a lot but he won’t bother you either. So essentially we never have to be in your hair if you’d like your privacy. : ] We do have a fair amount of animals, but you don’t have to be comfortable with them if you don’t like them. My dog is an outside dog, my cat Mars lives in my room, and my other cat Zara is in the guest room but she can be moved if you’d like (but she is the friendliest cat ever, so if you like cats try giving her a pet! She’ll snuggle anyone and likes attention!). 

We live right across the road from a gas station that sells sandwhiches for $7, as well as a lot soft drink and snacks. We live next door to a primary school if that means anything, and we’re about 20 minutes away from the closest shopping centre (by foot! By car it’s about 5-10 minutes tops). We also only live a 15 minute walk away from the doctors, and I’m pretty sure there’s a psychiatrist/psychologist closeby too.

We’re okay with driving you places as long as it’s within reason, 20 trips a day is a bit much but if you just need to go to the store or something every now and again it’s not a big deal. We also only live a minute walk away from the bus stop (probably less actually ahah) and 10 minute drive away from the nearest high school (I drop my boyfriend to school every morning so if you’re considering enrolling we can drive you there if you need!) 

You can pretty much stay as long as I live there. (I’m hoping to move in about 3-4 years, so you’re not on a strict timer ahah) if you plan to stay for a long time it’s cool, but if you do an attempt at trying to get a job to help with rent is nice but not needed!

Before you come it’d be nice if you could message me some information about you. I’m a little bit iffy about having anyone above the age of 20 staying at my house, but if it’s a really desperate situation I’m fine with it. I’d also like pictures/video before seeing you if at all possible. Or a link to a facebook page, just something so that I can clarify that you’re indeed who you say you are. Would also like a meet up in a public place before moving in if you’re in a situation where you can do that, however if you can’t and need to get out asap that’s fine, as long as I have confirmation you’re you I’m good. 

I don’t mind transition status, how you identify, or sexuality. If you’re interested you can email me at thundurustherian@gmail.com or hit up my tumblr http://shagaru-meguka.tumblr.com/ 
Send me an ask on tumblr if you want anything like skype, kik, imessage, facebook, etc. I just don’t feel comfortable posting those things here publicly.