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Down 0.2 pounds

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This is some grade A bullshit.

I’m on my period, but I usually have pretty good losses on those weeks anyway. Sooo once again, I get to wait another week to hopefully see everything balance out and give the scale a chance to catch up. I know I keep saying that lol but it really does seem like every few weeks there’s a big *whoosh* on the scale and it catches up. I’ll try to control myself a little more than usual this weekend to try to help it along, too.

BUT I put on a shirt this morning that I used to have a major muffin top in aaand it looks awesome :) So there’s a NSV to make me feel better!

HW: 225 lbs.

CW: 180.8 lbs.

Total lost overall: 44.2 lbs.

Goal weight 1: 195 lbs.

Goal weight 2: 190 lbs.

Goal weight 3: 185 lbs.

Goal weight 4: 180 lbs. (0.8 lb. away)

Goal weight 5: 175 lbs. (5.8 lbs. away)

Goal weight 6: 170 lbs (10.8 lbs. away)

Goal weight 7: 165 lbs. (15.8 lbs. away)

Goal weight 8: 160 lbs. (20.8 lbs. away)

A little NSV today.

I used to look in the mirror and just hate everything I saw. My eyes, smile, hands, legs, stomach, ears… everything. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have “fat” days where I just generally feel bloated and gross. But the ratio of good days to bad days is astronomical.

I planned on using this as a “here’s to new beginnings” but then I realized how much my mentality, body, and just me in general has changed. I am so much happier now than I was eight months ago, I don’t feel like every day is a struggle. Heck, I haven’t had a bad depression day since January. For once, my mind, body, and spirit are working as one. And it feels so good.

So here’s to progress and here’s to progress and here’s to positivity. Life couldn’t be better.