First shirtless run!!! 🚨🏃✨My time was miserable as was my distance (compared to last summer), but I’m still very early in my recovery process and I’m beyond thrilled!!! I can’t describe how healing it feels to have the sun hitting my chest!! 🌞

I am officially shocked.

So we went bridal dress shopping today. I asked for a 12 (my usual size) and they didn’t have any in the style I wanted. So she brought me a 14 and kind of clamped me in and was like oh yea the 12 will fit you fine. I was like ok sure.

But as we were going to check out, I told her how I had already lost all this weight and was hoping to lose more and I asked her opinion if I should buy the 12 knowing it fits right now or if I should size down.

And she was like well why don’t you try on the 10 real quick and you can see how off it is and judge from there.

And I will be damned y’all. I put on the 10 and zipped that sucker all the way up. It was definitely snug, but I had it on and zipped up.

I literally have not been a 10 since high school. I’m amazed.

I will happily take this non scale victory today!

But on a brighter note...

When I was on the treadmill today, I did a walk/jog alternation. Walk one minute, jog one minute, for 17 minutes until the PF trainer caught my attention and invited me to her class.

I have never jogged for a minute straight. I usually get winded after 30 seconds and have to stop.

Some of you may think this is nothing, but this is huge for me.

Victory is mine.

Feb 2015 to April 2017
228lbs to 198lbs

Not my highest weight and a older photo before my weightloss journey started (restarted)

I bought the shirt online Feb 2015 and loved the design. When it arrived I was devastated to see that it wasn’t going to fit. It was tight all around and especially in the arms. Prior to putting on that shirt I was never specifically self-conscious about my arms, now I am.

Today I was curious and wanted to see if it would fit now. Today was the first day I was able to put the shirt on and feel like I could wear it. I did wear it. It’s still a bit tight in the arms but I’m happy I’m finally able to wear something I bought 2 years ago.

I’m only comfortable posting this here because you guys don’t know me in real life. Please no hate. The before picture isn’t even where I started at because I started in April, but didn’t take pics until June.

My favorite NSVs

Inspired by @fatmaninalittlesuit, here are some of my favorite NSVs (non scale victories):

  • I’ve went down 3 clothing sizes and can now wear the same clothes that I did when I was 19.
  • I went from barely being able to run for 3 mins straight to being able to run for 43 minutes straight.
  • My cholesterol dropped 29 points back into a healthy range.
  • I can now curl a 40 lb barbell when before I could only curl a 20 lb barbell. I can also do a assisted pull-up with only 40 lbs counter-weight.
  • I am now confident enough to take frequent pictures of myself.
  • I also gained enough confidence to wear a bikini for the first time ever.
  • I am actively engaged here in this community when I am usually too shy to post on other social media.
  • And lastly, I have learned how to use Snapchat due to my friends here:

Look, I’m a deer!

Throwback Thursday and non scale victory…..ummm yes lets do this!

So, I grew up as the girl on the left who could never really sit crossed leg-ed with comfort. My legs were too chubby to fold them up and rest easily on them. I also could never just sit with my legs spread out as above without having something to support my back (note I am against the couch).

Now I am the girl on the right who can sit as such, with no back support, and I do it without even thinking about it. This picture was taken on Monday, and I realized I sat in the pose for almost thirty minutes scrolling tumblr. No problems, not aches, no omg this is hurting. I was just doing it as if I always did my whole life.

It really is the small things in life that make up all your victories. :)


Okay here’s a thing. I don’t know if these pictures really do it justice but the left is me winter of 2014 I think and the picture on the right is from like two weeks ago. I honestly didn’t realize just how big I was on such a small frame (I’m 5'2"). The dress I’m wearing in the right is a little flowy so it doesn’t completely show my weight loss but I think you can get the jist of it. I’m still so amazed at the difference. I was even able to comfortably wear a bikini last week without too much embarrassment. That’s a big thing for me.



2018.04.12 Well, it took 3 months (to the day) to get into these, much, much longer than I’d expected or hoped, but it’s better than going the other way, so I’ll take it as a victory.

The scale has barely moved (other than going up and and down, up and down) for a good while now. I’ve obviously got to make more changes, I just need to DO IT. That’s the hardest part, right. :)  Drinking more water would be a good start, and now that it’s warming up perhaps I can make that a reality.

Anyway, counting this as a victory, no matter how long it took me to get there.


Story Time!!

This dress is the dress that started it all for my obsession with buying and wearing dresses!

It was 2014, and I fell in love with this dress at Torrid, a size 3. I had always wanted a polk-a-dot dress and I decided (after visiting the store a second time because the first time I thought meh I can’t pull this off) to buy it.

I ended up wearing to a the Thanksgiving meal I went to that year as my show off dress. I felt amazing!!

Well, by 2015 this dress was getting to be too big on me and OH NO merely because I loved this dress and they didn’t sell it in the store anymore.

So, I took to e-bay and bought the dress in a size 1….i figured i’d work to fit into it. BOOM I had my beloved dress once more.

Thinking ahead this time I went back to the same ebay seller and bought the last size down, a 0.

Well yesterday (2017) I went to put on my dress, and HOLY COW the was falling out of it. It’s been a few months since I had worn it, but jeebus!

So, who guess who finally got to break out the last and final dress! (I did wear it once this year earlier, but it was too tight all day and I stuck back in the closet, but yesterday it felt perfect on me)

Anyways, that is the story of my favorite dress! And when this one day become to big on me, I will get it resized. This dress shall live on forever! LoL

Set an alarm for 5:45 this morning to go for a run and GUESS WHAT?!

I actually got up and did it! I’m surprised at myself!
Honestly I feel kinda great right now. Not just cause of the run but also cause I never used to prioritize fitness like this.

Plus, I just started my C25k app thinking it would be the same as my last run since it’s still in the same week, but instead of 5 minute stretches it was 8 minutes. Which was tough but I did it.

What a non scale victory kind of morning.

Hope you all have an amazing day!