Beautiful And Handsome At The Same Time

Yesterday, I was with my 3 classmates on NSTP at the cafeteria. They had my phone and looking at my photos. (More like invading my privacy but that’s alright) Anyway, I felt so effin’ awkward after they saw a photo of me wearing nothing (but it’s cropped) with a short hair and they were like screaming, “OMG! Ang gwapo mo pag naging lalaki! Mag paganito ka na ng buhok! Tingnan nyo oh!” and the two were like, “Shit! Oo nga! Promise magpaganyan ka na ng buhok!” They keep on telling me that I look beautiful and I look handsome if I were a guy. Seriously? I always think that I look ugly.

eeeyyyy kiddies lets talk about drugs

(and booze and cigarettes)

so we learned abt addiction prevention of the above mentioned and by far my favorite part abt this lesson was the ‘how to say no and mean it’ part

i got complimented on my ‘stare them down’ technique when saying no bc my classmate said i looked intimidating when i do it

and what the techniques boil down to is:

  • feel free to make up excuses to get out of it
  • make eye contact
  • tactile contact helps too
  • non-verbal gestures can go a long way (shaking the head, stepping back, serious face, etc)
  • repeat the above as many times as necessary

plus, interestingly, the average drug user in the phil are highly-educated, christian males. and this brought back memories of highschool bc i actually knew some ppl who smoked weed back then (in fact the girl i was tutoring in math offered me some as a sign of gratitude) idk whatever happened to them tho, we’re not fb friends so idek

also i love australia’s anti-smoking campaign bc they’re literally scaring u from smoking by slapping the most nightmarish medical effects of smoking they can find onto the cigarette boxes themselves (kudos to that australian who takes the time to brave google images to find those pics)


For the past 2 weeks we’ve been having NSTP meetings more often, and the first one was the UST NSTP DRRM where we were taught how to react as first aiders, with bandages and all. The second meeting was for the UNIK seminar, where we were taught on the importance of preserving our natural resources.

CWTS namin kanina. Alam kong wala kayong pake. Wala lang, shinare ko lang. Pake mo? Jk. Lol. Wala na naman nangyari kanina. Attendance lang. Tang-ina parang mas mahaba pa yung biyahe kaysa sa tinagal ko sa school eh. Nyeta. Tas ang dami ko pang gagawin. Mga prof talaga e. Ampness.

Got oriented in NSTP today

first time i’ve ever had a class with 6 profs???? then again what do i know abt how college works im just a freshie

anyway, apparently nstp stands for national service training program so basically like civics… except its on a national scale. None of that school gardening stuff no more, we be goin full-scale w this volunteerism 

also there are like 3 diff tracks we can choose

CWTS - Civic Welfare Training Service. Basically hufflepuff. Far as i can tell its abt helping out wherever needed, like rescue, disaster mangement, community development, etc

LTS- Literacy Training Service. Ravenclaws p much. This one’s abt helping to educate schoolchildren and whoever else needs basic education

ROTC-Reserve Officers Training Corps. Gryffindors i guess. Military education, nuff said

tbh, i don’t really know what i want to do but i’m leaning more towards rotc bc after a whole week of acads, it would be nice to do something physical? to move around and stretch 

we’ll see

NSTP na next subject ko. 11 ang start pero pumapasok ako lagi mga 12 na. Pagkapasok ko sa room oh, ganda ng bumungad sakin. Narinig ko agad sa prof yung “absent-absent” chuchu na yan. Shet. Napaupo agad ako sa gilid eh. Nung binanggit na name ko, “Shiela Atiagan.. Dalawa na absent mo.” Sabay napayuko ako eh. Hindi ko alam kung ano irarason ko kung bakit ako nag-absent. Hahahahaha! Meron yung iba, tatlo naman. Eh, pag nag-absent pala, may kapalit. Tangna. Maglilinis kami sa loob ng 6 hrs. Taragis. Ang saya diba? Kaysa naman yung gagawa kami ng excuse letter na hindi naman valid reason tapos papagalitan lang kami sa huli. Eh, di maglilinis nalang kami. HAHAHAHA

Pero ang saya ng NSTP ha. :) Yun nga lang, kung kailan close na kaming lahat, patapos na. :( *sigh.

Baby, You're My Firework

I decided to celebrate Sinulog 2014 on January 18th because it’s not as crowded compared to the day itself. People are definitely flocking in, and I can’t handle massive throng because I am an impatient little git. Anyhow, I still have the Sinulog feels with me and I am grateful to have been there during the solemn procession.

As I said earlier here, we were part of the crowd control to ensure that the procession flows smoothly and to prevent the possible occurrence of riots. It was a nice, as well as unpleasant, experience because it’s a first time for me. Knowing that we were part of help to ensure everyone’s safety is somewhat an overwhelming feeling for me. Otherwise, I found it unpleasant because there are people who rebel against the rules and we have to patiently make them understand. They don’t understand nonetheless. But duty is duty; I was consumed with slight rage because people are being insensitive that we’re only doing it for their safety as well.

I was feeling irritated throughout our way to SM because my feet can’t stand anymore and all the jeepneys are full. When we reached there, I had to change my shirt but it annoyed me how the girls’ line in the comfort room was a mile long! I had to waste almost an hour to use it. There was heavy traffic outside when we went to look for my boyfriend’s father because he parked the car somewhere, and we had to walk in the drizzling rain and miss some of the fireworks display.

But nonetheless, the highlight of my night made it up and I was feeling happy instantly. Just watching the glitters in the sky made me love fireworks all the more. Here are some pictures below. They’re not mine, though. Pyroworks Intl. owned this, who was the organizer of this fireworks competition as well which is called “Pyrospectacular”. Indeed, it was spectacular! 


Community Service

Excited na talaga ako sa community service namin sa saturday. NSTP namin yun e, dun din kami sa La Isla chuchu sa Rosario Cavite. Dun din sila Princess (ordinaryongprinsesa) e. :)
Wala lang, excited lang ako kasi mahilig talaga ako sa ganyan. Yung magpapakain ng mga bata tapos maglalaro saka kwentuhan. Enjoy talaga ako sa ganyan. Hahaha! Kaso naiiyak ako. Nung 4th yr kasi kami, naiiyak ako nung may mga bata kaming pinakain at binigyan ng gifts. Ewan ko ba. Pati sa mga matatanda, naiiyak ako. Sa saya siguro yun. Hahaha!
Basta excited na ko. :D

and now for our last meeting

we’re gONNA BE TEACHERS!!!!!!!

we tried our hand at making up lesson plans and man i could see myself doing this. plus, that murkarng method’s pretty useful bc yeah, what does it matter if u know what the letters r called it’s not the names of the letters that u use in daily life its their sounds. also the arrangement of the alphabet from a-z is completely arbitrary and has no bearing at all to how to master the alphabet

and this is especially important to me bc i have a 5 yr old brother who still cant read even tho he just graduated kinder

i could actually teach him how to read 

as a bookworm this makes me absurdly happy bc BOOKS i can’t even with how important reading has been to me there’s so much to read ohmygod

NSTP day = FUN day

So, we’ve had our classes today in NSTP and only we did today was to play our activities. Each group will present an activity in which the other groups must join. 

The first group’s activity was Dr. Quack Quack. If you know about this game your childhood was awesome. so we’re the first one to play and we’re the one who will be curled up and we did make things hard as we could. so you can see me so happy there. happy kid and shit but the real thing was my arms got really hurt. I’m wearing red so find me. lol

then after that quack quack game, this girl, omg my crush :> i don’t her name but I know she’s batch 2013. same with me. i hope so. she came to our room just to say something about ROTC and exclusively for girls only. aw </3

ok move on now. After the first group present their activity, it’s our turn now. We are group 2 so we’re next. Our activity was called Drawing Together in which each group must have a representative of five members and that five members will count one to five to have their own number. One member will draw something in one minute then so on and so fort. so they must draw something that will be related to each other without talking to each other. and so here am I assisting the other groups about the game. Number 4 with my messy hair.

the third activity which was leaded by Group three was called Pass it down in which the one who is in front will memorize a sentence and pass it to the back and so on so fort and the one who is at the back will write the sentence on a paper and see if it is correct. so we won this game and we got prize chocolates :3 and this me passing the sentence I memorized to my other group member.

Fouth activity was called Blindfold in which one of the members will be blindfolded and the other members will guide the blindfolded one to cross the obstacles and stuff. we didn’t won here haha

The last activity was called All stand up in which members must stand up with his/her partner with the help of each other. we didn’t have our picture on this one so here’s a pic of the other group.

so, we all had fun on this activities and our 4-hour class didn’t bore us. yey. so again here’s a pic of me who is lone in the wild. lol. 


May 18, 2015

It was our last meeting so we had an educational but fun and interactive class activity for the kids. A more untraditional set-up was used to engage the kids to participate–they took turns going to each station with different activities in store for them. Shari and I were assigned to the Storytelling station, and I’ve got to admit that I enjoyed reading the kids a story. Afterwards, we gave them a simple meal and their school supplies as it was time to bid goodbye.

I enjoyed this semester with Gabriel and Jasmine, the students that I taught. No matter how cliche, I came to realize how true it is that teachers also learn something from their students. They taught me patience and perseverence. I’m so glad for this experience and I don’t regret taking up this NSTP at all.

The National Service Training Program is a program stipulated in the Philippine Law which states that all male and female college students of any baccalaureate degree course or technical vocational course from any educational institutions, either private or public, must undergo one of the three program components for two semesters. Civic Welfare Training Service, or CWTS, is one of the components under this law which gives students activities for the betterment of the general welfare and the members of communities.

We had our NSTP-CWTS today and it was so tiring. The heat of the blazing sun burnt my skin, the dust from all the playing and walking to and fro attached to me, and the smoke released by vehicles as we went to the community assigned to us was almost painful to our noses to the extent that it was almost unbearable. It was a long day and all I wished for was to be back home.

But despite the facts presented above, I couldn’t help but appreciate what the aim of this project is. I would admit that those things I said beforehand are some reasons why I dislike going to NSTP-CWTS community immersions. However, the experiences and memories created and lessons learned while doing such activities are priceless and worth whatever heat or smoke we had to endure. So why do I like going the whole experience?

First, we are exposed. I am studying in a school where most of the students are used to living the average or the luxurious life. The communities provided for by the program are communities which are developing. Some families may be considered average, some lower. Being immersed in communities like these give us a chance to see the world as it is. We are shown that life beyond the walls of comfortable living may not be as comfortable as we see it. The real world is full of countless people who are trying their best to provide for themselves and their families, and that is something worth considering and learning from.

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definitely the highlight of this meeting was that i learned a new word in filipino

like my filipino vocab is embarrassingly limited 

and i learned the word ‘ngasab’ which means to devour

and this whole thing is kinda meta bc it was just a demo of her teaching us how to teach little children new words and she’s under the assumption that we already knew everything and were just playing along but NO  I ACTUALLY LEARNED THE NEW THING THAT WAS MEANT FOR CHILDREN 


even now i still remember the word bc of the whole story-telling thing and i miss that feeling of having a breakthrough when u finally grasp something new

so if this is what it must be like for me learning just a single word

what must it feel like for those kids who are just beginning to grasp the concept of written language


i can now personally testify that this lesson demo works