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Hi~Hope your blog goes wild!!Can you do a senario where MC and Saeran go on a cute date and it turns into some NSRW things???(sorry uf you don't like these kinds of things I have many sins)~toodles!

I don’t know how to describe NSFW things in a scenario! lol sorrryy

Saeran finally gathered the courage to take you out on a date…..

  • He asked for ideas from the RFA members.
  • Saeyoung’s ideas are legit crazy
  • Zen’s ideas are too overboard, it’ll take you a whole week to finish the date
  • Jumin’s ideas are too pricey
  • Jaehee was the one that give good advices since she is close to MC
  • It starts with lunch, not on a high-end restaurant, but a beautiful open air restaurant
  • A walk on a historical site
  • You got to wear traditional hanbok and take silly pictures in the castle
  • Listening to a traditional music
  • On your way back, the two of you went pass a cinema
  • Saeran asked if you want to watch a movie
  • One of it was a currently-trending romance movie. So of course!
  • You both rushed because the movie is starting
  • Saeran bought the ticket. Placed money-take ticket-leave
  • When you enter the studio and the movie starts, that was when you guys realise something is wrong
  • It’s not the romance movie!
  • It’s another movie with a heavy adult theme
  • Lots of censored sex.
  • After the movie ended, you guys went quiet, no one speaks.
  • Saeran took you back to your place
  • And at the door, he pushed you to the wall and starts to ravish you with kisses.
  • “Sa..Saeran wait…”
  • He continued and your clothes went off flying.
  • That night, he took you for how many times, you lost count
  • As if the movie fuelled his inner beast.
  • You woke up exhausted, sore, and covered in his marks.
  • Make sure to check the ticket issued before leaving the ticket counter.

North & South rewatch  → episode 2

One minute we talk about the color of fruit…
                                               …the next of love.
                                                     How does that happen?