This Sunday, NSRG is having mid-season tryouts.  This is the first time in our history that we are holding mid-season tryouts.  The idea has been kicked around in the past, but never considered until this year. 

It has always been a captains’ discussion.  This year it was brought up once again and finally decided, yes, we’ll do it.  I think there were two major factors in swaying us to hold them this year as opposed to years previous - one home team lost a considerable amount of players early in the season and the league finally started up a rec league.

This year has also seen many changes as far as leadership roles, finances, etc.  I find it all very exciting and promising, so I wasn’t entirely surprised that we went ahead with mid-season tryouts (despite the fact that I was opposed to them initially).

My team is only going to take up to two new skaters.  Total, the league is only going to take up to, potentially, eight new skaters.  From what I have heard, we have at least twenty girls who are going to tryout.  Part of me thinks that’s great - ladies wanting to be on our league, the other part feels sad for the girls who will not make it.

Although, our summer tryouts are generally held in June/July, so if spots open up, you don’t have to wait too long to tryout again.  Plus, if you go through mid-season tryouts and don’t make it, you at least have an idea of what to expect and what to train for for summer tryouts.

Like always, I’m looking forward to tryouts this Sunday.  Good luck to anyone who is planning on trying out for NSRG.

Get yer skate on.

p.s.  The pic is from a n00b practice that NSRG held before tryouts.  I’m in the blue.


AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH IM A BANGER SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD THING I ALREADY LOOK GREAT IN BLACK AND BLUE CUZ ITS ABOUT TO GET WORSE!!!!!!!!!! if youre in the minneapolis area on november 19th, come see my first ever bout at the state fair grounds because im going to be fucking terrified and so it’ll be funny. beng beng