Pan’s curse has been released and in order for the people in Storybrooke to be saved Regina must lose the thing she loves the most, her family. After finally coming to terms with her feelings for Regina, and their relationship being at a good place, Emma realizes that she and Henry areRegina’s family and is not yet ready to leave her or the people she cares about. Emma insists that she and Henry could go to the Enchanted Forest with her, with everyone, but Regina tells her that if she doesn’t pay the price the plan wouldn’t work. Emma has a hard time agreeing with this, but after a last argument with Regina she realizes that it isn't her choice to make and that when Regina told her she had to go it wasn’t a suggestion, it was something she had to do.


Regina and Emma have been having problems in their relationship, and Henry could tell so he suggests counseling. Emma brushes his suggestion off, saying he’s just a kid and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Regina takes it in to serious consideration and brings it up to Mary Margaret to see what she thinks about the idea.  


Lana Parrilla Spooky Empire May-hem Convention May 31, 2014