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Whats Ghost Adventures?


Ghost Adventures is the best goddamn thing since sliced bread. GA is, hands down, the best 42 minutes you could spend per episode. The best part is, you don’t even gotta watch the show for the ghosts! FUCK GHOSTS, WHO GIVES A SHIT. YOU DON’T GOTTA BELIEVE IN THAT SHIT TO GO HERE

Ghost Adventures follows the adventures of these fuckin. Dudebros. Zak, Aaron, and Nick (and later on Billy and Jay, after Nick leaves), on their GHOST ADVENTURES.

They’re a bunch of idiots wearing all black who giggle about cookies and who are more afraid of heights, clowns, snakes, and dolls then they could possibly be over the goddamn paranormal.

Ghost Adventures is a show of character building proportions, with all twelve seasons you get to see these DUMB MANCHILDREN go from being CHILDREN to LITERALLY ADOPTING EVERY DOG THEY SEE OFF THE STREET

zak bagans is a g oddamn GEM of a human being 

like, realtalk, these dudes look stupid and ridiculous b ut they’re all such lovely ppl. zak works with the nspca a lot and he was bullied as a kid which is why he works out, because he’s all like NAH I’M BIGGER NOW

aaron has a charity called bigsteppin and all of these nerds try to make music on the side, honest to god i watch this stupid show religiously just because of the goddamn character development

these boys have gone from downright idiots to just being really considerate ppl and like, what makes the show enjoyable despite your own beliefs regarding the paranormal is that they really believe in it, and they’re so passionate about what they do and they care so much about the ppl they interview and the places they go to, it’s just enjoyable to watch people do something they care so much about, just for its own sake.

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Thank you for being so passionate about the show, for uploading all those vines with cute little Gracie in it (srsly though, that dog is gorgeous), for being such a kind and empathic person (referring to all the times you showed you respect to the people who have passed) and most of all: thank you for helping out at the NSPCA! The show’s amazing, you’ve really done a great job and you should feel really proud of yourself!

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PS: I put a new “Zak in famous horror movies” post in this one. (^-^)