Sword Coast Legends: PAX 2015: Gameplay Trailer (PC, PS4, XOne)


Nspace/Iorio’s: Coordination lesson #2: Gelato case in first, windows in second.  

Goings on @ the latest Iorio’s Gelato & Caffe - East Lansing, MI

(video courtesy of Nick Lemmer)

[ZeeGee Culture] Captain America

Recently, the team got the opportunity to go take in a screening of Captain America with our new neighbors over at N-Space.  Although we’ve been sharing space for over a month now, both teams have been so hard at work on their various projects that we’ve barely had an opportunity to get to know eachother.  The trip gave us all a chance to get out of the office for a couple hours, stretch our legs, chat with some fellow Orlando game developers, and see a new superhero movie!