nsp dan

What the fuck. Someone grabbed Dan’s crotch while he was high fiving people last night at the L.A. NSP show and Dan laughed it off but woo boy that isn’t alright.

We’ve always been a mostly sane fandom of people but I’ve been to a ton of concerts and watched band members get clothes ripped and their belts taken off and stolen, and their dicks rubbed. Fuck, I even remember that a very young girl forced a kiss on a lead singer when he went to take a pic with her.

Please, please don’t let that start happening with Dan. Don’t ruin the NSP shows for other fans because you’re beinga creepy fuck. Dan shouldn’t have to laugh off or joke off being inappropriately touched.


Ninja Sex Party | El Rey, Los Angeles | May 12, 2017

“We love to have fun and get weird. but underneath that is the fact that we love you very, very much and we don’t take for granted for a second that you are the reason we’re here and you’ve allowed us to have this career as our dream. So we would never tell you how to live, but this is something I like to say if you want to take it into your own lives and bring it out into the world, I think that would be a good thing. And that’s to love everyone, and forgive everyone, especially yourself.”