“The idea was to slowly tease her powers out over the season. In the original script we sold to Netflix, she was hunted by the agents, she exploded a door off its hinges [in the first episode]. It was pretty extreme right away. As soon as we started mapping out the season and realized we had eight hours, we started to scale it back.” - Matt Duffer

Ted the Animator: “Why do the tank treads appear out of nowhere from one frame to the next?”

Carl the Animator: “He’s the magical bad guy, remember? He magicked them into existence.”

Ted the Animator: “…that’s not the magician.”

Carl the Animator: “…what?”

Ted the Animator: “The magician has the suit and the top hat. That guy’s just the generic, stereotypical bad guy character.”

Carl the Animator: “…ohhhhhhhhhh.

Ted the Animator: “Yup.”

Carl the Animator:Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Ted the Animator: “Yup.”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “…you’re not going to bother to re-draw it, are you?”

Carl the Animator: “Nah. We can just pretend the moose is a magician.”