nsn shirt



Thats right me and Alik r doin a thing. We’ve decided to get rid of ALL our band merch and give it to 3 lucky winners.


  • mbf me and ali (we will check)
  • REBLOGS only
  • you can reblog as many times as you want
  • No giveaway blogs pls
  • oh hey want another entry? follow us on twitter (me, ali)
  • ENDS SATURDAY NOV. 1st, 2014 4pm CST
  • will use random generator 
  • if you DONT respond in 3 days we will pick another winner

Items include:


  • Skrillex- Bangarang
  • The Ready Set- Feel Good Now EP
  • Nevershoutnever- Time Travel
  • Nevershoutnever-Harmony
  • Sleeping With Sirens- If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack
  • Somewhere South of Perfect- What Happened to Love? EP


  • Pierce The Veil Collide with the Sky Tour Shirt (m)
  • BMTH Sempiternal Logo Shirt (m)
  • BMTH Owl (s)
  • BMTH Steel City (s)
  • SWS Zombie (m)
  • BTF Polar Bear (m)
  • ATL Everything is A-okay (s)
  • ATl I feel like dancin’ Tank (m)
  • Green Day Face’s shirt (m) fits like small
  • NSN Time Travel Logo shirt (s)
  • TRS Keep Calm and Listen to the Ready Set shirt (M)
  • MCR hang man (S)
  • MMI stay metal kitty tank (m) fits like small 
  • OM&M meet my dedication tank (M)
  • FIR tank (L)
  • TRS Love like Woah Booty Shorts (m)
  • PTV Beanie
  • Supernatural Beanie


Smallish Posters

  • BMTH- Sempiternal Logo
  • Secrets- The Ascent
  • CTE- The Fallout
  • OM&M- The Flood
  • Leathermouth 

Signed Posters

  • ATL Don’t Panic AP Special Signed by all members
  • Anthem Made (Kellin Quinn)
  • HAND DRAWN Feel Good Now Poster signed by Jordan W
  • Time Travel Poster with Christofer Drew’s Handprint
  • Another Anthem Made (Kellin Quinn)

Other Posters

  • 60 Alternative Press Posters
  • Panic! At The Disco oldish poster
  • Too Weird to Live Tour Poster
  • Two Drop Dead fold out posters
  • Two of the same PTV posters- we got them on Collide with the Sky tour


  • Drop Dead X-Mas Ornaments x9 
  • Drop Dead Stickers x3
  • Anthem Made Sticker
  • Buttons- Bazinga, Normal People Scare Me, Doctor Who, Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll
  • Green Day Pick- Necklace- Pick from Uno Dos Tres tour thrown into the crowd by Mike
  • 3 AP Magazines 

First Place!!!!!!

  • First Choice of 11 Shirts
  • 30 AP Posters
  • 2 signed posters 
  • Choice of 3 smaller posters or 2 other posters
  • Choice of 3 “Extras" 
  • Choice of 3 CD’s

Second Place!!!

  • 5 shirts
  • 20 AP Posters
  • 1 signed poster
  • 2 "other” posters or 2 “smaller” posters
  • Choice of 2 “extras" 
  • Other 3 CDs

Third Place!!! 

  • 2 clothes
  • 10 AP Posters
  • Leftover posters
  • Leftover "extras”