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Hello boys and girls of North Shore, here is the post you all have been waiting for. Again, don’t cry or moan if you haven’t been mentioned in here but instead blame yourself for not submitting anything. Now with that said, let’s move onto the big news here yeah?

So while working on this post, I was listening to “Kids of the future” by the Jonas Brothers and there’s no shame in that at all. Felt like sharing this irrelevant fact with everyone here. Now seriously let’s continue.

We have fans of GiAllison and before you ask what that is, it’s Gia Lewis and Allison Daniels. Apparently there’s chemistry between the two and I quote “I love Gia and Allison’s conversations. They have amazing chemistry with each other.” Here I thought both Lewis and Allison had great chemistry with everyone. Now, here’s a question, what is Allison? I’m all up for the two because I find them very appealing, but what does Allison really think of Gia? Does Gia like her? Or does Gia only want her? Yes kids, there’s a difference. Fill me in on what’s going to happen.

So while a couple is in the making, we have a couple here that aren’t in the making. Well, they thought they were but it ended up being a lie. Here’s what I mean. “I think Vince is kind of into Marie, I mean he did invite her over for dinner, isn’t that some kind I hint that he’s into her? These two are so hard to understand. One minute their hot the next their cold. She told him the other day she loved him after he thought she had his baby and he just kept rejecting her. Now they’re happy again. They need to make up their minds.” Well there’s one way to look at this. Sex is better than a relationship so if Marie decided to give her heart out and say that she loves him, then why should Vince be dragged into this? Where is Marie? Has the heart break caused her to run away? Vince you’re a horrible person…. I’m kidding.

Now while we talk about hook ups and sex, here’s some news for you guys. “leo isnt putting out for troy. sucks to be troy right now.” Well firstly I don’t think anyone cares darling. Leo and Troy are irrelevant. Well, Troy is anyway. Still don’t understand what Leo sees in Troy but he should re consider his options. Leo should befriend Gia, i’m sure she’ll introduce him to someone better than Troy.

While that couple isn’t doing so good, we have a broken hearted Ben here. Well he isn’t so broken up anymore considering he moved on from Eva pretty fast. “ben seems to have moved on from eva quite quickly to elle. who is all up on trents dick.” Well, well here we have Ben who happened to move on pretty quick from one girl to another. The sad part? Elle whoever the fuck she is, isn’t into Ben. How does Ben even feel about this?Does Trent want her though? Isn’t Trent the Mayor’s kid? Well, this should be interesting. I mean think of it this way, you drag a mayor’s son into drama, it’ll be bad for the mayor, wouldn’t it be? Please keep me informed on this. I would love to know what happens.

Corey Saunders is hot.” Like if you agree. I mean if this post gets no likes, then i’m sorry dollface but apparently he isn’t. 

While someone’s opinions had been stated, lets talk about more relationships. Exes, lovers, flings.. Whatever. “It looks like Ryan and Lain are getting back together. They were pulled over on the side of the road sharing what looked like an intense moment.” Why were they seated on the side of the road? What was happening during this ‘intense moment?’ please share. So does this mean Ryan and Lain are back again? What happened between the two anyway? Once again they were “Spotted: Ryan and Lain reconciling on the side of the road before Lain left town.” If the feelings are still there, then why did the two break up? Seems like Lain is a better choice for Ryan anyway since she still puts up with him. Seems like no one can take enough of Ryan as it is. Four for you Lain, four for you.

Madison and Greg are going to have sex even though she got shot a week ago.” Greg’s a hot guy, I get it but calm your self Madison. You were just shot! Shouldn’t you be in bed resting? Greg’s still here… You can sleep with him later, right now get yourself checked. The sex won’t even be comfortable! 

Speaking of Greg, it seems that he’s back and wants Kelly back. Isn’t Kelly with Keith though? “gregs back, and it looks like hes after kelly.” Is Greg capable of feelings or was she just a good fuck? Either way, that won’t be happening any time soon.. I mean, depends on what happens with Keke. Greg doesn’t seem the type of guy to wreck a relationship. Girls go to him on their own, so I won’t even question this here. I feel like you are wrong, because if he wanted Kelly, he would have gone for it.

Erica wants to have a threesome with Narlie.” Calm yourself Erica, Nate has yet to lose his virginity. “nate is a half virgin. how cute.” Cute indeed dear, but when will he finally lose it? How is Narlie anyway? I adore the two very much so if anyone tries to ruin it. Whether it’s Jamie Tucker or Erica…. Then just know you will have a trail of haters behind you. Good luck Nate, and remember “Safety is sexy.”

While we all know who is sleeping with who or who wants who, let’s move onto family here. Can you say family drama? “Beau is being an overprotective bitch.” Well now we know why Madison does the opposite of what you say. You expect her to be perfect. Let’s remind everyone that you’re not perfect either and if you want her safe, then try talking to her. 

megan chose stacey over her own sister, someone needs to sort out their priorities.” Again with the lack of details here. Megan loves her family very much, in my opinion they just don’t understand her. I mean hey I can be wrong, but like I said you gave me nothing to work with. How’s her relationship with Danny? Not all siblings are close, but that doesn’t mean they’re hated or that they need to sort out their priorities. Just saying.

Well, tonights post is done. Enjoy it… Now, to the fuckening!