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Dad! or Big Bro! Levi finding Mikasa and Eren in bed doing the do... Give me some good soup about this please

First, sorry ive been getting to asks really really late but anon i love and adore big brother(and dad levi too). Its one of my all time favorite headcanons/aus

Ok so in going with big brother levi

  • its late at night, Levi had been up studying for his college classes. So when he hears noise in Mikasa’s room He’s about to flip. He’s about to get up and when he hears a moan. He is disgusted and wants to go knock on the door and expose them to their parents but decides her could do better then that.
  • So he puts on earphones and continues to study. The next day when Mikasa bring Eren over Levi is ready. He hits them innuendos that make it clear he knows what they did and hes going to make them suffer. 
  • When Mikasa and Eren are on the couch watching a movie, Levi passes by and glares at eren with the most terrifying look. killing the mood for eren asap
  • When he hears eren sneak into mikasa’s room he texts eren pictures of knives to remind him not to try anything
  • Mikasa starts to suspect the something is up when eren wont do the do with her at her house anymore. 
  • at a point levi doesnt even have to send texts or make scary faces to scare eren anymore. Eren just wont touch mikasa in the ackerman household anymore
  • Just for fun, when he moves out of the house he still sends eren a threatening text which leads to yet another sexless night for em
  • Once Mikasa figures it out, as revenge she replaces all of his tea mixes with her own special blend and gets rid of all his cleaning products, leaving a nice note on a dirty old rag “happy cleaning big bro :))
  • she also may or may not have implied that her and eren did it somewhere in his new apartment (they didn’t because eren was too scared to get it up but levi doesn’t know that) Levi immediately goes to buys the strongest cleaning products known to man and throws out anything he cant clean. 
  • hes left with a with no couch and bed, he couldn’t risk sleeping in a bed the brats defiled. His s.o is not assumed to find out their bed was thrown in the trash, when the sheets could have been cleaned.


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