signs as 90s fashion trends

aries: jelly shoes
taurus: dr martens 
gemini: mom jeans
cancer: windbreakers 
leo: bucket hats
virgo: flannels 
libra: crop tops 
scorpio: overalls 
sagittarius:high waisted jeans 
capricorn: knee high socks 
aquarius: scrunchies 
pisces: tattoo chokers 

Banoffee buckwheat pancakes made with @organicburst maca from my beb @naturallymeghan’s Powered by Plants ebook which she kindly popped over (and I greedily read all in one sitting because beautiful photos and amazing recipes from one of my fave girlies)! So fluffy and golden 🙌 Had it with a prototype of chocolate tofu mousse, tahini-maple-coconut drizzle, crushed almonds, frozen raspberries and sliced apple.

who the signs should subscribe to

aries: ben j pierce
taurus: kidpov
gemini: that guy who turned himself into an egg once
cancer: benny
leo: oh look it’s ben
virgo: the guy with the eyebrows
libra: this person
scorpio: the kid with the nice makeup skillz
sagittarius: definitely this one
capricorn: ben
aquarius: this guy is super relatable  
pisces: just subrscribe to ben already like

How the signs get revenge


Aries- Humiliation

Taurus- Destroying the other person’s things

Gemini- Beats the person up

Cancer- Manipulates the person but feels bad about it

Leo- Bathes in your blood

Virgo- Slashes your tires

Libra- Throws your stuff out

Scorpio- Uses your vulnerability against you

Sagittarius- Shoots you with their bow and arrow

Capricorn- Just doesn’t give a fuck because that person was low key irrelevant anyway

Aquarius- Photoshops your face on an embarrassing picture and spreads it on the internet

Pisces- Puts lemons on your car windows on a sunny day (the acidic value and the sun would bust the windows)

to everyone who’s ever claimed to love me

without knowing anything about what’s important to me
without ever wondering what was important to me
who ignored my boundaries
who got bored or annoyed when I talked about myself
who mocked me for things I told you I was sensitive about
who only talked to me when bored and needing something to do
who never wondered what I wanted
who made a declaration of love when you barely knew me:

That’s not what the fuck it is.