CYOSTODA-Dean Picks Truth

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Characters: Sam, Dean, Leah, Y/N

Setting: Another no-tell motel, Crappsville, USA

Dean doesn’t respond at first so you say his name, louder this time. “Dean!”

“Huh?” He mumbles, looking dazed.

You look over at him, and you realize Dean Winchester is looking at you like he’s seeing you for the very first time.

You know how he feels. You have crossed some invisible line with the boys tonight, and there is no going back.

“Truth or Dare, Dean.” You whisper, still feeling his hand on your ass, and you bite back the moan that threatens to spill out.

You look over at Sam and he smirks at you, his knowing eyes hot and teasing. “Yeah Dean. Truth or Dare?”

Dean stalls, indecisive. Truth has always served him well, but the dares have been pretty hot so far. Dare. He’d choose dare. But Y/N was sneaky.

The horrific vision of him running around the room naked clucking like a chicken suddenly popped into his head. “Truth, I choose truth.” He blurts out before he can change his mind.

“Truth, huh?” Y/N says, and Dean knows by her tone he’s in trouble.

You turn and wink at Leah. Then pausing a moment to think, you lean forward, lick your lips and say to Dean, “so what’s your favorite thing when it comes to oral sex?”

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Audrey Jensen Imagine: Sweater Weather Part 1

Audrey Jensen X Reader/Y/N

Setting: Somewhere during season 2 in Brooke’s backyard. 

Part 1 of possibly a three part fic. I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while and finally did it. Enjoy!

More Audrey and Scream fics here: http://bewaretheundead91.tumblr.com/Scream

The trees were covered in red and orange leaves that slightly shook with what was left of the remaining warm summer breeze. It was the first day of October in Lakewood and autumn was creeping up on the town with its dropping temperatures at sunset, making it almost perfect for bonfires. And what better way to start bonfire season with a kick off at Brooke’s place near the lake. Brooke had a love for bonfires and fall weather that made Y/N love her best friend even more. From the coffee runs together and the shopping for sweaters, and anything pumpkin and cinnamon flavored had to be purchased.
She was throwing a Bon Fire, just a small get together with your group of friends who had acquired the interesting name of The Lakewood 6 and few other peers. Brook told Y/N to arrive early to help set things up, the list consisted of blankets and collapsable folding chairs. Hard cider fitting for a fall evening, hot chocolate, s’mores things such as chocolate, marshmallows and gram crackers, and sticks for roasting the marshmallows.
Y/N parks het car to see the red beat up old car that belonged to Audrey. With a heavy sigh and the rolling of her eyes she open her trunk and grabs the reusable bags full of supplies. Someone rounds the car and runs straight into her from behind.
“Whoa there,” Audrey holds her hands up and then smiles. “Need some help (y/n)?”
“I think I can manage Jensen,” Y/N says squinting while giving the girl a once over. Wearing a long sleeve chunky sweater with a large skull on it. “Cool sweater.”
“Thanks…” Audrey says. “Are you sure you don’t want any help?”
“It’s only a few bags, but if you could just close the trunk of my car I’d appreciate that.”
“Alright.” Audrey says looking from side to side confused by the rejection.
Audrey walks behind girl as the both of them walk toward Brooke’s unlocked house. She quickly jumps to the door and opens it allowing the girl to go in without issue of dropping the bags. Y/N walks past her without saying thank you and rush over to the kitchen. Brooke was dancing around the kitchen getting mugs out from the cabinet and checking on the food in the oven.
“Hey girl! I brought all of the things you asked for Brooke,” Y/N say greets dropping the bags onto the counter. “I would have been here earlier if you needed me to it’s just that I got caught up at work with Max, the guy who wants me to sleep with him.”

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