Not So Blind Date Part 2

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Just fluffyfluff fluff.

Author’s Note: So NSBD Part One was my most popular fic to date so here is Part 2! A Special thanks to silly-strings for helping me come up with a cute plot because I was struggling with ideas. Hope you guys like it as much as the first! Enjoy!

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You awoke the next morning with a smile on your face as your mind wandered through the memories of the night before. Your date with Dean had been perfect, better than you could have ever hoped for and you were practically giddy with excitement to see him again this morning. You rolled out of bed and hopped in the shower. You made quick work of getting cleaned and exited the shower, dressing yourself before you started drying your hair. A half an hour later your hair was done and you rushed out your bedroom door, ready to see Dean.

You found him in the kitchen, the scent of fresh pancakes reaching your nose and you inhaled deeply. Dean was at the stove cooking, a soft humming sound vibrating his closed lips as he did, the familiar tune reaching your ears as you crossed the kitchen to stand at his side.

“Good morning,” you whispered, reaching up on your toes to speak into his ear and place a kiss to his stubble covered cheek. He grinned wide as he felt your lips graze his skin, his head tilting to the side into your kiss as he finished with making breakfast.

He removed the final pancakes from the pan and placed them on a plate on the counter before flipping off the gas and turning toward you. You were suddenly nervous again, that feeling from last night at your bedroom door flooding through you as you watched him. He didn’t hesitate like he did last night, pulling you to him and sliding his hands down around the small of your back. He bent his head forward and pressed his lips firmly against yours, his mouth working you into a quiet frenzy as his fingers pressed lightly into your skin. You found yourself inching forward until you were practically flush against him, your bodies pressed tightly together. Your hands crept up his chest where you gripped the fabric of his flannel shirt, holding him to you. It wasn’t like you to be so forward after a first date, but this was Dean and you’d waited long enough to be able to kiss him like this.

When you finally managed to tear yourself away your chest was heaving heavily against his. He smiled down at you as he moved to lean against the counter, pulling you with him, his hands settling on your hips.

“So I was thinking that tonight we could maybe go out to that little lake a few miles from here. Maybe go swimming. It’s supposed to be really warm today.”

Your eyes lit up at the prospect of spending the day with Dean although swimming wasn’t something you ever expected him to suggest. Dean wasn’t normally one for fun activities outside of bars or bad TV so you were excited to get him out to relax a little.

“Swimming, huh? Since when do you ever like to go swimming?” you asked curiously, your eyebrow raising in question.

“Since swimming involved you in a bathing suit,” he answered with a playful smirk.

You heard a steady set of foot steps off in the distance and turned toward the noise, realizing that Sam was awake. Dean’s knuckles brushed against your shoulder, turning your attention back to him as he pushed away from the counter and stood up straight, his brow furrowing in anger and his arms crossing over his chest.

“I’m gonna mess with him a little. Just follow my lead.”

Sam walked into the kitchen a moment later to see both you and Dean waiting for him, your faces stern and hard. Sam stopped, his eyes shifting from Dean to you and back as he tried to figure out what the problem was that he had just walked into. Dean stepped away from you and towards his brother keeping his face as serious as possible. You weren’t sure what it was he was trying to do so you stayed back and kept the angered look in place as you waited for him to speak.

“Hey guys. What uh…what’s wrong? You look upset,” Sam stuttered out as he backed up a step or two as Dean closed in on him.

“Hell yeah we’re upset Sam. You tricked us! I get all dressed up and go out to this nice restaurant and low and behold who shows up? Y/N! Not cool, man.” Dean barked.

You understood now. He wanted to give Sam a hard time and you were totally game. Your best friend deserved a little punishment, not because you didn’t enjoy the date but simply on principle. You came up behind Dean and stood next to him, your hands moving to your hips.

“Yeah!” you yelled, jerking your head in Dean’s direction as you lectured Sam, “ I did my hair, put on a  nice outfit and makeup just to go out and have to sit all night with this idiot.”

“Hey!” Dean whined and you tried your hardest to keep your scowl in place.

Sam looked horrified and watching him getting all twitchy and worried made your mouth twitch, the corners pulling up despite your attempt to stay fake mad. Sam began to stutter, a string of “um” and “I” and “sorry's” spilling out of his mouth in a jumble of nervous, incomplete sentences. You couldn’t hold back anymore and a giggled slipped past your lips before you could stop it, your hand lifting to cover over your mouth as your shoulder began to shake lightly with your laughs. You felt Dean moving beside you and turned to see him begin to chuckle as well as he pressed his lips together.

Soon you both were laughing without restraint and Sam was looking at you both with wild, confused eyes.

“I’m sorry Sam, we were just kidding. We just wanted to mess with you a little,” you told him between your fits of giggles.

Sam let out a nervous laugh but he smiled as he watched the two of you, your hands linking together not going unnoticed by him. “So it went well?”

“Yeah…” Dean replied as he wrapped you up in a warm hug, his chin resting on the top of your head as you buried your face in his neck, “…it went great.”

A few hours later and you were on the road headed towards the beach. You had your bathing suit layered underneath a cute white sundress, a pair of bright yellow flip flips over your feet. The afternoon sun shown brightly outside and you had the windows of the Impala rolled down letting the warm summer breeze throw your hair around. Your left hand was resting on the leather seat between you and Dean, his fingers tangled with yours as he ran his thumb absently over the back of your hand. Every so often he would pull your hand up to his lips, placing a gentle kiss on the backs of your fingers before resting your hands back in their place. Each time he did this you noticed your heart beat just a little faster, the butterflies in your stomach dancing about. It was blissful.

The day at the beach was a blast despite the light sunburn you both got that turned your skin a pale pink. If it wasn’t for Dean, who happily applied numerous layers of lotion onto your skin, you’d be burnt to a crisp by now. You were both exhausted, the summer sun sucking every ounce of energy you had left, and you were ready to crash. You made your way back to the bunker without falling asleep on the way somehow and didn’t even bother carrying in your beach gear, leaving it all in the trunk until morning. You hooked your arm through Dean’s and rested your head against his shoulder as you walked slowly towards your room. He turned his head and placed a kiss against your forehead making you sigh happily. You were so content being with him that you almost didn’t notice that you were passing your bedroom. You stopped walking and Dean stopped with you but his hand reached out and grabbed hold of your elbow preventing you from retreating into your room.

“Stay with me.” he said simply and your breath caught in your chest.

“I…I don’t know Dean that’s really soon I don’t think I’m ready…” You blurted out in one run on sentence, your nerves getting the better of you. It’s not that you didn’t want to take that step with Dean. You did, just not yet. You’d never been one to rush into a physical relationship with someone and despite yours and Dean’s familiarity with each other it didn’t lessen your need to take things slow. You were rambling and you knew it but you couldn’t seem to stop the words from pouring out of your mouth until Dean pressed his hand lovingly against your cheek.

“Y/N, it’s okay. I’m fine with taking things slow. I just want you with me. We’ll just sleep, I promise.”

You took a deep, steadying breath and the nervous shaking that had begun to start in your hands stopped. You relaxed a little more when you looked at the smile on his face, his eyes showing that he was being nothing but sincere. You looped your arm back in his and started towards his room, the gesture giving him his answer.

Even though you knew now that you weren’t going to be sleeping with Dean tonight, or not that way at least, seeing his empty bed and watching as he undressed into just a pair of boxers and a t-shirt jump started your nerves again and without realizing it you began to pace the room. Dean watched you as you paced and without warning he came up behind you, his arm hooking underneath your knees and sweeping you upward until you were cradled in his arms, yours hooked around the back of his neck. You squealed at the unexpected motion and clung to him as he brought you to his bed and laid you down on the left side. He yanked the blankets up and over you, tucking you in before rounding the end of the bed and climbing beneath the covers.

“I promise, just sleep. I’m just want to be close to you tonight,” he whispered into your hair as he laced his arm around you and pulled you against his chest. You heard the steady thumping of his heart behind his chest and your breathing soon slowed to sync up with his.

“Goodnight baby,” he murmured and you felt his body shift slightly as his free arm raised to reach the lamp where he flicked off the light. He settled back down into the sheets, his fingertips dancing across your shoulder and down your arm, soothing you to sleep. And, just like the night before you fell asleep with thoughts of Dean filling your mind only this time reality was just a little better.