Please reblog if you like KPOP, I need to show my family that I am not the only one who likes KPOP in America or around the world.

Por favor reblogea si te gusta el KPOP, necesito demostrarle a mi familia que no soy la unica en America o alrededor del mundo a la cual le gusta el KPOP.

I’ve been having problems with my family lately because they think I am childish for liking KPOP and they say i need to quit liking it. It would be of great help if every KPOP fan reblogged this just to help me out and for me to show my family that I am not one person but there’s millions out there.


ultjngkook  asked:

What's ur fave Jay park, Dean, and crush song dude I gotta k n o w. Also ur all time fave solo artist!

Jay Park- me like yuh 
Dean- bonnie & clyde
Crush- woo ah

nd honestly?? i could never chose i rlly like a ton. aside from the 3 above: jessi, ailee, kittib, bo.a, eric nam, g.na, gummy, iu, jessica, rain, lee hi, ns yoon-gi, zion.t, solbi, son dambi, se7en, nd others im probably forgetting nd these r just ppl who arent solo artists nd currently in groups so fave? idk its ailee i guess

I LOVE NS Yoon G- 마녀가 된 이유 (The Reason I Became A Witch)

I just recently listen to NS Yoon G- 마녀가 된 이유 (The Reason I Became A Witch)and I love it

well i love the chours and I’m like; “I HATE YOU SDKFJBLDSF”

and u know what else I love MIRYO DIRTY <3

“your dirty dirty dirty HAE” <3 

the music video is uh……

but “what the F****” and then the fingers

I’m like:

Love kpop the things they make

*not my gifs*