ns yamal


The NS Yamal

Yamal is a Russian Arktika class nuclear-powered icebreaker, named after the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Siberia (the name means End of the Land in Nenets). Russia’s Arctic family of icebreakers remain the most powerful in the world, cruising through cold water to cool their reactors.

From August to September of 2009, the Yamal took part in the scheduled evacuation of drifting ice stations, supervised by expedition leader Vladimir Sokolov. Each station houses 18 polar explorers, dogs, and more than 150 tons of cargo. Evacuation of station personnel and cargo from a drifting ice floe requires three days of continuous, round-the-clock work. Yamal also took an excursion to the North Pole to celebrate the millenium, making it just the 12th surface ship ever to reach the North Pole.