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Calling All Romerica Shippers!!!

Last year we held the first ever Romerica week, do to popular request and me being out of school I will be holding another one from June 4-10 so get ready!!!!

Our themes this year were voted by you guys!!! So here they are…

June 4: Headcanons

June 5: Movie night

June 6: AU day

June 7: Meet the family

June 8: Aesthetic 

June 9: Angst

June 10: Childhood friends

To have your entries be featured on the blog please @ us so we can for sure see your entries. Also use the tag #romerica-week on your entries.

Reblogs appreciated so we can spread the word!!!

Have any questions??? Feel free to send us an ask and we’ll be happy to answer. I will also answer some FAQs under the cut, so please read them before you ask any questions, there’s a good chance it’s answered. 

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NaruSaku Logic

NH: So you believe that Sakura can move onto Naruto by changing her mind about loving Sasuke?

NS: Yep.

NH: So then you must believe also that Naruto can move on from Sakura onto Hinata? (Not saying “loving” cause Naruto canonically has not said that he loved Sakura & visa versa)

NS: Nope. Ridiculous. Crack all around.

Fandom: *facepalm*