우리 둘이지만 함께 축하할수 있어서 좋다! 데뷔전에 놀이터에서 하던 생일파티가 생각나고^^ 너랑 보내는 일곱번째 생일이라니..시간이 정말 빠르다! 내동생 생일 축하해! 남은 촬영도 잘해보자🎉 @RedBeans93

It’s just us two but it’s nice that we can celebrate together! Reminds me of the time we had a birthday party at the playground before debuting^^ We’ve already spent 7 birthdays togehter..time sure is fast! Happy birthday my brother! Let’s work hard for the rest of the shoot too🎉 @RedBeans93

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

N (@achahakyeon):

오늘의 기록_20160928
연기를 많이 준비하지 못해서 걱정이 앞섰는데
감독님께 ‘연기가 좋아졌다’ 는 응원을 들으니
이틀밤을 새도 안 피곤할것 같다
새로운 이야기 새로운 캐릭터로 살아가고 있는 오늘.
금손이로 내일 하루도 잘 버텨보자 🎬
#투모로우보이 작가님이시자
#얘네들머니 감독님!! 태평이를 기억하시고 불러주시고
또 많이 가르쳐 주셔서 감사합니다
#차학연 #최금손 #얘네들Mㅓ니

Today’s Record_20160928
I was worried about acting because I couldn’t prepare a lot beforehand
But the director said 'Your acting has improved’ and I feel like I can stay up for two days and not be tired from hearing that encouragement
Today where I’m living a new story and as a new character.
Let’s endure tomorrow too as Geumson 🎬
#TomorrowBoy’s writer is
#WhatAreTheseKids’ director!! Thank you for remembering Taepyung and calling me
And teaching me so much as well
#ChaHakyeon #ChoiGeumSon #WhatAreTheseKid$

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

Tom Hiddleston in Interview Mag, October 2016 edition wearing a Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus black faux-leather sleeve harness, $835

Also with an AG Jeans Commute Pocket Crew shirt, $98.



#160929 #빅스 #조각미남 #홍빈 의 #생일 입니다💕
농구공이 부러운건 태어나 처음이에요😂
독보적인 #만찢남 #비주얼 을 뽐내는 홍빈의 생일을 모두모두 축하해주세요😍
#Happy_Birthday to #HONGBIN #VIXX #HAPPYKONGDAY #Jellyfish_stagram

#160929 It’s the birthday of VIXX’s sculpture Hongbin💕
It’s the first time in my life I’ve envied a basketball😂
Everyone congratulate the unrivaled manhwa visual Kong on his birthday😍
#Happy_Birthday to #HONGBIN #VIXX #HAPPYKONGDAY #Jellyfish_stagram

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx