Evelyn+Peter| Not food

Wondering was not one thing in particular that Evelyn favored. As she walked, her feet hit the ground with hard thuds, as if she were angry about something, in actuality she was angry about nothing, she was a heavy walker when she simply did not care and at this point. There was, without a doubt, somebody who was going to approach her, whether she was quiet or not. Though, there was no denying that when she was approached, she was dreadfully shy, something that came along with not being exposed to a social life, like most children were in Narnia.

“Bother, this isn’t the way either,” Evelyn huffed, her blue eyes catching the ground for a brief second, They moved back up to the forest, her heart attempted to lift itself once again, breathing settled and she nodded to herself, a false way to tell herself that she had to keep wondering or she would never find herself out of the forest, even with the animals help. As she continued her walk, she came to a stop at a river. She hated swimming. It was as simple as that. Swimming resulted in drowning, something Evelyn wasn’t going to risk.

“Fish, can you talk?” she wondered out loud, grinning to herself and sitting on the edge, her arm reached down to touch the fish swimming to close to the top, they quickly darted downwards, causing her to laugh. This continued for a few minutes before she looked to her side, hearing a branch crack. Normally, the girl would have jumped in the water or gotten up and hid until she saw who it was. Though she stayed there, and with quite a brave voice spoke out loud, “excuse me, but you’ll never get anywhere if you hide. Before you ask, my name is Evelyn and I don’t taste very good- I would imagine….if you were going to try and eat me.” 

Alyssa and Nica || Sisters ((think of a better title as we move along))

Alyssa had been enjoying the sunshine as she walked along a dirt path when suddenly the sun vanished behind some clouds. Before she could take four steps the cold wet drops began to splash her cloak and skin. “Just great” she muttered under her breath running as fast as she could back to Cair. The cold gusts air sent chills through her bones.

Before she could get in the gate she was completely soaked through. She made her way through the halls leaving behind a trail of water. Her boots gave a soft squeak as she stood in front of the door to her and her sisters room. She could sense her sister with in the room and she gave a soft sigh.. and uttered “oh well.. I am desperate to get out of these wet clothes.” She opened the door slowly and entered as quietly as possible. She knew Nica would have something to say.

Breathe Freely -Naerwen & Emerald-

Naerwen was walking silently through the grounds of Cair Paravel and contemplating her thoughts. She had been keeping to herself most of the day, and finally decided to get some fresh air. She thought it would help to clear her troubled mind.

She eventually found herself at the stables. She saw a few horses in the little pasture nearby and walked over to watch them. She leaned on the fence posts and sighed. What magnificent creatures horses were. They were so strong, yet so graceful. They were the epitome of beauty and power. She felt a sudden longing for a horse of her own. She was rather of them, she discovered.

Closing her eyes, Naerwen imagined riding on the back of a horse, the wind blowing through her curls. She could feel the connection between rider and steed, and it was so powerful. It took great trust on both parts. Sighing, she opened her eyes and stared longingly at the beautiful creatures.

Besties || Lycael & Isolde

It was a foggy day in Narnia. Isolde was out grabbing some lunch down at the dock with some of her birthday money she received from her step mother and her father. The food was something she had never experienced before. Their family wasn’t the most richest in the country,but weren’t the poorest. Once she finished her plate of grilled shrimp sprinkled with lemon juice. The lady behind the register was very kind  and pretty. The check was paid and she set out to the woods.Before she left she made sure she had all her belongings….Her Sword. She let her fingers slide along the bark of the trees while random strands of hair interfered her face. That’s when she heard the breaking of leaves….

The Awakening (Open)

Groaning slightly and rolling over, the small figure roused. Opening her big brown eyes, she looked around. Her mind was still foggy, and it took her a few seconds to realise that she was awake. Once it cleared, however, she jumped to her feet and raced across the room to the window.

Looking out, she saw a beautiful landscape, washed in the light of the setting sun. Turning back, she slowly began to recognise the room she was in. It was made of stone, with a beautiful four poster canopy bed. What was this place? And how did she get here? Confused, she walked back to the bed and sat down.

As she took the silken sheets in her hand, she tried to remember anything. She sat there for several minutes, trying to figure out what was happening. She ran her hand through her long curly brown hair. Closing her eyes, she leaned back against the headboard. Instantly, pictures began to form before her eyes.

But they were terrible pictures; violent and terrifying. There was a tall and pale woman. She had Wolves with her, and Minotaurs. They were attacking a small village, the girl herself. She was terrified. She ran and hid. Just when she thought that she was done for, the Lion appeared. The great gold Lion.

Of course! It made sense now… It was Aslan. Aslan, the Lion King of Narnia, he had saved her! He had taken her to the castle and the room she now found herself in. She could remember him telling her that she would be safe here. But she hadn’t believed him. She knew that the tall woman would come for her. Aslan, however, sat beside her and looked her in the eye as he explained what he was going to do. He had put her under an enchanted slumber, in this remote castle tower. She would sleep, unaging, unchanging, until it was safe. Then, and only then, would the spell be broken. And it would be broken by his kiss… The kiss of a man worthy of her, one who knew in equal measure fear and bravery.

Yet, she was alone. There was no one there. Where was he, the one who had awoken her? Why had he fled before she opened her eyes? Why had he left her? Why could she not remember anything other than the attack and sitting in this same room with Aslan? Who was she, and what had happened to her?

She stared out the window in lost and painful silence for the slightest moment. Where was Aslan now? Why was he not here to comfort her? To explain to her? She was so lost. Hesitating uncertainly for only a second longer, she rose once more. She walked over to the full length mirror and gazed upon herself.

Her curly hair hung to the middle of her back, but thankfully, it wasn’t knotted up too bad. She must have slept peacefully-for however long she was asleep. Her long pale pink nightgown was very comfortable, but the silk material would not keep her very warm through the night outside. She had no cloak, nothing to cover herself with. But she had to do this. She had to.

Turning away, she left the room and began to make her way to the entrance of the castle. The place was silent and still as the grave. It gave her the chills. She felt so open and exposed here, where in her chamber she felt safe. Her footsteps, though soft, echoed loudly like thunder in the absolute silence. Scared, she ran the rest of the way out. In no time, she soon found herself in the nearby woods, leaning against a tree. She clung to her side and panted heavily. There! She had done it! She had left the safety of the tower, and rejoined Narnia once more. Now, all she had to do was find Aslan, and he would tell her how long she had been asleep and where the one who woke her was.

Sighing, she wrapped her arms around herself, though it didn’t ward off the chill. It was growing dark quickly, and she thought perhaps she should stop for the night. But she was not tired. She had no desire to sleep. Who knew how long she had slept for in the first place? Plus, her enchanted slumber had been mercifully dreamless, but she doubted it would hold the same now. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw the woman and the village again. She didn’t want to watch it any more. As she stood there, trying to figure out what to do, she heard footsteps behind her. Freezing in fear, she slowly turned around to face whomever it was that was approaching.

Alyssa Liberty ||((open RP))

Alyssa found herself feeling like a prisoner confined to her courters. It was a feeling she despised. She paced furiously around the room as she tried to find an idea for an adventure. The Jedi Princess had to have something she could do for fun. Reading was a difficult and nearly impossible task. The words held no magic like they should have. She tossed the book gently on to her bed. 

She saw a gleam of silver from the sword King Edmund gave her. Thats it! The idea had arrived. She swooped down and grasped the cold handle tightly. The lady Jedi had nearly forgotten about it since she hid it under the bed. Her smile reflected back at her as if it too agree with her idea. She was heading out to train in the way of a Narnian Knight. 

She leapt over a wooden chair left feet away from the desk as if the person who had been sitting on it fled for safety. She landed on her toes with a grin. She quickly used the force to bring forth her sword belt and she buckled it with a click. Alyssa slid the sword into the hilt with a metallic “shlannnnk”. She paused for but a moment to take a deep breath before swinging her chamber door wide open with a crack. She looked to the right and to the left as if she was about to disobey direct orders. 

Alyssa entered the hall with her head of honey curls held high and proud. She longed for company on this adventure. The steady rhythm of her boots kissing the floors brought a wave of intense excitement splashing over her body. 

Angela and Joe Liberty picin at the lamp post . RP

Angela was in her bed room and had her window’s and door open to get some air to come in.  Angela was siting at her desk. On her desk she had a few picture’s of the her family back in Pittsburgh. In the middle was just her parents, On the left was a picture of them  together, and on the right was one of Frank, Joe standing behind Alyssa and her with their crowns on.  She was looking  at the one of her parents when she herd Joe’s voice softly you wanted to see me. She jump and yes Joe I do. Let me close the window’s. Angela tould Joe come with me hear hold this. We are going to the lamp post and have a picin. I want to talk to you just you.

Sisters Always Remember|| Alyssa and Angela

Alyssa had been pretty lonely as of late so she walked the halls waiting for an idea of what to do. She paced around before feeling tugged in the directions of her sisters room. She smacked her forehead gently as she muttered “of course”. She knew Angela was probably lost in some cookbooks or something… but it was worth knocking on her sisters door to find out. She hesitated for a moment trying to think of a plan.. but she shrugged her shoulders and rapped on the wooden door just loud enough to be heard. “Angela, are you in here?” Her voice was only as loud as it needed to be. 

Exploring Together || Gael and Darrin

He had been getting his things back together in Anvard for a day now, it and was already boring him. Anvard was just uninteresting to Lord Darrin, and especially now, when the opportunity to be with Gael came up. He had missed her more than anything else in Narnia or Archenland, for that matter. Not that he was in Archenland much anymore.

At once he saddled his horse and rode to Cair Paravel, where he knew Gael would be since she had mentioned her “princess lessons” with Queen Susan. When he arrived at the Narnian castle, he put his horse in the stables as he always did when he came for a visit. Darrin set out to look for Gael in Cair’s shiny halls.

Council meeting (Group one) : Edmund, Susan, Lucy, Tirian, Restimar, Andreia, Caspian X

((The order is on the title. Your character has two days to reply or he/she/it will be skipped.))

The silver crown was placed on Edmund’s dark hair. He was wearing a blue tunic, a replica of the one he used on his coronation. The cape fell over his body like a grayish blue cascade.

The room was small. Not the smallest the castle had, but since the meeting had just a few members, Edmund decided to use the most appropriate and it was the room number five. The light came from a window on the back of the room, but a few candles were lighted. The light reflected in the gold medallion that tied the cape of Edmund. The king brought some maps and papers, in which he put aside of the round table. One of the maps he placed on the table.

Edmund looked at his companions of the meeting. His sisters, Susan and Lucy, the last king of Narnia, Tirian, the telmarine king, Caspian and his mother, Andreia, and Lord Restimar. They were his family, friends, but today he was seeing them as kings, queens and lords, who were reunited for one reason: to save their country. Sitting among the others, Edmund sighed a few times before starting talking, trying to make a decision that should have been taken long ago. The fact of being there, taking the lead of important decisions - and dangerous - made him happy, but there was no time for that. He knew he should not boast of something like this, because even wanting this moment to arrive, he wondered if Peter would be of good help, or if he would be better at the role than he. He shook his head a little to get rid of the thoughts. It was time, and Peter being there or not, he was the leader now. It was a big burden to carry, but he was ready. I can’t show weakness or doubt. Even being scared to be making such decisions, when they look at me they must see just the King Edmund the Just.

“Gentlemen,” Edmund said in a deep voice, standing up from his chair, “And ladies,” He gave a look at his sisters and Andreia, “The west part of Narnia is under attack and we need to take providences.” He sat again , putting his hands on the table and placing some papers in front of him. He clasped his hands and began to speak again, “Chippingford and Ettinsmoor were attacked recently. I got letters from the people of the cities, soon after the attacks, ”The dark eyes of the youngest king went through the papers for a while,“ Both attacks occurred at the night time. In Chippingford were sighted black dwarfs, giants, hags, wolves. I have data from many injuried, deaths and the city is destroyed, apparently. ”A sigh escaped from his lips.

“About Ettinsmoor, we don’t have much information, unfortunately, but I was reported that Jadis' secret police was there." Edmund looked at the papers again. How could he let this happen?

Edmund straightened his crown on his head and stood up, the cape falling over his body. He took a red chalk that was beside him, placing his eyes on the map, ”This was one of the best maps, newer, I got. As you can see,“ Edmund did a risk under the name of cities attacked, ”here’s Chippingford and Ettinsmoor, very close,“ Edmund then took a black chalk, ”and here,“ He made a mark on the place that would be the castle of Jadis, ”is where the castle of Jadis is, well, near the towns that were attacked. “He marked the map with arrows linking the castle with the cities attacked and then made a "X” on them.

“So I think,” he began, staring at everyone in the room, “that their next attack will be by the surroundings areas,” He took the red chalk again and drew arrows to the places closest to the castle, “The Marsh, The lamppost, Beaversdam, The Telmarine castle, ”Edmund glanced at Caspian,“ And Beruna. ”

The Just King sat back while the other were analyzing the map, “I believe that the marsh will not be the next target, nor Beruna. We have left the lamppost, Beaversdam and the Castle, ”Edmund looked at Caspian again.

Remember || Alyssa and Sir Puddles

The stars shone like glittering candles in the dark. It was a calming sight but Alyssa couldn’t help but feel something was missing. It felt as if a gaping hole had been torn in her heart like a canon ball impact to a wooden ship. The water began to rise and her heart began to sink.

She had much to be grateful for. Her family was alive … well from what she knew. Her mother was still missing and to her that was cause enough to worry. She lowered herself from a sturdy tree branch with a sigh. If only she could be immune to worry.. or if only she could know where her mother was at that very moment. She stood tall and proud letting the wind whip her hair into her face with punishing force. Her eyes scanned the horizon through the strands of honey colored hair if only she had someone to talk to … someone who would understand. 

Gale and Princess Angela// beach

IT was a warm day in Narnia.  While Angela was walking down the steps out side the castle she notest’s Gale siting all alone. She went behide her and said Hi Gale How are you? Why are you all alone? Whould you like to go to the beach with me?

Victoria as a human ((open))

Victoria wanted to be among the people for a change. So many new faces were appearing and she felt as if Aslan was calling her to get to know the people a bit better. She debated on whether she should get her father’s permission but she laughed as she remembered he was out of town. She convinced herself that he’d be okay with it. So she swam for the hot and dry sand. It clung to her wet body like green clumps of moss to a fallen log. She dragged herself a ways on the soft surface until she was out of reach of the ocean’s blue waves.

The calm breeze cooled her almost to a chill. Her fins vanished and in their place there we two human legs covered to the knees with a soft silvery blue skirt. It felt funny to her at first as she stood up on land  for the first time in ages. She found a rather large branch that had been so kindly discarded not far from where she stood. Victoria bravely took a step toward the branch but she stumbled and dropped to her knees. She crawled across the warm sand until finally she wrapped her fingers around its brown frame. “Thank Aslan I have something to walk with now.” Victoria remarked as she used the branch to help her get back  on her feet.  Out of no where a voice greeted her from somewhere behind her back.. or at least she thought it greeted her.

Gael and King Edmund|| Lunch with the king ((after the rescue))

Gael had riden back with the search and rescue party. They were all tired but they had smiles on their faces because the Queen mother had been rescued. The only one who didn’t seem to wear a smile was Alyssa because she was trying to hide her tears. She rode in the funniest position and the minute we reached the Castle she slid off the horse and to the ground with a thud. I watched from a distance unsure how to react to a girl falling off her horse. It seemed most clumsy. So the minute Angela let me off her horse I tried to fade into the background with the horses. 

Gael was slowly walking backwards when she accidentally backed into someone. Turning around to apologize she realized it was King Edmund. “King Edmund… wow..I’m sorry your highness.” Gael gave a soft bow. Finally, a familiar face among all these strangers. He had gotten much taller and his dark hair and eyes still held the same kind look they did they last time they met. She had been wondering for a few days with lord Darrin before they ran into the search party. Now that the search was over she was unsure where to go or what to do.

Sisters Janica and Alyssa Liberty

Alyssa wandered off by herself she didn’t mind the aspect of danger in fact she embraced it. Adventure was calling and she sure wasn’t going to watch it pass her by.  She was hanging upside down from a thick tree branch when she felt a disturbance in the force. It was someone close to her. “Janica” she called is that you? She let her arms sway freely off the branch suspended by the strength of her knees. 

Council meeting (Group two): Edmund, Cor, Corin, Andrew Lunair, King Lune, Dar, Darrin, Shar, Aravis.

((The order is on the title. Your character has two days to reply or he/she/it will be skipped.))

The silver crown was placed on Edmund’s dark hair. He was wearing a blue tunic, a replica of the one he used on his coronation. The cape fell over his body like a grayish blue cascade.

The room was of a medium size. Since it had people from Archenland, another court, Edmund decided to use the room number three, made to accommodate two kings at the time, whom would sit one on one side of the retangular table and the other on the other side, one in front of the other. The light came from a window on the back of the room, but a few candles were lighted. The light reflected in the gold medallion that tied the cape of Edmund. The king brought some maps and papers, in which he put aside of the table. One of the maps he placed on the table.

Edmund looked at his companions of the meeting. In front, King Luner of Archenland. At Edmund’s left side were Cor, Corin and Andrew, brother of the King. At Edmund’s right were Dar, Darrin, Shar and Aravis. They were his friends, but today he was seeing them as king, princes and lords, who were reunited for one reason: to help Narnia. Sitting among the others, Edmund sighed a few times before starting talking, trying to make a decision that should have been taken long ago. The fact of being there, taking the lead of important decisions - and dangerous - made him happy, but there was no time for that. He knew he should not boast of something like this, because even wanting this moment to arrive, he wondered if Peter would be of good help, or if he would be better at the role than he. He shook his head a little to get rid of the thoughts. It was time, and Peter being there or not, he was the leader now. It was a big burden to carry, but he was ready. I can’t show weakness or doubt. Even being scared to be making such decisions, when they look at me they must see just the King Edmund the Just.

“Gentlemen," Edmund said in a deep voice, standing up from his chair, ”And ladies,“ He gave a look at Shar and Aravis, ”The west part of  my dear Narnia is under attack and we need help.“ He sat again , putting his hands on the table and placing some papers in front of him. He clasped his hands and began to speak again, ”Chippingford and Ettinsmoor were attacked recently. I got letters from the people of the cities, soon after the attacks, “The dark eyes of the youngest king went through the papers for a while," Both attacks occurred at the night time. In Chippingford were sighted black dwarfs, giants, hags, wolves. I have data from many injuried, deaths and the city is destroyed, apparently. ”A sigh escaped from his lips.

“About Ettinsmoor, we don't have much information, unfortunately, but I was reported that Jadis' secret police was there." Edmund looked at the papers again. How could he let this happen?

Edmund straightened his crown on his head and stood up, the cape falling over his body. He took a red chalk that was beside him, placing his eyes on the map, ”This was one of the best maps, newer, I got. As you can see,“ Edmund did a risk under the name of cities attacked, ”here's Chippingford and Ettinsmoor, very close,“ Edmund then took a black chalk, ”and here,“ He made a mark on the place that would be the castle of Jadis, ”is where the castle of Jadis is, well, near the towns that were attacked. “He marked the map with arrows linking the castle with the cities attacked and then made a "X” on them.

“So I think," he began, staring at everyone in the room, "that their next attack will be by the surroundings areas," He took the red chalk again and drew arrows to the places closest to the castle, "The Marsh, The lamppost, Beaversdam, The Telmarine castle and Beruna. ”

The Just King sat back while the other were analyzing the map, “I believe that the marsh will not be the next target, nor Beruna. We have left the lamppost, Beaversdam and the Castle, "Edmund sighed again, ” I believe we are not going to be attacked from the south anytime soon, am I right?“

Angela : open

It was a beautiful morning when Angela got up. She got dress and brushed her long hair brushed her teeth and her everyday retain. She feed Billy Joy breakfast and fixed her self some eggs. Then she did her Princess, Jedi lesson’s when she finished it was lunch time. She out something to eat. After she finished and clean up. She has here saber in her holster that was hanging on down the the right side of her dress. She walk out side to enjoy the sun shine when she heard some one coming towards her.

The Darkness Beckons|| ((Liberty& Wolf ))

It was midnight and Alyssa was in bed sleeping peacefully when suddenly a cold chill slid down her veins as she heard people crying out for help. Her force field vibrated with the intensity of a large earthquake with the fear of unfamiliar people in danger.  

As she tossed in her sheets it was revealed to her that a dark wolf was ordering about troops of armed giants, dwarfs, and even funny looking creatures to take part in some kind of twisted plot.  Then as if the dark and cruel wolf knew she was observing his display he raised his head and let out a blood curling howl.

At that moment the lady Jedi sat up with a start. Alyssa took her hands through her soft and loose curls trying to erase the bad feeling she had about the nightmare actually being a reality. She dressed and grabbed her saber quietly so as not to wake Nica and she headed towards the epi-center of the people’s fear. 

Through the stone streets Alyssa and her horse galloped under the cold glow of a full moon. The click of the hooves on the pavement matched the rate of the lady Jedi’s heartbeat. Danger was lurking and she was destined to find it.

A Worthy Opponent to Test My Blade || Lady Alyssa and Mazin

A warm, southern wind gently hit his face, sending groping fingers to pull dark strands from the knotted leather cord that held his hair away from his face. The grass beneath his feet was prickly from the recent dryness of the late days of summer. He could feel the blades bend and jab the skin exposed by his sandals.

The sword masters in Tashbaan had told him to be aware of the setting during a duel. To use rocks or tables for the higher vantage point, or to move with the shifting dunes or mud…such skills had to be mastered if one wished to excel over one’s opponents.

He shifted his stance on the pointy grass, sliding his left palm down the inward curve of his blade. A true sword master did not have to limit himself to familiar terrain, for at a glance he could commit the scene about him to memory. The Tarkaan closed his eyes, letting the air flow out of his lungs just like the breeze that brushed past his face.

As he distinctive sound of footsteps approached from behind, a soft smile marked Mazin’s face. He turned, his dark eyes open but guarded, as he observed the approaching lady. She looked like she belonged in the cool hall of a castle instead of on this sun-warmed grassy plain, but Mazin knew better than to underestimate her because of that.

“Good day, my fair lady,” he murmured with a bow. “I hope I have not inconvenienced you in any way, asking that we meet here for our duel.”

He had chosen the area because of its relative isolation. It would be unlikely that anyone could interrupt them, and it was also a removed distance from Cair Paravel.

It was not that Mazin could avoid the castle, for he would occasionally have to report there on his missions. But he chose not to visit Cair unless absolutely necessary. The stone walls were oppressive, in his mind.

“Did you bring your sword?” he added as he tested his scimitar in his hands. “Or should I prepare myself for those mind tricks of yours?”