POSER: Teaser Trailer

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Beneath the politics, creativity thrives in the Capital underground. Follow Katerina, a lifestyle photographer, as she learns about art, talent and success from Ottawa locals. Directed/Written/Edited by Miguel Barbosa. Produced by Chief Bosompra.

Teaser Track: Myth - Beach House

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From the director:

Shooting POSER was a great experience. I stayed at the YFC Ottawa HQ (Dill & Murray’s) and ate Mr. Noodles every night for dinner. Bad Habits’ Chief did an amazing job producing the project. The most important thing I’ve learned lately is that showing up is half the battle. We shot tons of behind the scenes content. MORE TO COME!

Featured on Hypebeast (April 11, 2012) via Atlanta, GA.

Featured on Escape Into Life (April 10, 2012) via Chicago, IL.

Interview with OpenFile Ottawa (April 3, 2012) via Ottawa, Ontario.

Article in Metro Ottawa (April 2, 2012) via Ottawa, Ontario.