NRLB rules employees can't be fired for telling boss "Go F*&% yourself"

This story dovetail’s perfectly into today’s news about the Patent Office canceling the Redskin’s trademark.  Apparently, being rude to your boss is perfectly acceptable, and there’s nothing your boss can do about it.

from Washington Examiner:

In a pair of recent cases, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled against businesses who fired workers who used profanity in the workplace.

In one case, the NLRB ruled that a business shouldn’t have fired an employee even though he berated the owner to his face. In the other, the board ruled that Starbucks was wrong to fire an employee even though he used profanity and got into an altercation with a manager in front of customers.

Big Business has expressed alarm at the NLRB’s stance. In a posting on its website Friday, the Chamber of Commerce wrote that the board was “flat-out undermining the ability of employers to exercise even the most basic principles of running a business.”

In the first case, “Plaza Auto Center, Inc. and Nick Aguirre,” the NLRB ruled on May 28th that a Yuma, Ariz., car dealership owner was wrong in 2008 to fire a worker who had called him an “asshole” and “f—ing crook” and similar insults during an office meeting to discuss a wage dispute. The NLRB said that owner had instigated the incident by telling the employee that if he didn’t like the pay, he could work elsewhere. That was an “implied threat” of firing, according to the board.

“The facts in the case persuade us that [the employee’s] outburst would not have occurred but for [the owner’s] provocation, which included threats of discharge,” the majority ruled.

On Monday, the NLRB ruled on “Starbucks Corp. and Local 660, Industrial Workers of the World,” again finding that a worker’s profanity was not reason enough for dismissal. That case involved a Manhattan barista who was a vocal union supporter. He was fired in 2005 after he came into the store he worked at on his off hours to engage in a union protest. He then became involved in an altercation with a customer who was also a Starbucks manager from a different store. The worker told the other manager “You can go f— yourself” in front of customers, among other things.

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Let’s discuss the insanity of these decisions for a moment.  A private employer can’t fire an employee for using profanity or rudeness, but the Redskin’s trademark gets cancelled because it’s supposedly offensive to a few people outside of the organization.  

Cursing out your boss and getting away with it is not free speech.  You can say whatever you want, but you’re boss should be free to fire you without notice. Free speech doesn’t mean that you don’t have to live with the consequences in a private setting.

We live in an upside down society.  Employers have no rights to keep their employees in check, and free speech is dead unless the government decides it likes your case. 

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The New Authoritarianism: A firm hand for a “nation of dodos”

by Fred Siegel & Joel Kotkin

“I refuse to take ‘No’ for an answer,” said President Obama this week as he claimed new powers for himself in making recess appointments while Congress wasn’t legally in recess. The chief executive’s power grab in naming appointees to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board has been depicted by administration supporters as one forced upon a reluctant Obama by Republican intransigence. But this isn’t the first example of the president’s increasing tendency to govern with executive-branch powers. He has already explained that “where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves.” On a variety of issues, from immigration to the environment to labor law, that’s just what he’s been doing—and he may try it even more boldly should he win reelection. This “go it alone” philosophy reflects an authoritarian trend emerging on the political left since the conservative triumph in the 2010 elections…

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Heey! you said Jaewon is still in the competition that is so cool!! But where did you saw that ? In the preview of the 4th episode ? Can you give me a link please :)

HI! I saw him at the end of episode 3, when they showed a preview of what is going to happen next. I can’t seem to find the short version of the preview, so here is the link(not full screen) to episode 3, just skip to ‘1:12:12′ and you will see Jaewon. 

But hey listen, even though I said that Jaewon is still in the competition, do not trust me 100%, because it is just me assuming. It’s not comfirmed whether he’s still in the competition or not. 

So if I’m mistaking and we don’t see Jaewon on friday, then just curse at me… xD I will take full responsibility. OTL