The first ever picture of Scandinavia’s three future monarchs together: Princess Estelle (the future Queen Estelle of Sweden), Prince Christian (the future King Christian XI of Denmark) and Princess Ingrid Alexandra (the future Queen Ingrid of Norway). The picture was taken during a visit to Mågerø in Norway on 12–13 September 2015.

84/100 pictures of royals:
↳ Birthday family photograph taken of the Norwegian Crown Princely family in honour of Crown Prince Haakon’s 41st birthday (L-R: Crown Prince Haakon; Crown Princess Mette-Marit; Marius Borg Høiby; Prince Sverre Magnus; and Princess Ingrid Alexandra).

Royals attending the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio:

United Kingdom:

  • Princess Anne, the Princess Royal


  • Prince Albert II
  • Prince Albert will be the only one from Monaco in attendance for 10 days this year. Princess Charlene has opted out due to the fact that Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques are too young to accompany them, and with the ongoing Zika virus threat. However, there’s a possibility that one of Albert’s nieces or nephews, or one of his sisters, could attend with him. 


  • Crown Prince Frederik
  • Crown Princess Mary
  • Prince Joachim
  • Princess Marie
  • Frederik will be present at the games August 5th - 21st, Mary will be in attendance August 5th - 6th, and Joachim and Marie will be in attendance August 5th - 8th. It is currently unclear if the Crown Princely Couple’s children or the Princely Couple’s children will join their parents. 


  • King Willem Alexander
  • The King will be in attendance from August 4th - 6th. It is expected, but not yet confirmed, that Maxima will join him. There’s also a possibility that Princesses Amalia, Alexia, and Ariane will join their parents. 


  • Queen Letizia
  • King Felipe
  • Unconfirmed at the moment, but there’s a 50/50 chance that at least King Felipe will attend the games at some point. And hopefully Letizia will join him. It is also unclear if we will see Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia or not. 


  • Queen Silvia
  • King Carl Gustaf
  • The King and Queen will be in attendance August 16th - 21st.


  • Queen Mathilde
  • King Philippe
  • The King and Queen will be in attendance August 4th - 8th. It is unclear whether or not their four children will join them. 

Norway & Luxembourg:

  • Currently no representatives from Norway or Luxembourg have been confirmed by their respective courts to attend the Games. This post will be updated if or when someone is confirmed to go. 

NSW - Brace for Extreme Fire Hazards on Tuesday 8th

Temperatures for Sydney are set to reach 43oC tomorrow (BOM, 1/7) as very hot winds drift in from the west.

People across NSW and Eastern Australia are warned to be especially cautious as some areas are set to reach the ‘catastrophic’ danger level. The rest of the state is under total fire ban, with an 'extreme’ danger level.

The Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Southern Ranges have a fire danger rating of Catastrophic. Widespread areas of the State have a fire danger rating of Extreme.

Do not enter any national parks or similar areas and stay alert for any warnings.

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