The first ever picture of Scandinavia’s three future monarchs together: Princess Estelle (the future Queen Estelle of Sweden), Prince Christian (the future King Christian XI of Denmark) and Princess Ingrid Alexandra (the future Queen Ingrid of Norway). The picture was taken during a visit to Mågerø in Norway on 12–13 September 2015.

In 2017, both King Harald and Queen Sonja will turn 80. Their birthdays will be celebrated together on May 10th, in addition to several private and public celebrations. 

On a private front, Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s son Marius Borg Høiby will turn 20 and move to the United States, while Princess Ingrid Alexandra will officially become a teenager on January 21st.

—  The Local No. “Why 2017 will be another huge year for Norway’s royals”

sandwichknight  asked:

Imagine that every time NRF!VB stands next to something, it most likely sets on fire immediately, and NRF!VB is there heavily apologising and trying his best to put it out, even if he would set more things on fire. In the end, he is sobbing magma everywhere and (of course) he would be constantly apologising to everyone in hopes they don't turn on him.


sandwichknight  asked:

I think Fire VB would be quite weak to water though. The water can vaporise if it is in small amounts, but larger quantities will nullify some fire abilities from VB. However, NR!VB is slightly different since that the flames cover his body too (and his temperature is off the charts), so at most of the time the water would vaporise before it even touches NR!VB.

ye ye!! and i like to think that f!vb is extremely curious n fascinated with water/cold things, even if it doesnt seem like he is. the feeling of something other than warmth truly amazes him and thinks its so unusual!! water or cold objects dont necessarily destroy him when he touches them but rather limits some of his abilities, as long as whatever is serving a potential threat isnt bigger than his whole frame (ex. a huge wave coming towards him would definitely put him out for a REAL long time). however nrf!vb might not rlly think about such things a lot in this form, as water ends up evaporating near him anyway, which makes him slightly sad,, poor boy

sandwichknight  asked:

An enraged NRF!VB would completely be either covered in blazing flames or his skin would be REALLY hot, plus his fire breath would be way more powerful than his normal form.

theres jsut this huge ass fire following him as he unknowingly crushes stuff and theres so much magma running down his face tht its difficult to see