The first ever picture of Scandinavia’s three future monarchs together: Princess Estelle (the future Queen Estelle of Sweden), Prince Christian (the future King Christian XI of Denmark) and Princess Ingrid Alexandra (the future Queen Ingrid of Norway). The picture was taken during a visit to Mågerø in Norway on 12–13 September 2015.


Another save to play cause why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The Ndiaye Random Friendacy is a joint legacy that some goons friends and I will be playing.

We all start in the same world with the same sim (Zola has been made by @cosysimmer) and compare how differently our legacies play out.

if you wanna see how other simmers are playing with Zola Check out Jay @cosysimmer and Liz @poolswithwalls

(you should start seeing posts by tomorrow)

Tribes of elves exist all around the world, all sharing their peaceful coexistence with the nature and animals around them. One of these tribes are to be found in the very heart of an ancient African rainforest, living under the deep blue sky and golden, life giving sun. One of the elves that is part of the tribe, is called Zola Ndiaye. Though they love the nature and the forest, it isn’t enough for them. They long to explore the world outside of their forest and the nearby towns.

An opportunity appeared for them: going to a little, yet cozy town called Moonlight Falls, where people from all over the world can feel safe and accepted, and where Zola wouldn’t be looked weirdly at, even with their elfin blood. They’re excited for their new life, but also slightly scared, letting their more pessimistic side show. It’s a big step, leaving behind the well-known forest, and though they’ve always kept mostly to themselves, they’ll still miss friends and family.

Bringing only the most important things, they have left the comfort of home, and moved to Moonlight Falls. How will Zola Ndiaye’s new life shape out?

Backstory by: @asimlishpixel 


Introducing Zola Ndiaye! The founder of the Ndiaye Random Friendacy!

Hi there! So me and some friends on discord are playing a random legacy together as a kind of collab! Here’s the run down of how it’s gonna go!

  • We will all start with the same sim, in the starter same house, in the same town.
  • We will all have separate random legacy challenge rolls, and so will have different generational goals.
  • As it goes along, we will compare our games to see how differently they all go.

So this is Zola and they are the founder! Here is their info:

NAME: Zola Ndiaye

PRONOUNS: They/them

TRAITS: Loner, bookworm, grumpy, easily impressed, technophobe

LTW: (the one with the graduate uni with a 4.0 gpa? I think)

CREATOR: My lovely Scottish aunt @cosysimmer


“Tout ici me laisse intact, je n’abandonne rien de moi-même, je ne revêts aucun masque : il me suffit d’apprendre patiemment la difficile science de vivre qui vaut bien tout leur savoir-vivre”

  • Albert Camus, Noces, première parution en 1950, NRF Essais, Gallimard

In 2017, both King Harald and Queen Sonja will turn 80. Their birthdays will be celebrated together on May 10th, in addition to several private and public celebrations. 

On a private front, Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s son Marius Borg Høiby will turn 20 and move to the United States, while Princess Ingrid Alexandra will officially become a teenager on January 21st.

—  The Local No. “Why 2017 will be another huge year for Norway’s royals”

the-silence-in-between  asked:

Oh my gosh, that Harald quote about Marius that you just reblogged is gonna make me cry! Royalty is often unhealthy obsessed with blood, so seeing a reigning monarch affirm that blood is not the only thing that creates families is so sweet. I'm so glad that the Norwegian royals have embraced Marius as their own. All the points to Norway!

I couldn’t agree with you more. The way Haakon and Harald in particular treated Marius as their own flesh and blood was incredibly heartwarming for me. I’m a step child myself with an incredibly close relationship to my step-father so I have a particularly personal connection to Marius’s position in the NRF. The fact that they have such a healthy relationship has always been one of the big reasons I have such love for the NRF. 

anonymous asked:

i cant believe they have to give away prizes to those boring people just so we can see vic, sofia and made in tiaras i cannot wait this much

Oh my god Martha you can’t say something like that. Those scientists, writers, peace makers have accomplished so much in their life that this is literally the epitome of those years of hardwork, sleepless nights, sometimes even running out of cash, being persecuted by governments or certain organizations and other situations.

The ones who seem boring next to these extraordinary humans are the srf and the nrf, this will sound harsh (but as always I don’t care) but they have done literally nothing (except they were born in a golden crib or married a royal) to be seated next to these persons who are changing human kind.

Tiaras and gowns and dashing men in suits are always good but undermining the winners (and also nominees) efforts in exchange of seeing our faves in tiaras is wrong.