Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone, More Stars Urge People to #RejectTheNRA
Julianne Moore, Bill Hader, Laura Dern, Sheryl Crow and Adam Scott also participate in the clip encouraging Americans to reach out to their Congressional representatives in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.

The NRA’s leadership is deeply out of touch with the American people, and we’ll make sure Congress and lawmakers in states hear their constituents loud and clear”, says wealthy Hollywood elites who have armed security at their events and their homes.

The NRA is not responsible for Las Vegas.  NRA members are not responsible for Las Vegas.  There has NEVER been a mass shooting committed by an NRA member.

Who is truly out of touch with the American people?  The NRA or Hollywood?

A West Wing treat from Janel Moloney for supporting a good cause? What could be better? If you have Twitter head over to @NellyMoloney to watch this important video and retweet. 

You don’t have to have Twitter: To reject the NRA’s radical agenda, text REJECT to 64433. 


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Philando Castile – who had been improperly stopped due to racial profiling – told the officer that he had a gun on his person. He told the officer that he had a concealed carry permit. He produced the gun his ID at the officer’s request. – as seen by millions of people.

He was still killed by a trigger-happy cop.

Jeronimo Yanez should’ve been found guilty of manslaughter, plain and simple. 

And the NRA? Its silence speaks volumes. It rushes to exploit the murders of children but doesn’t say a word when a patriot fights back against tyrannical politicians or when a black gun owner gets gunned-down by a police officer.

(Apologies to those who reblogged before my corrections were made.)