nra wayne lapierre

We’re thrilled to learn that former President H.W. Bush will be voting for Hillary Clinton this fall, instead of his party’s nominee, Donald Trump.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Bush chose decency over partisan politics.

In 1995 the former president resigned as a lifetime member of the organization after NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre called federal law enforcement “jack-booted thugs.”

Obama doesn’t want your guns, guys. No one wants your fucking guns. No one cares that much about you or anything you do. Let’s be honest about that.

Normal people just want basic background checks and the ability to throw up at least some obstacles in front of any nutjob who wants an assault rifle to shoot up a school. 

Every First-World nation has laws like this.

But you’re too dumb to let this shit sink in, so you have made this about “mah guns~!” And how you’re gonna stop EVIL SECRETLY KENYAN DICTATOR OBAMA~! 

And you don’t even have the decency to feel ashamed about this blatant delusion. 

The fucking stupidity and sheer arrogance, man. It gets me every time.


Present day conservatism – be it in the form of Republicans, Libertarians or the Tea Party – operates on three levels: White grievance, fear-mongering, and irrational hatred of “the other”  

In last night’s GOP debate they mentioned the San Bernardino shooting (committed by Muslims) shooting 81 times. They mentioned the Charleston shooting (committed by a white supremacist guy) 0 times.

Seriously, though: If you’re some poor, unfortunate American who ever finds themselves getting shot by a crazy nutjob with an assault weapon in a mass shooting…

Well, before you die and pass on to the eternal afterlife with Jesus/Allah/Buddha/L. Ron Hubbard/Whoever make sure to get a look at the shooter and his skin color  Ask his religion, if you can summon up the energy while you slowly bleed to death.

Then you will know, ultimately, if the GOP will ever give a shit about you and your life. Or if they will just forget about you because, hey, Wayne LaPierre and the NRA making money matters far more than innocent dead people.

LaPierre REALLY needs that luxury yacht, you understand. 

“Violent video games and violent movies are the problem! Not guns!”- The NRA and Wayne LaPierre.

Um, Japan is a country full of violent, gross video games and violent, gross movies.  

Absolutely flooded with them. 

And I’ve never quite forgotten that quote from famed director Miiike Takashi complaining about how safe and bland and conservative and cautious he thought American audiences and filmmakers were.

But mass shootings are frigging unheard of Japan. In fact, in terms of crime rates in first world countries, their crime statistics are extremely, extremly low. It’s an incredibly safe country.  

Mainly because, you know, they have proper gun control laws.