I have watched “Magical Mystery Cure” so many times and yet I still cry a little when every pony shouts “Pinkie!” during “True True Friend.” I cry because I would love to be greeted like that, with everyone so happy to see me. I love the whole episode, but that part makes me sad because I feel as though I will never be loved by friends the way Pinkie is. 3/12/14

My 64 year old mom has become a big fan of Princess Celestia.

Once she started to notice the pony merch piling up, she obviously asked where it was from. I showed her the wedding episode and she loved the princesses, Celestia is her favorite. She even owns a mini collection with the mane 6, the CMC, Celestia and Luna.

March 12

I used to be a very loyal brony, nowadays I hate the fandom. I was very loyal and “heavy” brony before, I used to translate the episodes to my language, to hunt hours for the toys and invite lots of people to the fandom.. but then everything got ruined for me when those 10 years old kids started entering the fandom and not recognizing the people who helped building it when it was new.


My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. youobviouslyloveoctavia (16%)
  2. conspicuouslad (6%)
  3. sirphilliam (5%)
  4. scootaloveshack (5%)
  5. bennimarru (4%)
  6. adurot (4%)
  7. lenbow (3%)
  8. putuksstuff (3%)
  9. ruby-sunrise (3%)

The above are listed in the image in kind of a Z formation.

I tried using the pony in everyone’s icons, but wound up using OCs and stuff instead.
(I mean, Putuk, there was no room for a big-ass tree in this picture. I can’t help that.)