I have watched “Magical Mystery Cure” so many times and yet I still cry a little when every pony shouts “Pinkie!” during “True True Friend.” I cry because I would love to be greeted like that, with everyone so happy to see me. I love the whole episode, but that part makes me sad because I feel as though I will never be loved by friends the way Pinkie is. 3/12/14

I think it’s weird most of the ponies have names related to their cutie mark, yet it’s canon that they do not receive a cutie mark until they find out what they’re good at. Does that mean that by naming a pony you’re making it so their name is what they’re good at? I know the episode with Cheerilee explaining her cutie mark to Apple Bloom was supposed to address that issue but it didn’t do it too well because every other pony has a cutie mark and name with no ulterior meaning.         

Having recently both come out of the closet and come out as a fan of the show publically, I can absolutely, with 100% certaintly, tell you all that the two experiences are nothing alike

I recently (finally) found the courage to, you know, announce to the world that I am a flaming homosexual and figured it was also as good a time as any to just casually let my friends know I was a fan of the show.

While I don’t regret either action at all, the idea that there are actually people out there comparing something as trivial as showing support for a cartoon to one of the most difficult, terrifying and brilliant things a person can do annoys me to no end, not to mention the people comparing ‘haters’ to real-life homophobes. Believe me, having the word ‘ponyfag’ sent to you anonymously pales completely in comparison to having the word ‘faggot’ screamed at you from a car window driving past as you’re minding your own business (and yeah, that actually happened to me. It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks).

This whole ‘coming out of the stable’ thing needs to end, and it needs to end soon. It’s ridiculous, naive and childish.