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{NR} In which dance line does a hard choreography with their girlfriend and she gets injured


*hears you yelp when you twist your ankle and freaks out, running over to you* 

*looks at the pained expression on your face as you sit on the floor and hold your ankle*

“yah, can you walk?! is your foot broken?!”

“do we need to go to the hospital?!”

*doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t like you being in pain so he can’t think straight* 

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*rushes to your side once he sees you trip over your own foot and fall on the ground*

*helps you get up and runs his hands over the spots you told him hurt*

“you’re okay right~? Do you need anything~?”

*you shake your head and he nods as he takes a step forward and hugs you comfortingly*

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*you accidentally messed up and ended going the wrong way, bumping into him hard in the process*

*he laughs softly and turns off the music before going back to you* 

“hey are you okay~?” 

“did my rock-hard abs hurt you?”

*you hit him playfully and rubbed your side as he smiled and crouched down a little, taking your hand off so he could kiss your clothed rib cage*

“all better~”

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Eurovision ask nr.2: Reactions to Romania and the rap-yodel

Elsword: “I, uh.  Wow.”

Aisha: “Why would they ruin perfectly good music…”

Rena: “Catchy!  I like it!”

Raven: “It sounds like a bunch of screaming goats, but with a melody.”

Eve: “The tune is quite pleasing.  What is this ‘yodel’ everyone is talking about?”

Chung: “Hamel’s mountains are perfect for yodeling!  It’s a cool song!”

Ara: “Uh…. It’s not the type of music I’m used to, definitely.”

Elesis:  “Cool, but not my thing.”


Lu: “Human music is weird!  Back in the demon world, we’d have the screams of tormented souls as the instruments!”

Ciel, looking queasy after Lu’s description: “It’s much better than demon music.”

Rose: “Hmm… I like it.”

Ain:  “Why do I care?  Oh, right, I don’t.”

Mmm Hmm

I find Norman’s recent change of heart about playing another character to be very interesting:

What other character on TWD would you like to play?
NR: *knee-jerk reaction* Carol. [Jan 2013]

If you could switch places with another character, who would you switch with?
*Audience shouts Carol*
NR: Carol….that would be weird if I was Carol. [Oct 2014]


What changed your mind Norman? What’s so weird….