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It’s a perennial story: An older student returns to the classroom education he’d long set aside, finally finishing his studies and graduating years later. Typically, that story includes detours like service in war or a family tragedy.

Bobby Ellerbee’s story, however, is not exactly typical. He took four decades to get his undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Georgia — but it wasn’t an obstacle that caused the delay. Instead, it was a successful — and remarkably diverse — career, which began even before he stepped foot in a college classroom.

“I started in radio when I was 16 years old, because my next-door neighbor owned a radio station,” he tells NPR’s Linda Wertheimer. “For 30 years, I did live shows every day.”

These days, he supplies the voice of the sheriff on the surreal adult cartoon Squidbillies, which features a family of squid in the hills of northern Georgia.

After A 40-Year Detour, ‘Squidbillies’ Star Takes Home His Diploma

Photo: Henry P. Taylor/Courtesy of The Red And Black

Video game voice actors strike against publishers

by Iman Smith

Effective Friday, SAG-AFTRA has declared a strike against 11 video game publishers over games that went into production after Feb. 17, 2015. The companies in question include some of the biggest heavyweights of the industry, such as Electronic Arts Productions, or EA, Insomniac Games, Activision and Disney.

The strike comes in light of an unsuccessful 19 months of negotiations after the existing labor contract known as the Interactive Media Agreement expired in late 2014. Overall, the strike is an effort to provide more secondary compensation along with other concerns, such as transparency upon hiring talent and on-set safety precautions.

SAG-AFTRA says voice actors don’t receive residuals for their gaming work. Instead, they receive a fixed rate, which is typically about $825 for a standard four-hour vocal session. So the voice actors are pushing for the idea of secondary compensation — a performance bonus every time a game sells 2 million copies or downloads, or reaches 2 million unique subscribers, with a cap at 8 million.

“It’s a very small number of games that would trigger this secondary compensation issue,” said voice actor Crispin Freeman, who’s a member of the union’s negotiating committee. “This is an important aspect of what it means to be a freelance performer, who has to go from job-to-job – who isn’t regularly employed every single day working on projects.”

Read the full article and listen to an interview with voice actor Jennifer Hale (Halo 5, Mass Effect 3, Bioshock Infinite).

Photo: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg/Getty Images


You all are so sweet. :D But seriously, I get it–we’re such a visual/written medium here on tumblr and it’s strange to hear someone’s actual voice. It was strange for me to read my own prose out loud in my real voice, because I think I usually have the characters’ voices narrating in my head as I write, especially when I write dialogue. 

I don’t think I’ll be podficcing anytime soon but I’m gonna keep working on my deep, soothing NPR voice. I also do a decent impression of the BBC world service. ;)

Introducing: SportsRadio!Bitty

@sadquebecois and @zimmerbittle encouraged me to post this on the public forum so here goes:

Okay but what if Bitty was a really well-known radio sports announcer. Maybe he has a whole sports show that’s been on for years (in an au where Jack never went to Samwell) and everyone loves it. They think he’s funny and intelligent and well-spoken (which he is), but like he keeps his identity pretty secret? Like not many people interact with him face to face (maybe because he has a famous baking vlog or something and wants to keep that life separate from his professional life). He conducts a lot of his interviews over the phone and the people who do come into the studio don’t really feel the need to tell everyone what he looks like. So the public at large is under the impression that E. Richard Bittle (in contrast to Eric Bittle/Bitty the vlogger) is a middle-aged southern sports guru.

So like. Cue Jack Zimmermann, technological disaster, scheduling a rare interview with E. Richard Bittle and he can’t conduct a phone interview because Jack is hopeless, so Jack comes into the studio and is like.. “Who is this. He’s so small. He’s so cute. So blond???? Not graying with a beer belly?? He’s??? Fit????”

So Jack stumbles over his words for like a good half hour after meeting Bitty, who is all southern charm and totally endeared by Jack’s awkwardness. But by the time they start the official interview Jack has totally relaxed and forgotten that it’s a PR stunt. The interview goes incredibly well and everyone’s kind of shocked that Jack didn’t sound like a hockey robot. Bitty gives Jack his number and they start texting a lot and Bitty finds out that Jack is funny as well as cute and kind. And they start dating on the DL. 

E. Richard Bittle’s show becomes Jack’s go-to press place. Jack probably makes guest appearances during funding drives. When he comes out a year or two later, he comes out on Bitty’s show. He and Bitty start making public appearances together, and E. Richard Bittle becomes Eric “Bitty” Bittle and everyone loves him.

And they live happily ever after idk I just liked the idea of Bitty as a radio personality with his southern accent.
Formerly Homeless Man With 'Golden Voice' Back On The Airwaves
Ted Williams, whose striking baritone went viral in 2011, is now co-hosting a daily radio show in Columbus, Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch reports. It's his first full-time job since 1993.

This is Mr. Williams, if you need a reminder:

Terry Gross To Marc Maron: ‘Life Is Harder Than Radio’

Maron: You’ve mastered and defined something that is uniquely yours that has been done by many people for centuries probably and you set the standard for what an interview is and how to put one together on radio or anywhere.

Gross: Thank you.

Maron: And you know, you are what I think most people—you are home to most people when it comes to NPR, that your voice is more comforting than probably any voice in their lives, I would probably say.

Gross: That’s really nice of you to say.

Maron: And now I don’t know why I’m tearing up. Jesus Christ.

Gross: Can I just say something about you?

Maron: What?

Gross: I really, I just love your work so much and I’ve learned from listening to you in your podcast because you’re just so present, you’re so in the moment with people and you have such interesting taste. I love hearing you talk about the music that you love and your interest in [Jack] Kerouac and that you know who Herbert Huncke is, you know all this stuff and you don’t do it in a know-it-all way, you just kind of slip it in to get more out of them. I mean that in the best sense, that’s what an interviewer should do. And the other thing is, you’re no bullshit—you’re just no bullshit, you’re no bullshit in your comedy, you’re no bullshit when you’re talking to other people.

Maron: I don’t think you are either, Terry Gross.

Gross: And I just want to say, the reason why I was comfortable enough to tell you and everyone else here the things that I told you tonight is that I trust you and that you’re no bullshit and I couldn’t look you in the eye and not tell you the truth.


And if my hug isn’t doing anything for you, HAVE THIS LIST OF FLUFF!

“My daddy can beat up your daddy…why are our daddies kissing?” by bleep0bleep

809  I  Kid Fic, Humor

General Audiences

Derek and Stiles are both single parents, and their rival children attempt to make them fight.

Excuse Me While I Spell My Name by TheAlderKing

1,351  I  Stilinski Family Feels, Future Fic

“You’ve got white-out on your diploma. You actually defaced your diploma to keep people from seeing your name?”

“Mmm, couldn’t let the secret out after so many years of keeping it.”

How Stiles got his names.

Misunderstainding by hazelNuts

1,528  I  Misunderstandings

Teen and Up

anonymous asked, “‘i’m in my underpants in a laundromat waiting for my clothes to get washed and your clothes are in the machine next to mine and i noticed that when you put your clothes in they were all covered in blood what the fuck’ au”

Stiles’ evening had been going pretty well. And when a hot guy walks into the laundromat, he thinks it might become great. Until the guy takes off his coat and Stiles sees the state of his clothes.

Crazy Scary Beautiful by Elpie (Horribibble)

1,644  I  Artist Stiles, Misunderstandings

Teen and Up

The guy just came in with a duffle bag full of knives and plopped them down on the counter, easy as you please. He’s standing there with a perfectly cheerful look on his face, bouncing a little on the balls of his feet.


In which Stiles Stilinski is probably a serial killer, but Derek falls in love anyway.

Fight Me, Helen by thedevilyousay

1,654  I  Kid Fic, Domestic Fluff

Teen and Up

Important OTP question: Which one aggressively argues with the suburban soccer moms at the PTA meeting and flips Helen’s 9x12 pan of betty crocker brownies?

The Proposal(s) by theroguesgambit

1,677  I  Misunderstandings, Wedding Proposal

Teen and Up

At the honeymoon resort, someone makes the mistake of asking for the proposal story. It’s meant innocently enough, the type of thing most couples are more than happy to gush about.

Stiles snorts into his glass and Derek’s eyes narrow. He makes a pointed noise that’s probably meant as warning, but Stiles just puts down the glass and leans across the table, smirking.

“Which one would you like? We’ve got two hundred and fourteen of them.”

Eyebrows and the Scientific Method by DiscontentedWinter

1,762  I  Derek’s Eyebrows 

Teen and Up

A series of vignettes (and helpful lists and terrible illustrations) about Derek’s eyebrows, and Stiles’s attempts to communicate with them.

Welcome to Rosie’s Diner can I interest you in an eye-opener? by crossroadswrite

1,999  I  Future Fic, Oblivious Idiots in Love

Teen and Up

When the unfairly attractive couple walks in, at their usual hour, Kat starts humming the wedding march.

Jason elbows her sharply in the ribs, trying to hide his snicker even as he waves nicely at them.

“Fuck they’re so pretty,” he sighs mournfully, “why did they have to be a couple, that’s just unfair.”

“I know,” she commiserates.

(Or: The one where Stiles and Derek are regulars at Rosie’s diner and exactly zero of the employees believe they’re not actually a couple, I mean come on look at them.)

We Could Be Happy by alphagottadonk

2,676  I  Scenting, Pack Dynamics

Not Rated

Prompt: Derek starts scenting Stiles who thinks its a pack thing until he sees Scott doing it to Kira.

Snuggle Puppy by medrengirl

2,715  I  Full Shift Werewolves

Teen and Up

Derek likes the soothing voices of NPR. He listens to a story about the 1920s, when “snuggle puppies” engaged in “petting parties.” The reporter on the radio says that these parties allowed teens and college students to engage in “erotic exploration” without devolving into orgies.

Stiles, on the other hand, thinks “snuggle puppy” is a stuffed animal line for pets with separation anxiety, or maybe the title of a kids’ book, and he thinks “petting party” is a great way to describe what happens when Derek comes over to hang out in his full wolf shift.

It takes a bit of time for them to get on the same page.

Scream Like You Mean It by queenravenr

2,839  I  AU-Human, AU-College

Not Rated

prompt- Heard a scream and thought you were getting killed but it was just a spider. college au.

Baseball Pants by Thelionesskim

2,847  I  AU-Baseball

General Audiences

Scott shows Stiles a picture of the new pitcher for the Dodgers, and Stiles is suddenly an avid Dodgers fan.

Concerning Escaped Cats by Sams_Soliloquy

3,444  I  FBI Agent Derek, Star Trek Nerd Stiles

General Audiences

“It’s no surprise really that things hadn’t gone as planned when Stiles tried to shave his cat, Spock.”
A one shot AU involving, Trekkie Stiles, FBI Agent Derek Hale, and a half-shaved cat named Spock.

Chase your own by kellifer_fic

3,648  I  Derek has a Motherfucking Tail

General Audiences

Derek is cursed into having a feels!tail because Deaton and Scott live to mess with him. That’s what he assumes anyway.

Bee Yourself by Hatteress

3,780  I  Werebees, Established Relationship, Crack


Derek turns the full on Alpha glare on him. The one that says, in no uncertain terms, that the current situation is the furthermost thing from amusing on any planet in any galaxy ever. It’s sorta ruined by the antennae though. And the wings.


The one where Stiles pisses off a bee goddess and Derek’s come tastes like honey.

Falling in Love at a Texas Roadhouse by PriPri

3,875  I  Kid Fic, Dad Derek, Server Stiles

General Audiences

Wherein Derek’s 6-year-old son pimps him out to their server Stiles.

Listen to the Beat by amazingpages

5,561  I  Masturbation, Neighbors


Of all the things Derek thought he’d have to deal with upon moving into his new apartment, a loudly masturbating neighbor wasn’t one of them.

Six Letter Word for Romance by TroubleIWant

6,322  I  Domestic Fluff (these two assholes are too fucking cute)


In which Stiles ships Derek/nice things almost as hard as I do


Stiles definitely starts off thinking it’s fucking hilarious that Derek-sourwolf-Hale does crosswords and cares about scuffs on his furniture.

But at a certain point, and he can’t pinpoint exactly when, “fully functional adult couple” somehow becomes a massive fetish of his. Derek in sweats and bare feet, nudging his glasses up his nose while he does the Sunday crossword? Unff. Derek filling out forms to get some renovations on his property approved? Oh God, yes. Derek putting away groceries and bitching that the corner store was out of the right type of Greek yogurt? Take me now, Stiles thinks, worrying at his lower lip with his teeth.

This can’t be normal.

Here Comes Your Man by HaleHole (SweetFanfics)

6,821  I  3/3  I  AU-High School, Pining, Love Confessions

Teen and Up

“Batman? Really?” The familiar voice makes Derek pause, fingers pressing into the spine of his Physics book. He glances over to his left to look at the face that goes with the voice.

Stiles Stilinski is standing next to his locker and talking to him. Better check that actually.

Derek looks behind his open locker, making sure that there’s no one there or standing behind him before he turns back towards the jock. Who is more than amused at Derek’s antics. “I had you pegged for a Marvel fan.” The lacrosse star continues. “But that’s Dick’s run as Batman so maybe you’re just into Nightwing more than Batman.”

all human AU where Stiles and Derek go to BHHS and Kate who?

To Flush With Love and Hide in Flowers by demonicweirdo

7,067  I  AU-Greek Mythology, God Stiles

Teen and Up

“Uh, are you okay?” Derek asked him, his voice soft and calm and just what Stiles needed to hear this whole time.
Stiles groaned, rubbing his head. “No. There are limits to what gods can do. One of them is that using your powers for ten days straight drains you. Completely.” He was never talking to Lydia again. 

I’m Grumpy, He’s Derpy by Fanhag102

7,264  I  Cat Stiles, Cursed Stiles

Teen and Up

The cat jumps up onto the back of the couch and is carefully making it’s way towards Derek only to lose it’s footing halfway across and tumble with an undignified yowl back to the floor.

Oh god, Derek thinks. It’s one of those cats.

How Weetabix Got His Marshmallows Back by calrissian18

10,095  I  AU-Office, AU-Human


“You know, in the movie version of this, I won’t have said ‘venereal disease’ and you would be reluctantly charmed.“

Putting the F-U-N in Funeral by apocryphal

10,811  I  AU-Human, Bakery, Snark

Teen and Up

"Hale & Daughters Funeral Home,” Derek says dully.

“Oh ho! And which daughter are you?

Derek casts his eyes up to the ceiling. It’s going to be one of those calls.

(In which Derek is a bored secretary, Stiles is a baker who may or may not have ulterior motives, and there are entirely too many macaroons.)

Snow Flirting by thepsychicclam

11,396  I  Kid Fic, Snowball Fight


As Beacon Hills get pounded with foot after foot of snow, single dad Stiles can’t quite keep up with his four year old, his job, and shoveling his driveway. Derek makes his teenage son shovel Stiles’ walk, and that just leads to Derek helping Stiles out with a whole bunch of other tasks. That’s okay with Derek, though, cause any chance to be with Stiles is okay with him.

Hot Mess by standinginanicedress

20,458  I  Human Derek, Car Sex


“I really -” Stiles rips his hand free of Derek’s and clears his throat, taking stock of all the other things that were in his basket, how strewn all over the floor of the grocery store they are. “…I’m a normal, functioning human being, I swear I am.”

“Right,” Derek says, and his mouth starts quirking up even more. Like he’s amused, and like he absolutely positively does not believe for a second that Stiles is normal.

or the one where Stiles is a literal human disaster that ruins everything, and Derek finds it incredibly attractive.

And if you still need some cute as fuck motherfuckers in your life, I would totally suggest reading the webcomic Check Please and then turning into shipper trash (like me and Angsty) and reading THE FANFICTION FOR IT.

I hope you feel better!!!

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf


Do you have a voice? How do you feel about the sound of it? Do you ever try to change it? Or have you been told you should?

Introducing: “Talking While Female!”

In which we interview a few NPR women about their voices, a biologist about what voices have to do with self-image – and asked animator Kelli Anderson to work her magic on it. 

Look at this and then TALK TO US, while female or male, about what you think!

On a recent March morning at his home in a New Jersey suburb, Anthony Mendez was on his living room couch with his 9-year-old daughter. He was watching the previous night’s episode of Jane the Virgin, studying his own performance as the show’s unseen narrator.

“I’m like, ‘That’s Daddy,’ and she’s on her computer, not even looking up. She says, 'I know.’ And I’m like, 'That’s Daddy — you’re not even impressed?’ And she’s like, 'I’m on YouTube,’ ” Mendez says. His daughter — one of three kids — runs a YouTube channel where she vlogs about makeup with her sister.

This is the sort of thing Mendez says helps keep him grounded.

Still, Mendez’s ability to turn an omniscient narrator into one of Jane’s funniest characters has gotten him plenty of attention. He’s been described by people as “the best thing about the show” and “one of the show’s most entertaining characters,” and is growing a small cult following on the Internet.

His voice-overs recap the show’s dramatic, telenovela-style plots: Jane, a 23-year-old virgin, was accidentally artificially inseminated; the father just happens to be a playboy hotel owner she once kissed; the doctor who accidentally inseminated her is the father’s sister; and so on and so on.

How The Narrator Of 'Jane The Virgin’ Found His Voice

Photo: Emily Bogle/NPR
NPR Interns Present 'Off Mic' — A Behind-The-Scenes Report About How Radio Gets Done
On this episode, NPR interns talk to seasoned NPR voices Steve Inskeep, Ari Shapiro, Danny Zwerdling and Susan Stamberg about everything from writing a good radio intro to cracking tough sources.

Every semester, NPR’s interns are encouraged to learn about journalism in and around the headquarters office in Washington, D.C. So we thought: What better way to learn than by interviewing some of the network’s most seasoned voices?

NPR uses its considerable voice to build hate against men. And it works.

Manslation: I swear to gawd, bro, I heard that one lady with the soothing voice say “NPR is made possible thanks to the support of listeners like you, and as always: all men are scum, kill all men.”

In a recent study in the journal Psychological Science, scientists wanted to hear if people’s voices change in predictable ways when they are put into positions of power – and could listeners detect those changes?

Sei Jin Ko, a social psychology researcher at San Diego State University, explains that over a hundred college students came in to their lab to have themselves recorded, starting with a recording of their everyday voices.

Then they were asked to imagine a scenario involving the purchase of a new car. Some people were told they were in a position of high power — they had inside information or lots of other offers to choose from. Meanwhile, others were told they had very little power.

Both groups were then recorded reading the same text out loud. “It was something to the effect of, ‘I’m glad we’re meeting today to discuss this, we have a few differences that we’ll need to iron out before we come to an agreement,’ something like that,” Ko explains.

Researchers took the recordings and looked for differences between the two groups by analyzing acoustical features, such as pitch, resonance, and intensity.

It turned out that feelings of power are reflected in people’s voices, says Ko. “When you put them in the situation, their voices change,” says Ko. “I think that’s very, very exciting and quite powerful, shall we say, no pun intended.”

How A Position Of Power Can Change Your Voice

Photo: Meredith Rizzo/NPR