I’d just like you all to imagine the starblaster crew sitting at the table, eating dinner. Barry is talking legalese tiredly above his notes as he’s writing things down.

Magnus: Wow Barry, you should be a lawyer

Barry: *Briefly glancing up at Lup* Well, I do love loopholes.

Everyone loses their shit, Lup is on the ground wheezing.

Taako is laughing but also mortified “BAROLD I AM DISGUSTED!”

Cap’nport is done, he’s out. Merle is losing his shit, leaning back on Capn’port. Magnus takes a second before he starts losing it too, Lucretia is barely keeping it together, and Barry is processing the fact that he just said that in front of his entire family.

idk what canon days about this but i feel like after the duet and everything Barry and Lup just get married

but not once

oh no

they get married in literally every single reality they drop into and Merle and Cap'nport trade off officiating the ceremonies

the other plays Barry’s groomsmen with Magnus and Taako and Lucretia are Lup’s bridesmaids

every ceremony Taako transmutes a new dress for Lup and Barry cries every time

Towards the end of the 100 Years, Cap'nport often got restless and would patrol the ship, often running into Magnus doing the same. And they’d walk side by side, neither speaking, peeking in on their little family and making sure everyone was alive and healthy and okay. After four or five rounds, they’d share a drink and a casual salute, and head their separate ways.


No one ever assumed Lucretia and Magnus were a pair– not so much because they denied it, but more because of the time Lup went in hunt of the missing Davenport, Merle and Lucretia, and found the three curled up in Merle’s quarters, fast asleep.

Magnus highfived a bewildered Davenport; it took two weeks for him to figure out why, and then three more for both him and Lucretia to stop looking so red-faced.

Merle just looked smug.


Taako tried to teach Barry how to make Lups favourite turkey recipe. After about 17 failed attempts, Barry managed to whip up a presentable meal. Lup was overjoyed. Taako could be heard muttering about a “-8 in Cooking”, but no one knew what he meant.