The best possible jobs, are the ones that never feel like work at all. This is what a day ‘at the office’ looked like for me Wednesday, in the rad little lounge at the Sixty LES hotel. Exciting things to tell you soon my friends, exciting indeed.
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BETC’s bruising anti-domestic violence campaign

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25

edit: some people mentioned it so I also include it here. i think that this is artistically beautiful. yet at the same time it is scary. scary that they beautified these bruises into art so it no longer seems offensive but is aesthetic. i thought, what if people see this and want to start using bruising as “art.” such sad worries. it is a question of how far one can make something artistic so that it does not transform the negative into something beautiful when it should not be beautified. yet in questioning, it also shows the state of morality and level of apathy. afterall, my first reaction was not “oh it’s beautiful” but “oh how painful” yet that may not be so for all.


" Si y’a plus de Mademoiselle … Y’a plus de "Madame" ou "Monsieur" alors ! Y’aura ..  ROUBLA ! "

Un samedi à #Nantes: Ni Pauvres Ni Soumis: #NPNS 44: RdV 3° sam/mois à 15h. Pour un revenu d’existence décent pour les personnes en situation de handicap ou de maladies invalidantespour ne plus survivre avec un revenu 25% sous le seuil de pauvreté ! (à Cours des 50 Otages)