“ Si y'a plus de Mademoiselle … Y'a plus de "Madame” ou “Monsieur” alors ! Y'aura ..  ROUBLA ! “


Excerpt: It started slow, with Phil kissing his lips softly as if he’s getting know his mouth slowly, until his tongue swiped in a gentle manner against his lips that Dan eagerly parted. Their tongues met a little unceremoniously, with teeth clashing and spit mixing.

Summary: Dan wore a certain shirt that led to one thing to another.

Genre: sin

Warning: blowjobs and shitty, rushed writing

Words: 1, 558 disgusting sins

A/N: this was written for smutty Saturdays for npn but im too late bc i procrastinated lolzor also I based this on a post but I lost the link lolzor (ty to my virtual wife asianellenpage for beta’ing ily even if we divorce a lot)

When he felt the afternoon sunlight burning through his eyelids, Dan woke up, a little disoriented.

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Raw Footage

prompt for smutty saturdays on npn: thirsty phil

summary: dan and phil film themselves having sex

genre: smut

warnings: swearing, sex tape/filming, blowjobs, facials, handjobs, hinted D/s dynamics, dom!dan (buckle ur seatbelts its a wild ride)

word count: 1173 of pure smut i’m not even joking holy

a/n: special thank you to the people who have beta’ed this fic (satan, lu, ozzy, emily, and ofc, the lovely holly) this is my contribution to smutty saturdays on the nsfwphannetwork so i hope you guys enjoy <3 

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Would you consider sharing the funniest responses to the nsfw network ?

bro u see these were meant to for the admins’ eyes only but maybe sharing one anonymously wouldn’t hurt >>.>>



im almost angry buT IT MADE ME LAUGH

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ahhhh ty melancholy-happiness for taggin me in this thing I didn’t see it until now sorry!! but yeh here is a compilation of photos from when I used to have good hair and decent skin lmao (yes i know two of these aren’t selfies but chilling with my grandma in italy was my peak. get rekt nanna) annnnyway I tag the npn and whoever else wants to ✨✨

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How to short a circuit with an Arduino

Hey! I am fairly new to electronics so I am a bit confused, maybe you can help me out and get started with my next project.I want to trigger my camera with the arduino. I have a cable which plugs into the camera and has a 3 pol audio jack on the other side. When I connect pol one with pol two the camera focuses, pol one and three and the camera takes a photo. So the most basic thing I could think of is trigger two relays with the arduino two short the poles together. But since I want to have accurate timing relays will be to slow. Next idea would be using a transistor, but can I seperate the two circuits properly with a transistor? How would I have to wire it and which transistor would be best for my case? The camera has a 3.7V battery. Also I have two npn transistors lying around: BC-548C, could I use these two?Thanks! via /r/arduino

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Perché quando sei finito in ospedale con le vene spappolate npn ti hanno mandato in comunità di recupero? Vorresti disintossicarsi?

Certo. Ho fatto come sei ricoveri in SPDC ( Servizio psichiatrico diagnosi e cura) conosciuto come ospedale psichiatrico. E un mese nell’unico centro che studia i pazienti, il Bonardi. Per un mese. Da certe cose non ti disintossichi, da una certa tristezza non dici addio perché è ormai troppo tempo che ti è amica.