“ Si y'a plus de Mademoiselle … Y'a plus de "Madame” ou “Monsieur” alors ! Y'aura ..  ROUBLA ! “

Un samedi à #Nantes: Ni Pauvres Ni Soumis: #NPNS 44: RdV 3° sam/mois à 15h. Pour un revenu d'existence décent pour les personnes en situation de handicap ou de maladies invalidantespour ne plus survivre avec un revenu 25% sous le seuil de pauvreté ! (à Cours des 50 Otages)

amielleon asked:

If I provide amulets to grant exceptions to the magic nullification spells in my dungeon, do I have any protection under the law to invalidate sessions where the amulet is used to bypass the dungeon's spelling in npn-intended ways? For instance, if the disabled adventurer starts flinging their own spells, or lends the amulet to the party wizard.

Disabled visitors to your dungeon are under no special obligation wrt the ADA to abide by any conditions on or agreements about the amulets, but you may arbitrarily hobble or even trap the objects such that they will not in fact serve purposes outside the scope of the law requiring you to provide them.  It’s up to you to strike a balance that grants adventurers a level playing field while accounting for your own desiderata.

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better.
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Name: noah (or ‘bitchtits’)
Time & Date: 27th June 2015, 5:30 PM
Average hours of sleep at night: Seven to eight on a school night bc I’m ill and weak
Last thing I googled: ‘george w bush twitter’ lmfao
Birthday: January 27th
Gender: genderfluid boyish?
Height: five foot mcfreakin two
Favourite Colour: yellow or glitter :^)
One place that makes me happy: SALLY’S SECRET GARDEN (a beautiful cafe in my city) 
How many blankets: one or two
Favourite Movie(s): god help the girl, submarine, the double, fight club, moonrise kingdom, eagle vs shark, what we do in the shadows, ratatouille (lmao), we are the best, the runaways, fantastic mr fox, capitalism: a love story, interstellar, 2001 a space odyssey, whip it and a ton more but this has gone Too Far already lmao
Favourite TV Show(s): my mad fat diary, friends, how i met your mother
What I’m wearing right now: black skinny jeans, doc martens, boy scout shirt
Last book I read: the casual vancancy
Most used phrases: oh christ
What I last said to a family memeber: ‘ok gimme a minute’
Favorite Beverages: green tea
Favorite Food: pasta
Last Movie I watched: bowling for columbine - michael moore (technically a documentary but????)
Dream Vacation: france or canada or didney worl
Dream wedding: glam rock catsuits
Dream Pets: birds :)))
Dream Jobs: graphic designer/politician/activist/architect/something @ NASA idk!!!!

i tag anyone in the net who hasn’t done it bc i’m horrible !!!!!!!

Camera sound trigger

In this project, I am using an Adafruit Perma-Proto Pi HAT with a Raspberry Pi 2 and a sound sensor to build a mechanism for triggering a camera by sound. Parts needed Adafruit Perma-Proto Pi Hat Raspberry Pi 2 1 x LM393 Sound Sensor 1 x NPN Transistor (2N2222A) 1 x 1K Ohm Resistor 2…
By: tommy_uk

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