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(Time for Russ to meet pregnant Lu?) The four months were finally up and Russel was on the first available airship to Vacuo. The airship ride wasn't long, and he was wondering why he didn't just do that the last time. Were the airships running right after the invasion? Who knows. The point is upon landing he found a ride to Shade and was knocking on the NPLM door in no time at all. "Honeyyy, I'm home!"

The one to answer his knocking was most definitely not the one he was hoping for.

Percy filled the doorway, her expression carefully neutral, though she couldn’t quite keep the tiny spark from entering her eyes upon seeing the other. Look, she liked him alright? He made Lucina happy.

Well, mostly happy. Right now she had locked herself in the bathroom out of fear.

“We need to talk.“ A beat as she moved to give him room to enter. “Nothing’s wrong. Lucina is fine. She’s in the bathroom, but something has occurred that you need to be informed of.“