Did you help clean up for National Public Lands Day? 

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What Public Lands did you help care for today?

It’s National Public Lands Day! Today marks the 20th anniversary of the nation’s largest single-day effort for public lands. Over 180,000 volunteers will be celebrating at more than 2,000 sites across the nation. It’s the perfect opportunity for families and volunteers of all ages to give back while having fun. It’s not too late to find an event in your community at:

The Bureau of Land Management is hosting a Social Media Meetup on September 28, 2013 to celebrate National Public Lands Day.  We invited you to share your photos, videos, and experiences volunteering this Saturday using the hastags #NPLD20 and #mypubliclands, and the BLM and the Department of the Interior will share them throughout the day on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Yonder. For more information, check out

Photo of the Snake River in Idaho courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management.


Celebrating National Public Lands Day

A small, but enthusiastic group of hard-working volunteers celebrated the 20th anniversary of National Public Lands Day at an early event by replacing 18 birdhouses in central Idaho’s Chilly Slough Wetland. The birdhouses will provide nesting places for cavity-nesting birds such as swallows, bluebirds and chickadees. The birdhouses were built prior to the event by high school students gaining community experience. This 3,000-acre natural spring-fed wetland is home to 157 species of wildlife and is managed in partnership with private landowners and state and federal agencies. The public and state lands are open to canoeing, wildlife viewing, hunting and fishing in season and nature photography.

-Krista Berumen

Photos courtesy of Bart Zwetzig, BLM Challis Field Office Wildlife Biologist

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The BLM will incorporate Yonder in our National Public Lands Day Social Media Meetup (Saturday, September 28, 2013) and volunteers are encouraged to share experiences on the app from various NPLD sites.

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Thanks to all the hard-working and dedicated volunteers across Idaho who participated in the 20th anniversary of National Public Lands Day on September 28th. On this day of public land clean-up, nearly 500 volunteers participated in seven different BLM-hosted events to construct new trails, clean-up trash, create barriers to avoid erosion, enhance wildlife habitat, protect sage-grouse and create new homes for nesting birds. We love our volunteers! We couldn’t complete our essential work without their assistance.

-Krista Berumen, Photos on BLM-Idaho Facebook page

See the BLM-Idaho NPLD Webpage for more details on each event.

A message from our friends at National Public Lands Day:

Thanks to all the volunteers who participated in the National Public Lands Day 2013! It was a blast to celebrate the 20th anniversary of NPLD with all of you!

You can stay involved in your public lands year round. To find volunteer, recreation or environmental education events as well as grants, visit the Public Lands Every Day website at:

BLM Nevada Holds Early National Public Lands Day 2013 Event

On July 20, the BLM Elko District in Nevada held an early National Public Lands Day 2013 event.  About a dozen outdoor enthusiasts showed up for National Public Lands Day to learn about trail etiquette and provide trail upkeep which culminated into a leisurely 2-mile hike uphill to a remote lake in the Forest.

Nancy Taylor, Outdoor Recreation Planner, U.S. Forest Service Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, leads a group of hikers on the Island Lake trail in Lamoille Canyon, near Lamoille, Nev.

Jerry Byers of Spring Creek, Nev. picks up trash in a stream along the Island Lake trail of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, located near Lamoille, Nev.

Hikers attending the National Public Lands Day event pose for a photo at the end of the Island Lake trail in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest near Lamoille, Nev.

Learn more about National Public Lands Day and how you can contribute to your community: