HAIYA GUYSS little milkinglings its ur cute mutual HONIIEE! this is my first follo forever i hope more weirdas fuck stuff comes in for 2018!!! I LOVE U GUYS SM AND I HOPE I MAKE MORE MUTUALS AND GET CLOSER TO U GUYS IF WE ARENT ALREADY AND HAPPYNEW YR! 

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follow forever 2017

quick lazy thing, sorry im a bit late i started typing this up at 11:54 ahdskdnfj im lazy but I wanna appreciate y'all ok here we go

btw if u don’t end up on here i still love and cherish u very much im just rushing this shit

first of all is my wonderful bf @leaffall whom is the love of my life and i love him very very much

my very good friends:

@tropi-coco @waterysoup @singyourlife @hexprinx @fairmountdays @pomae @colresspkmn @npkmn @shsl-butter

fav mutuals:

@tododekumutual @bsdova @praesaepe @astrotheology @goromimajimas @sympalissma @pastel-ponies @keda-m0n0 @mann-meat @nakama-omoi @vampybutch @slainez @carb0nheart @tvheadz @snarkycantaloupe @traineryellow @femmereimi @ch0ir @girlfriendluvr @butchsango @goblintoast @sappholiage @puppetmon @blackjosuke @prettiestar @fuckyouimtheking @renai–circulation @cerebralfluid @hisokaillumiclownmotelhoneymoon @closerencounter @pechelesbian @iamtheoncomingsharknado @florentineofmine @fangirltrash @jojobro-jo @tenmillionpoundsofsludge

i jsut woke up. happy new year! in no particular order at all:

i love you w my whole heart @gladiolusmutual

u made my 2017 brighter:

@pomae @deepwebgoatcrime @bsdova @colresspkmn @eggknife @npkmn @hexprinx @tropi-coco @waterysoup @uraniamunbra @fairmountdays @dukedevln @astrotheology @cherryz @llothric @praesaepe @gayforpucci @gothgfz @rumarin @shitpostingandgayrobots @abstractgossamer @polyedron @wuvs @goblintoast

i hope that 2018 treats every one of you right! if u werent included i still care about u a lot and if you want to be added just shoot me an ask or a message idc!!