social service or social change?

“…social service work addresses the needs of individuals reeling from the personal and devastating impact of institutional systems of exploitation and violence. social change work challenges the root causes of the exploitation and violence…while there is some overlap between social service provision and social change work, the two do not necessarily go readily together…the tasks of funding, staffing, and developing resources for our organizations to meet those needs are difficult, poorly supported, and even actively undermined by those with power and wealth in our society. although some groups are both working for social change and providing social services, there are many more groups providing social services that are not working for social change. in fact, many social service agencies may be intentionally or inadvertently working to maintain the status quo. after all, the non-profit industrial complex (NPIC) wouldn’t exist without a lot of people in dire straits. the NPIC provides jobs; it provides opportunities for professional development. it enables those who do the work to feel good about what we do and about our ability to help individuals survive in the system. it gives a patina of caring and concern to the ruling class which funds the work. while there is always the risk of not securing adequate funding, there is a greater risk that if we did something to really rock the boat and address the root of the problems we would lose whatever funding we’ve already managed to secure.”

-paul kivel, excerpt from “social service or social change?”


Advice for a person contemplating rectal insertion of the world’s hottest pepper #5yrsago

An unwise individual has made a wager that involves inserting a cotton bud soaked in the world’s hottest pepper into his rectum. He has asked Reddit how to minimize the harm that might arise as a consequence of this undertaking. Redditors have reacted with a perfect mixture of horror and fascination, as you might expect.

Above, video of a man consuming one of these peppers.

Out of the sheer morbid curiosity of it all, I did a bunch of research for you. Here’s what I came up with; The anus is a very delicate piece of skin equipped with a fair amount of capsicum receptors. It is very easily irritated, and is rather unforgiving. There is a staggering amount of Capsicum in the Bhut Jolokia pepper in question, so I read the toxicity sheet and found that in high enough doses it causes dermal lesions. We’re talking big angry open sores…

Which brings me to my point. Why on earth would you risk damaging the only bit of skin and muscle that keeps you from pooping yourself on a daily basis for life?

You’re better off tattooing a dick to your forehead, or streaking through a crowded mall, or something that doesn’t directly affect the well being of your sphincter because buddy, if this goes horribly wrong it could haunt you forever… And really, honestly, nobody here wants you to wind up the Bhut of this Jolokia.


Decolonizing the Anti-Violence Movement and Domestic Violence Awareness Month Reading List.

Week 4: The Non-Profit Industrial Complex and Co-Opting of the Movement

1. The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex (in full):

2. My Exile From the Anti-Rape and Anti-Domestic Violence Fields

3. Summer School: NPIC, AIC, and co-optation 4. Summer School: NPIC, AIC, and co-optation pt. 2: 5. The Anti-Violence and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex 6. Government shutdown leaves domestic violence victims stranded 7. Disrupting the relationship between the anti-violence movement and the PIC 8. Disloyal to Feminism: Abuse of Survivors Within the Domestic Violence Shelter System 9. Abusive Power and Control With the Domestic Violence Shelter 10. Chanel: Co-opting feminism at Paris Fashion Week 11. Women’s NGOs Under Conditions of Occupation and War: 12. How feminism became capitalisms handmaiden - and how to reclaim it 13. Forget the Foundations 14. Repressing Social Movements 15. Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence On the Left Enables State Violence In Radical Movements 16. How corporations and spy agencies use “security” to defend profiteering and crush activism 17. The Facebook Manipulation Study’s Mysterious Connection to the Military 18. When Feminist Hashtag Activism Goes Corporate 19. Raving Amazons: Anti-Blackness and Misogynoir in Social Media 20. Everyone Watches, Nobody Sees: How Black Women Disrupt Surveillance Theory 21. Hashtags as Decolonial Projects with Radical Origins 22. In Defense of Twitter Feminism 23. Interlopers on Social Media: Feminism, Women of Color, and Opression