I know I am probably late to the party but to answer the lovely fellow Angelkanade17’s post about 17’s wife’s personality, I would like to bring my feelings to this. Honestly I think 17’s wife is the type of woman who could be adventurous, free-spirit, compassionate and bubbly. Of course besides being a outdoors person, she adores animals and would probably go to extreme dangerous places to find a rare species on the planet just admire them. She is probably clumsy too, most likely to scare the creature away or she gets chased away by the big creature (most likely the Mama animal) because she went too close to where the baby animals rest at. She loves her job and care for the baby animals no doubt. Maybe she is big dreamer who wants to travel the world by sea but probably couldn’t afford it. I think she had her part of influenced for 17 to care deeply for the animals as well. I think she fell for him first before he did. No doubt she knows of 17’s dark past with Dr. Gero and no matter what he thinks, she doesn’t care because she loves him for who he is. Since he is gone to work most of the time, 17 is always on her mind day and night. Since she sleeps alone at night, probably one of the kids keep her company by sleeping on 17’s side of the bed (maybe 17’s son?) because he doesn’t like it when his mama is sad and alone at night to sleep. She probably likes to tease him to get a funny reaction out of 17 or she blushes like a tomato every time she stares into his blue eyes. Not to mention that I think she might be gorgeous. That’s what I think of her.