I took this picture during the beginning segment of the (**WARNING WARNING CRAZY ASS AMOUNT OF BOSTON ACCENT UP AHEAD**) Bahston evening commutah rush houwah on a beautiful Friday, November 15th, 2013.

P42 #2 is pushing this Downeaster consist south to Boston’s North Station. Downeaster F40PH/NPCU #90220 was leading the consist. (and yes, that sunset is actually legit) Photo taken at Cross Road, / MP 30.5 in Haverhill-North Andover Massachusetts.

I managed to take this pic of an Amtrak Downeaster F40PH/NPCU going thru my town of North Andover, Massachusetts back in August of 2012. “Downeastah” (<<<imagine Boston accent here) NPCU #90220 is the specific F40PH you see in this pic.

As an interesting side note, the Genesis loco leading this train (heading northbound/Portland bound) was Heritage unit #822, a P40!! I didn’t get a good picture of it though, but I got an interesting mid-pan shot of #90220 shown here! The train was only doing about 40-50 mph, but that’s enough to make a cool shot! Enjoy! :)