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Day 5 - Are there any side characters you’re particularly fond of?: Arrille in Seyda Neen. Pretty sure he knows you’re selling him stolen crap but doesn’t really care (unless it’s his)


For those unaware, there was a tragic side story behind the battlefield Dragon and the Dragon Warlock that appears after. The male seraph was forced onto the battlefield by Heldalf, and became the Dragon that Sorey slayed. Filled with resentment, the female seraph turned into a Dragon Warlock.

It’s interesting to note that perhaps the game developers added in this pair to juxtapose with Mason and Natalie, the latter who still had the support of the other seraphs and family to keep her grounded while the female seraph lost everything with the death of her partner… 


My Horizon Zero Dawn photo mode edits (Part 2) More posts at the first tag.

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The Cauldron
The Stare-down
Early Bird Gets the Worm
Giant At Our Backs
A Moment of Silence
Cliff Diving

There is no way this woman is not a criminal mastermind. Look at her, standing alone at the local watering hole, calmly pondering how her black market empire will expand in this latest political upheaval. Just look at those crafty eyes, that cocky tilt of her hips.

When the Empress of the Isles comes sneaking into the dirty dockside bar, rifling through pockets and palming coins from the register to fund her escape, this lady just offers a sly smile. There’s no doubt in my mind she recognizes Emily underneath the cowl - but does the smuggler queen care? Nah.

Because Dunwall is hers now.