I feel like an NPC character when...

I’m on register at work:
~waits patiently behind counter with absent smile until a customer walks close enough and/or shows necessary amount of interest
~has a set script of prompts in my head to follow during transactions
~cheerful yet non-descript customer service voice and can repeat same exact tone infinitely.
~breaking from prompts or skipping through parts may cause minor glitches, such as accidentally repeating the same prompt again or completely skipping necessary ones
~absentmindedly tends to my area using the same five or so actions in a continuous loop until new person arrives
~Abnormally knowledgeable in my craft
~wears same outfit every day
~Nothing unusual phases me
~walking away and coming back is like a brand new interaction. I have little to no memory of you


when you’re an NPC whose script forces you to compliment the shitty player

Ready to kill prep in 3..2..1..
This photo will be almost exactly 1 year old by the time I step on stage this summer. I have an entirely different physique coming this time around. Let’s get it @lauren_fit ! #npcbikini #npc #thepardomas #ADOfitness

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Seeing all my beautiful friends compete yesterday made me SO excited for my shows coming up!!! I just finished filming my video explaining Intuitive Eating vs IIFYM, where to start, how to adjust food/training, pros/cons of both, and what red flags are in a program! It’s informative and may seem boring, but I try and make it as simple as possible.
There is so much information out there and it seems so complicated, but it doesn’t need to be and living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t need to be miserable and strict. It’ll be up tonight 😊 #ADOfitness #pardomas #pardomasathlete #npc #npcbikini #iifym #intuitiveeating

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Did a bunch of Papyrus aus I very much enjoy either because of the plot, or the lovely design

1- Papyrus from Undercafe by @cosmicguts

2- Fellwolf!Papyrus design by @sanspar 

3- Seraph!Papyrus from Deitale by @deitaleau

4- Papyrus from Horrortale by @sour-apple-studios

5- Papyrus from Storyshift by @ut-storyshift

6- Peanut Butter Papyrus from Playbacktale by @linssins

I see this as a compilation of 3 years. 3 years of building muscle, 3 years of eating to actually fuel my body, 3 years of learning about what it takes to be a bodybuilder.

Sure, I woke up like this today, but it sure as hell took lots of effort to get here. I have never felt so solid, strong, or confident in my life. So I’m going to wear whatever bikini I want and take as many selfies as I want because I can. I’m going to compete on stage and feel like a goddess because I want to. I’m going to do what I want to.

Shoutout to my beautiful coach @lauren_fit who is competing at norcal today, and my lovely ladies @brittanylesser @mariewoldfitness and @yamimufdi who are hitting the stage for the first time this season as well, I love you all and each of you has had a positive influence on my life and I am eternally grateful for you. #npc #npcnikini #StoneStrong #ADOFitness #pardomasathlete #pardomas #bodybuilding

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