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Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda/ Kiss Him, Not Me – Episode 7 Review   –

I wanna start off by saying that I am sorry, but I will not be doing a proper review with scoring and suck anymore, because this anime is biased towards Igarashi and Nishina and being unfair towards the other suitors (yes, that includes Mutumi). If I wasn’t a manga reader, I’m certain I would have enjoyed these episodes a heck of a lot more, but the way this anime is just scamming the other boys is unfair as fuck!

Here have a fanservice shot so that we can both calm down:

That was Nana and Igarashi’s second kiss. But hey, at the least we got to see 1 of them. XD

With that being said, here is my review: This episode was rushed because they adapted a total of 3 monthly chapters into one episode… that is a total of 6 weekly chapters crammed into one very unsatisfying episode. If there was ever an arc that warranted being split into 2 episodes it was this one, since we missed out on a lot of the funny jokes, a lot of the fanservice, a very important Nishina/Igarashi scene and well, a heck of a lot more of awesome group dynamics.

My recommendation for the people who are not fans of Igarashi and Nishina and who like Nana, Shinomiya and Mutsumi is to just read the manga, because this anime is really screwing them over big time (for the second time, yes, that includes Mutumi because we did not get the arc where he falls in love with Kae).

Last week this freaking show ruined Doctor Strange and the awesomeness that was Yuri on Ice episode 6 for me… I won’t let it ruin episode 7!

Next episode is a Nana episode… which will fall flat because you will wonder why is Nana so confident that Shinomiya is making any progress with Kae… well… that’s because Shinomiya had an arc… that was not animated… but hey, at least they won’t be skipping out on Nana’s arc this time around… we’ll see if Shinomiya gets anything the episode after that… and then Mutsumi…

Peace out! And Mutumi FTW!

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Shinomiya and Nanashima belong together!! Their relationship is so playful and can you imagine how domestic they would be?? They’d bicker about who loves the other more!! And they are so in-tune with each other and honestly seem to know what the other is thinking. They! Are! Soulmates! And! In! Love!

Now what?

Kae comes to a realization that she may have real romantic feelings for Asuma after a near death experience.
What happens then?
Tah-kun will likely respect Kae’s choice since he really cares about her, despite the absurd actions he’s done in the last couple chapters. He’d move on to his tour.
How will she break it to the others? 

Will the story move on with Mutsumi and Kae together, or will Kae hide her feelings? She never experienced this before, so in an obvious drama fashion she’d be conflicted on how to break it to everyone else.

Kiss Him, Not Me Ch. 43

It seems that everything that I’m reading/watching has turned dark. How much can my heart take? T_T (I’m looking at you Yuri on Ice, Blood Bank, Twin Spirit Detectives, Magic-Kyun!  etc. lol)

I did not expect that to happen to Senpai! What happened to Senpai really affected me, so since the new chapter isn’t released yet, and because I have so much time in my hands, (I don’t lol) I am going to think about some possible scenarios (which will most likely be wrong anyways).

Scenario A: So from what I have seen in other manga, Kae will probably come to realize that Senpai is the one she loves. He will wake up, but he will either lose his memories or have a change of personality. The following chapters will be them trying to help Senpai go back to who he used to be. Kiss Him, Not Me always surprises me so who knows.

I will cry if he isn’t the guy Kae chooses in the end. I was 50% #teamNana and 50% #teamSenpai, but after this chapter, Senpai just scored like a million points for best guy in the manga. SENPAI x KAE

Scenario B: Kae is going to realize that she is in love with Senpai and will kiss him! After she kisses him, he will wake up from his “slumber”. If you go back to the beginning of the manga, there is a picture of a prince and a princess and the text says “A Prince and Princess couple. Who gets to decide?” When I first read it, I thought it meant “who gets to decide who is going to win her heart.” Now that I think about it, it could have meant that it has always been SenpaixKae. (the prince resembles Senpai). So basically, if she wakes him up with a kiss, it means their roles as princess and prince will be reversed. In the end it would mean “Who gets to decide who is the prince and who is the princess.” (Kae will be the prince and Senpai will be the princess)

Scenario C: A mix of the previous scenarios.

Scenario D: Senpai dies, I mean Shion died didn’t he? T_T

Scenario E: None of the above~

Okay, I’m thinking too much about it, I should probably stop lol. Time, please go by quickly, so that we can all read the new chapter and Senpai, precious baby, please be okay.

(I had the same reaction as Iga. Thanks Nana for snapping us out of it.)

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