Cold Weather -Harry/Niall/Zayn drabble

*Here you go babe, the boys keeping Niall warm :)

“Ni, I think you played with the pile of leaves enough today. Why don’t you come inside and have some hot coco with us?” Harry says while pushing the dead leaves out of Niall’s hair. Niall had raked all the leaves from the yard to the middle and played in it all day. Harry and Zayn played with him but only for a little while until they lost interest. Niall get’s up kicking the leaves once more before he grabs on to Harry’s arm and the boys walk inside. 

When Niall walks into the warm house he notices just how cold is skin was. The smell of hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies filled the house, Zayn has been busy.

“Did Zayn make cookies?” Niall has a childish grin on his face and his eyes filled with excitement. Harry nods, making Niall squeal. They take a seat on the couch and Zayn walks in with a tray of hot chocolate and cookies. 

“Good, you’re finally inside.” Zayn smiles. Niall reaches for a cookie and brings it to his lips, the chocolaty smell drifts up his nose and he takes a bite. His teeth sink into the soft center and chocolate drips on his chin. Zayn and Harry are sitting on both sides of him, smiling as he tries to lick his chin. He wraps his hands around the warm mug of coco, he takes a sip and the whipped cream is at the tip of his nose. Harry and Zayn giggle at him.

“You’re so adorable when you’re messy.” Zayn grabs a napkin and wipes the whipped cream away. Niall sits back and covers himself with the soft blue blanket. Zayn and Harry sit back with him and Zayn clicks on the TV. 

“Ohhhh! 17 Again! Can we watch it? Can we watch it?” Niall shifts his head between both boys seeing which one will answer him, Zayn turns on 17 Again. Niall smiles brightly as both boys snuggle into his arms. 

Zayn and Harry’s hands meet in the middle of Niall’s stomach. His skin was slowly getting warmer but he didn’t want the boys to move away from him.

“I’m still kinda cold, could you move in closer?” Niall grins as Zayn and Harry both slide into him. He wraps his arms around them tighter before giving them a kiss on the top of their heads. 

“Niall, we got married three months ago. I let Louis—he’s in the band, you remember him—plan the whole wedding because he was convinced we’d mess it up somehow. For our honeymoon we backpacked across Europe and you made me carry your suitcases the whole way, and I did because I love you.” His voice is hysterical, begging, pleading.

-There is nothing of you I don’t want to keep By nozaynnogain

i hope you all had a good christmas! here are two really cool people you should consider following after all the festivity


tara’s honestly my oldest friend on here & we are twins. you can always trust her for a drama-free steady doze of niall&harry because i’m pretty dramatic when i wanna be and tara is… balance. like when i’m far too intense she’s like zzzz and then she’s like ok calm down. she somehow became the biggest narry shipper i know over the course of this year although that was not how we met. she’s also one of the best writers i have ever encountered writing 1D slash on the internet so you should check out her stuff if you haven’t. especially i&love&you which is my fave.  


isa is the sweetest and really has some of the best fic ideas i’ve heard in a while (that actually occasionally get executed). she’s also very level-headed and weirdly enough a zayn girl at heart but a narry girl when it comes to ships, oh man, u cool. she’s about to update one of my faves ‘house politics’ so you should consider following her and checking it out. sexiest narry fic. isa writes monsters of one-shots which i really hold close to my heart because there’s nothing better than a 40k word one-shot that takes you on a one hour journey. she works extremely hard on her fics, well worth checking everything out :) 

My friend is on the verge on liking One Direction again. Seeing that Im always on, she often sees posts on them.. I showed her Lisa (nozaynnogain)’s fanfictions and she started crying bc theyre perf. So now she ships narry and keeps calling me freaking out about her one shots and fanfics. what have I done

X-Team announcement

So lately Isa has been ambushed by life, and school, and her own fics that she’s working on updating and making and she’s not going to be able to work on the X-Team chapters with me for a while.

So I’m taking over the next few chapters. Not sure when/if she will return but hopefully she does because she’s absolutely brilliant. 

So hopefully I’ll be able to update soon. Thank you all for being so patient.