Niall and Harry are Absolute Weirdos.

I was just browsing through some things and I found this:

And then I realized there was so much more where that came from. So I spent the night of Christmas making a masterpost about two very dumb, but very pretty boys. Enjoy! 

So, Harry just really likes to do random weird things to Niall: (heads, armpits, faces, IS NOTHING SACRED THESE DAYS?)

  1. Slapping Nall’s mouth in an interview to berate him for swearing. Normal.

  2. I know you’re learning to play the drums Niall, and that’s cool, BUT LOOK WHAT I CAN DO. I DON’T EVEN NEED A SET.

  3. Sure answering interview questions is awesome, but what about tickiling Niall’s armpits?! (While wearing the stoic face of a serial killer, I see you Harry.)

  4. Sometimes though, Niall will quietly chuckle at Harry’s absurdity and that makes it all worth it. (the smoke makes this M-A-G-E-S-T-I-C)

But have no fear, Niall knows how to get his freak on applenty :

  • I have never seen anyone attempt that dance before in my life. Way to go, Niall! 
  1. l

When they come together in their weirdness, however, ANGELS SING.:

  • It’s mostly dancing(?) on stage, but it is never boring. So don’t you worry.
  1. Pepsi company proffesionalism? Drew Brees? A bunch of angry tail gaters? LET’S MAKE FACES NIALL.

  2. Remember how I said there’s going to be “dancing”?

  3. ‘some weird stage grinding’

  4. Harry? Harry, honey, there are people around.

And last but not least: TWEETS.:

  • “You tweet out some weird shit mate,”-Ed Sheeran to Niall.

Staaaaaaary?? ;)  (wow isn’t this one oldschool)           2. That’s very interesting information Harry thanks-WHAT NIALL? LOVE BITE STORY, YOU SAY? I’M LISTENING.

           3. Now if I acted like Harry in this one, I’d have a restraining order out on me.

(if you don’t like quotes you can skip this part but I thought it’d be cool to add: “we’re all a little weird. and life’s a little weird. but when we find someone who’s weirdness is compatible with ours, we fall in mutual weirdness and we call it love.”-Dr. Suess.)

That’s it folks. There’s probably (definantely) a thousand more examples, but this would then be way too long. I’d like to leave you with a congragulatory narry fistbump for making it through this. 

OH WAIT. This is NARRY we’re talking about.

***Note, none of these images are mine. If they’re yours and you want them down/credit, absolutely! Just send me a message and I will.
House Politics two

Summary: Harry’s plan is to survive sixth year, become an Auror, and continue the Slytherin legacy. A bright, beautiful Hufflepuff student named Niall Horan is about to change all of that.

A Hogwarts AU story in which Harry, Zayn, and Louis are condescending, exclusive Slytherins, Liam is a courageous, gentle-hearted Gryffindor, and Niall is the oblivious new Hufflepuff transfer student. The wizarding world is about to get quite interesting indeed.

Rating: MA (this chapter only)

Pairing: Narry

Authors’ Notes: We’re awful, we know. Let’s not talk about it. Thank you to every one of you for being so patient with us; we’ve been doing our best with this but life gets in the way somethings, y'know? But here it is now! Also thank you to irishnamesandpaperplanes for beta'ing! WE ADORE YOU.


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nozaynnogain replied to your post: Niall is an employee at a toy store. Zayn is a regular customer, though he’s not really there for the toys. And he’s running out of reasons to spontaneously bring home toys to his sisters.

omfg why are you so cute ugh fucking fuck im crying i love everything ziall for the rest of my life ;___;

Allow me to help you recover from your Ziall feels.

Oh wait, no. Wrong gif. Here.

Oops. More Ziall. Wait. I think I have it this time.

Oh no. Damn. That was just more feels. How about this?

Nope. Well, one more try then?

Ooooops. I should probably stop trying to help you recover from Ziall feels.

Cold Weather -Harry/Niall/Zayn drabble

*Here you go babe, the boys keeping Niall warm :)

“Ni, I think you played with the pile of leaves enough today. Why don’t you come inside and have some hot coco with us?” Harry says while pushing the dead leaves out of Niall’s hair. Niall had raked all the leaves from the yard to the middle and played in it all day. Harry and Zayn played with him but only for a little while until they lost interest. Niall get’s up kicking the leaves once more before he grabs on to Harry’s arm and the boys walk inside. 

When Niall walks into the warm house he notices just how cold is skin was. The smell of hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies filled the house, Zayn has been busy.

“Did Zayn make cookies?” Niall has a childish grin on his face and his eyes filled with excitement. Harry nods, making Niall squeal. They take a seat on the couch and Zayn walks in with a tray of hot chocolate and cookies. 

“Good, you’re finally inside.” Zayn smiles. Niall reaches for a cookie and brings it to his lips, the chocolaty smell drifts up his nose and he takes a bite. His teeth sink into the soft center and chocolate drips on his chin. Zayn and Harry are sitting on both sides of him, smiling as he tries to lick his chin. He wraps his hands around the warm mug of coco, he takes a sip and the whipped cream is at the tip of his nose. Harry and Zayn giggle at him.

“You’re so adorable when you’re messy.” Zayn grabs a napkin and wipes the whipped cream away. Niall sits back and covers himself with the soft blue blanket. Zayn and Harry sit back with him and Zayn clicks on the TV. 

“Ohhhh! 17 Again! Can we watch it? Can we watch it?” Niall shifts his head between both boys seeing which one will answer him, Zayn turns on 17 Again. Niall smiles brightly as both boys snuggle into his arms. 

Zayn and Harry’s hands meet in the middle of Niall’s stomach. His skin was slowly getting warmer but he didn’t want the boys to move away from him.

“I’m still kinda cold, could you move in closer?” Niall grins as Zayn and Harry both slide into him. He wraps his arms around them tighter before giving them a kiss on the top of their heads. 

do you think niall and harry have sex a lot

“tbh I think after a long day of practice, they just fall into each other. Like Harry loops his arms around Niall’s shoulders and they stumble into bed and Harry kisses him and looks at Niall like he’s the best thing he’s ever seen and then they just curl up like small kittens in their bed, nestling under the covers with small yawns that show glints of white teeth.

Harry’s stripped off his shirt somewhere in there and Niall’s pants are off, but he’s wearing one of Harry’s old tees because he gets cold at night sometimes and he loves the way Harry smells.

Harry pushes his fingers up against Niall’s chest and kisses the nape of his neck, brushing past the little soft hairs there, and whispers, “I love you.” And Niall turns back to look at him, his white blonde dark brown hair brushing Harry’s nose and he gazes at him sleepily with those blue eyes and replies, “I know.”

but YES they have sex a lot okay but their sex is in the morning or midday, lazy languid sex, not at night. At night is the time they have to themselves and they just cuddle and enjoy the love they bask in for one another x”



Hi guys! I decided to do a follow forever, there was one on my old blog, but obviously got deleted. So here are some amazing blogs which I love, owned by amazing people, that you should all follow! xoxo

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“Niall, we got married three months ago. I let Louis—he’s in the band, you remember him—plan the whole wedding because he was convinced we’d mess it up somehow. For our honeymoon we backpacked across Europe and you made me carry your suitcases the whole way, and I did because I love you.” His voice is hysterical, begging, pleading.

-There is nothing of you I don’t want to keep By nozaynnogain

this is the conversation taking place in the three-way text we have going rn
  • nozaynnogain:i need to find a 1d doll please
  • irishnamesandpaperplanes:i'm too afraid to get a doll. i'd probably end up taking it with me everywhere.
  • nozaynnogain:"okay niall you just sit there while i do my art project, we'll play when i finish okay?"
  • irishnamesandpaperplanes:"don't look at me like that niall, i have to put you in the bag or people will stare."
  • nozaynnogain:"zayn i promise we'll get your tattoo after i'm done with my homework."
  • nozaynnogain:"harry, you're cold? no, sorry, no clothes for you."
  • irishnamesandpaperplanes:"i'm just reading gay one direction fanfiction, liam. don't look at me like that."
  • nozaynnogain:"louis even in doll-form you have a better ass than me."
  • irishnamesandpaperplanes:that one is so true..
  • irishnamesandpaperplanes:"damn it louis, stop raiding the dollhouse for clothes. i'm telling you, they're not your style."
  • nozaynnogain:"zayn, no, i told you there are no cigarettes your size."
  • irishnamesandpaperplanes:"ellen is a lovely lady, niall. it's a compliment, i swear!"
  • nozaynnogain:"louis stop trying to cut off harry's hair."
  • nozaynnogain:...the dolls aren't anatomically correct, are they?
  • nozaynnogain:"i'm sorry, i don't know where your penises went."
  • me:*wiping away tears of laughter and just watching this all unfold*

i hope you all had a good christmas! here are two really cool people you should consider following after all the festivity


tara’s honestly my oldest friend on here & we are twins. you can always trust her for a drama-free steady doze of niall&harry because i’m pretty dramatic when i wanna be and tara is… balance. like when i’m far too intense she’s like zzzz and then she’s like ok calm down. she somehow became the biggest narry shipper i know over the course of this year although that was not how we met. she’s also one of the best writers i have ever encountered writing 1D slash on the internet so you should check out her stuff if you haven’t. especially i&love&you which is my fave.  


isa is the sweetest and really has some of the best fic ideas i’ve heard in a while (that actually occasionally get executed). she’s also very level-headed and weirdly enough a zayn girl at heart but a narry girl when it comes to ships, oh man, u cool. she’s about to update one of my faves ‘house politics’ so you should consider following her and checking it out. sexiest narry fic. isa writes monsters of one-shots which i really hold close to my heart because there’s nothing better than a 40k word one-shot that takes you on a one hour journey. she works extremely hard on her fics, well worth checking everything out :)