Voy a empezar a contar todas las veces quise escribir acá lo que me pasa cuando estoy mal pero me pongo que eso seria re estúpido porque a nadie le interesara y hasta seria molesto que tengan que leerlo, así que así estamos, me guardo todo en el pecho.


Kenny Noyes suffered a bad crash during the SBK Warm-up at Aragón today. 

According to Spanish news outlets, he was already unconscious by the time the on-track medical team reached him. They managed to stabilize him, and put him into an induced coma before flying him out to a hospital in Zaragoza; he suffered a basal skull fracture (rare outside of 4-wheeled motorsports). Once he arrived at the hospital, they also found that he also suffered from internal bleeding.

This I really need to work on. I fight myself everyday, always going back and forth. It’s pretty exhausting. I need to learn to stop becoming to attached to people/things and just clear my mind. It’s not worth it. I know I struggle with this one the most. #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bpd #ocd #catch22 #noyes #friends #nofriends #abandonment #forget #ihateyou #iloveyou